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Wollo University is located at Dessie city in the Amhara region of South Wollo, Ethiopia, and is one of the recently founded universities in 2005. The University has two campuses, one at Dessie and the other at Kombolcha towns.

The office of the president is located in Dessie campus, the main campus of the university.

The office of the president coordinates activities that allows a complex and unique system to operate efficiently as one university. Furthering its public interest, academic and research mission. It oversees and manages programs that serve the entire university system.

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Wollo University Admission

Admission to Undergraduate Regular Programs:

  • Admissions to undergraduate programs of any institution from preparatory schools shall be based on completion of the preparatory program and obtaining the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEE). Admissions may also be granted to students completing their secondary education in foreign countries on the basis of equivalent academic achievements that shall be determined by the Ministry.
  • Admissions to all undergraduate continuing education programs shall be processed through the departments, in consultation with the registrar office, according to policies set for such admissions. Approval shall be endorsed by Admission Placement and Graduation Committee (APGC).
  • The University in certain circumstances may admit students jointly with other affiliated universities or institutes. Such admission may be processed at any time of the academic calendar as deemed appropriate. Students may also be admitted to more than one program at the same time. However, criteria for such special admissions to individual programs shall be developed and recommended by the department council (DC) and endorsed by the APGC.
  • Without prejudice to other provisions of this legislation and other applicable laws, every department of the University may admit:
  • Applicants who satisfy entrance qualification set by the Ministry of Education and graduates of technical and vocational education with pertinent qualifications for undergraduate studies.
  • Candidates who had completed their undergraduate studies or second level degrees with the academic results required by the University for second degree-level graduate studies or for doctoral programs.

Admission Requirements for Full-time Degree Programs:

  • Admission requirements are set for regular admission and special admission. The requirements for regular admission are determined by the Ministry of Education while special admission into some programs may be granted to attract potentially resourceful candidates such as mature students. Details for special admission shall be worked out by the APGC.
  • A student who has successfully finished a set of particular modules which entitles him/her to a degree may also pursue other related modules and earn another degree simultaneously. Detailed guidelines regarding this provision shall be worked out by the ASCRS.
  • Private applicants who fulfill admission requirements as regular students and produce evidence of financial support to cover full tuition fees and other expenses may apply for admission into the regular program. However, such admissions should be approved by the APGC.
  • Under no circumstances private admissions to a regular program may exceed 5% of the total number of students admitted in such a program.
  • Other special admissions, such as people from disadvantaged areas, physically challenged people, people needing special training, etc. may be determined by the APGC.
    • They have records of continuous employment for a minimum of five years with their work experience related to the field of training to which they seek admission and have proof of demonstrable achievement in their careers.
    • They are able to submit a written recommendation from their employer at the time of application.
    • They pass an entrance examination to be administered by the relevant departments.
  • Priority for adult admission shall be given to the employees of the University.
  • Adult admission applies to all programs of the University i.e.: regular, evening, summer and all categories of in-service training.
  • The number of adult admission into a program shall be determined by the respective Academic Commission.
  • Securing admission to the University by any other means other than those provided in this Legislation is illegal and the discovery of such illegal act shall result in the dismissal of the person in violation from the academic program and the University.

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