Universities in Angola (Private and Public Universities)

You can find below accredited list of universities in Angola. The universities are accredited by the: Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Angola. If you are interested about more universities in the another countries you can visit this page: List of Universities by Country.

List of Universities in Angola, Accredited list of universities in Angola, Private and Public universities in Angola
Rank:University Name:Province:
1Agostinho Neto UniversityTalatona
2Catholic University of AngolaLuanda
3Uíge Polytechnic SchoolUige
4University of Oscar RibasLuanda
5Independent University of AngolaLuanda
6UTANGA - Technical University of AngolaLuanda
7Methodist University of AngolaLuanda
8University of Gregorio SemedoLuanda
9Mandume Ya Ndemufayo UniversityLubango
10Jean Piaget University of AngolaLuanda
11Katyavala Bwila UniversityBenguela
12ISCED - Luanda | Higher Institute of Educational SciencesLuanda
13Metropolitan Polytechnic Institute of Angola - IMETROLuanda
14University of November 11Cabinda
15School of Social Sciences and International RelationsLuanda
16University of Lueji A'NkondeLuanda
17University José Eduardo dos SantosHuambo
18University of East and Southern Africa
19Private University of AngolaLuanda
20Lusiada University of AngolaLuanda
21Instituto Superior Politécnico de MalanjeLubango
22Independent Polytechnic Institute of AngolaLubango
23International University of CuanzaCuito