Universities in Algeria

You can find below accredited list of universities in Algeria. The universities are accredited by the Algeria – Ministère de l’éducation nationale (Ministry of Education). There are 109 private and public universities in Algeria. If you are interested about more universities in the another countries you can visit this page: List of Universities by Country.

List of universities in Algeria
N:University Name:Province:
1University of Bechar – Mohamed TahriWest Region
2University of Mascara - Mustapha StambouliWest Region
3University of Saida - Tahar Moulay West Region
4University of Tlemcen - Abou Bekr BelkaidWest Region
5Ahmed Draya University of AdrarWest Region
6Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret West Region
7Djillali liabes University of Sidi Bel AbbesWest Region
8Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem UniversityWest Region
9University of Oran 1 Ahmed Ben BellaWest Region
10Oran Mohamed-Boudiaf University of Science and Technology USTOMBWest Region
11University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben AhmedWest Region
12Hassiba Benbouali University of ChlefWest Region
13Akli Mohand Oulhadj University of BouiraCenter Region
14Ziane Achour University of DjelfaCenter Region
15University of GhardaiaCenter Region
16Djilali Bounaama University of Khemis MilianaCenter Region
17University of MédéaCenter Region
18University of Science and Technology of Algiers, Houari BoumedièneCenter Region
19University of BéjaiaCenter Region
20M'hamed Bougara University of BoumerdèsCenter Region
21Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi OuzouCenter Region
22Amar Telidji University of LaghouatCenter Region
23Blida 1 University - Saad DahlabCenter Region
24Blida 2 University of Lounici AliCenter Region
25University of Algiers 1 - Benyoucef BenkheddaCenter Region
26Abou el Kacem Saâdallah University of Algiers 2Center Region
27University of Algiers 3 - Brahim Soltane ChaiboutCenter Region
28Université de la Formation ContinueCenter Region
29University of JijelJijel
30Larbi Tébessi UniversityTebessa
31University of Bordj Bou Arréridj – Mohamed Bachir El IbrahimiEl-Anasser
32University of El Tarf - Chadli BendjedidEl Taref
33Abbas Laghrour University of KhenchelaKhenchela
34University of Oum El Bouaghi - Larbi Ben M'hidiBouaghi
35University of El Oued - Hamma LakhdarOued
36Mohamed-Cherif Messaadia University - Souk AhrasSouk Ahras
37University of Annaba - Badji MokhtarAnnaba
38University of August 20 1955 of SkikdaSkikda
39May 8 1945 University of GuelmaGuelma
40Hadj Lakhdar University of Batna 1Batna
41Mohamed Khider University of BiskraBiskra
42University of M'sila - Mohamed BoudiafM'sila
43University of Ouargla - Kasdi MerbahOuargla
44Emir Abdelkader University of Islamic Sciences of ConstantineConstantine
45University of Sétif 1 - Ferhat AbbasSetif
46Mohamed Lamine Debaghine University of Sétif 2Setif
47Mentouri Brothers University of Constantine 1Constantine
48University of Constantine 2 - Abdelhamid MehriConstantine
49University of Constantine 3Constantine
50Mustapha Ben Boulaid University of Batna 2Batna
51Ahmed Ben Yahia El Wancharissi University Centre of TissemsiltWest Region
52Belhadj Bouchaib University Centre of Ain TémouchentWest Region
53Ahmed Zabana University Centre of RélizaneWest Region
54Naama University Center – Ahmed SalhiWest Region
55University Center of Nour Bachir El-BayadhWest Region
56Ali Kafi University CenterWest Region
57Maghnia University CenterWest Region
58Amine Elokkal El Hadj Moussa Egakhamouk University Centre of TamanrassetCenter Region
59University Centre of Tipaza Morsli AbdellahCenter Region
60Illizi-Sheikh Amoud ben Mokhtar University CenterCenter Region
61Center University of AflouCenter Region
62University Center of Mila – Abdelhafid BoussoufEastern Region
63Si El Haouès University Center of BarikaEastern Region
64National Polytechnic School of Oran – Maurice AudinWest Region
65Higher School of Computer Science 08 May 1945 – Sidi Bel AbbesWest Region
66School of Applied Sciences TlemcenSchool of Applied Sciences TlemcenWest Region
67Higher School of Management-TlemcenWest Region
68ESE Oran: Ecole Supérieure d'Economie d'OranWest Region
69Higher School of Electrical and Energetic Engineering OranWest Region
70Higher National Agronomic SchoolWest Region
71Oran Higher School of Biological SciencesWest Region
72National Polytechnic SchoolCenter Region
73Arbaoui Abdellah National Higher School of HydraulicsCenter Region
74Francis Jeanson National School of Public WorksCenter Region
75Rabie Bouchama National Veterinary SchoolCenter Region
76Hocine Aït Ahmed Polytechnic School of Architecture and UrbanismCenter Region
77Khalef Abdellah alias Kasdi Merbah National Higher Agronomic SchoolCenter Region
78School of Business StudiesCenter Region
79National School of Computer ScienceCenter Region
80National School of Statistics and Applied EconomicsCenter Region
81Mouloud Kacem Naït Belkacem Higher School of CommerceCenter Region
82National School of Marine Sciences and Coastal PlanningCenter Region
83National School of ManagementCenter Region
84National School of TechnologyCenter Region
85National Higher School of Journalism and Information SciencesCenter Region
86National School of Political SciencesCenter Region
87Higher School of Food Sciences and Agri-Food IndustriesCenter Region
88Algiers School of Applied SciencesCenter Region
89Higher School of Management and Digital EconomyCenter Region
90Amar Laskri National Higher School of Mines and MetallurgyEastern Region
91Malek Bennabi National Polytechnic School of ConstantineEastern Region
92Tewfik Khaznadar National Higher School of BiotechnologyEastern Region
93Superior School of Management Sciences of AnnabaEastern Region
94Higher School of Industrial Technologies of AnnabaEastern Region
95Higher School of Accounting and Finance of ConstantineEastern Region
96Khenchela National School of ForestryEastern Region
97The National School of Renewable Energies, Environment and Sustainable Development - BatnaEastern Region
98Higher School of Science and Technology of Computing and Digital of BejaiaEastern Region
99Higher Normal School of MostaganemWest Region
100Higher Normal School of OranWest Region
101Higher Normal School of BécharWest Region
102Bouzaréah Higher Normal School – Cheikh Mubarak Ben Mohamed Brahimi El MiliCenter Region
103Higher Normal School of Kouba – Mohamed Bachir El IbrahimiCenter Region
104Laghouat Higher Normal School - Taleb AbderrahmaneCenter Region
105Assia Djebar Higher Normal School of ConstantineEastern Region
106Skikda Higher Normal School for Technological EducationEastern Region
107Ecole Normale Supérieure De Setif – Messaoud ZegharEastern Region
108Higher Normal School of Bou SaâdaEastern Region
109Higher Normal School of OuarglaEastern Region