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The University of Pavel Jozef Šafárik in Košice follows the tradition of the University of Košice (Universitas Cassoviensis), which was founded by Bishop Benedikt Kišdy of Jáger in 1657 and whose existence was confirmed by the Golden Bull of August 7, 1660, by Emperor Leopold I. The university with the faculty of philosophy and theology was led by Jesuits. After the dissolution of the Jesuit order, it operated under the supervision of the state from 1773. In connection with the adoption of a new organizational order of the school system in Hungary, it lost its university status in 1777, which was granted only to the University of Buda (now Budapest). The Royal Academy of Košice (Academia regia Cassoviensis) continued to provide university studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Law, which had the right to graduate graduates. As part of the reorganization of education, the teaching of theology was moved to Jágr. From 1850, after the issuance of the statute on the establishment of the imperial-royal legal academies in Hungary, only law was taught in Košice, the teaching of the subjects of the Faculty of Philosophy was moved to the gymnasium. The Royal Academy of Košice operated from the school year 1850/1851 as the Imperial-Royal Academy of Law (Caesareo-regia iuris academia). The Law Academy ended its activities shortly after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, when, after 265 years, Košice ceased to be a university town for a short time in 1922.

Today’s Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice was officially established in connection with the changes in the organization of higher education institutions in Czechoslovakia in 1959, when the Košice branch of the Faculty of Medicine of Bratislava University and the Higher Pedagogical School in Prešov were merged. The name of the new university was enshrined in government regulation no. 69/1959 Coll. At the beginning of its modern existence, the university had a medical faculty based in Košice and a philosophy faculty based in Prešov. In the academic year 1959/1960, 952 students were enrolled, who were educated by 201 teachers. Prof. became the first rector. Jozef Pajtáš.

In the following decades, the university expanded to include three more faculties – natural science (1963, with headquarters in Košice), pedagogy (1964, with headquarters in Prešov) and law (1973, with headquarters in Košice). After the socio-political changes of November 1989, the Greek Catholic Theological Faculty and the Orthodox Theological Faculty were added (both 1990, with headquarters in Prešov).

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