Who we are?

Counselor Corporation is a search engine website. With Counselor Corporation you will save your time. Our goal is to use time more efficiently. Let’s see in which areas you will save your time:

– University
– College
– Language Courses
– Work and Travel
– Work Abroad
– Internship
– Travel
– Online Services

There is a lot of information on the internet. The important thing is to find the right information. As Counselor Corporation, we find the right information for you.

University/College: We provide clear and necessary information about universities. We will share the latest developments about university education and useful information for students. (For example: Free Universities, Scholarship, Discounts, etc.)
Language Course: You will find the answer to all questions about language education: Where is the most suitable place for language education? How to learn language? How much are the prices?
Work and Travel: Find the best places to work, to travel, to make money. We will give you information’s that makes your summer better.
Work Abroad:  If you say it’s time to work abroad and you want to have perfect experience, you are in the right place for the right information.
Internship: Do you want to start your business file more advantageously? You can check our website to get internship experience abroad while your education is continuing.
Travel: When it is time to travel you need correct information. Save your time and find the information you want in a short time.
Online Services: Today many things are done on the internet. Find the best online company for the service you need.

We know that there are thousands of websites on the internet that provides similar services. Than why we?

  • We have an experienced team
  • Continuous update
  • Correct information
  • – 7/24 E-mail support
  • We always support education and we are honored to provide free support
  • We will share useful information’s for everyone

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