University of the Andes (Venezuela) | Universidad de Los Andes

The University of Los Andes or ULA is a public and autonomous university located in the Venezuelan Andes. Its headquarters and rectory are located in the city of Mérida  It was founded by the clergy as a house of studies on March 29 , 1785 , later elevated to a seminary and finally recognized as a University on September 21 , 1810 under a decree issued by the Governing Board of the province of the Crown of Spain .

University of the Andes Courses | Programmes

The Universidad de Los Andes is made up of eleven (11) Faculties, each of which is made up of Schools and Departments, and careers in its specific area. The faculties are autonomous, they have a first university authority who is the Dean, in addition to the directors of each school or department that integrates it.

The Faculties and Schools of the Universidad de Los Andes are:

Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences

  • Superior Forestry Technical School (ETSUFOR)
  • school of geography
  • School of Forestry Engineering

Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences

  • School of Political Science
  • School of Criminology
  • Law School

Faculty of Pharmacy and Bioanalysis

  • School of Bioanalysis
  • School of Pharmacy

Faculty of Humanities and Education

  • school of education
  • school of history
  • School of Philosophy
  • School of Modern Languages
  • School of Letters
  • School of Audiovisual Media
    • Department of Social Communication

Faculty of Engineering

  • Basic School
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of Electrical Engineering
  • Geological Engineering School
  • School of Geomatics Engineering
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering School

School of Medicine

  • Nursing school
  • Medicine School
    • Department of Clinical Psychology
    • TSU Department of Health Statistics
    • TSU Department of Public Health Inspection
  • School of Nutrition and Dietetics

Faculty of Dentistry

  • School of Dentistry

University of the Andes Admission Requirements



The university carries out two admission processes each year. Admission can be achieved by several modalities:

  • Selection Test: it is a general written test that evaluates the knowledge acquired by the applicant during his years of study in high school, and selects those who have the greatest aptitude to enter the university, through the qualification obtained in said exam. The test varies according to the career.
  • Allocation of quotas by the University Sector Planning Office (OPSU): this new modality recently came into force, which is carried out once a year by the OPSU, a public entity attached to the Ministry of University Education, and which selects a quota of applicants through an online registry according to the academic index of each student.
  • ULA-Gremios Agreement: it is an admission modality agreed with the labor unions that make up the university. Under this system, the legally adopted and recognized consanguineous children of the entire staff of the institution, as well as the spouses and the non-professional administrative, technical and worker staff of the university, have the option to enter. However, there are careers that do not have this admission option, just as each Faculty or Nucleus requires a series of academic requirements for applicants who opt for a quota through this method.
  • Venezuelan Indigenous Population.
  • Artists with an outstanding career.
  • High competition athletes.
  • High performance: it is established for applicants who have completed their studies in Basic, Middle, Diversified and Professional Education in the Andes Region : Mérida , Táchira , Trujillo , Barinas and Páez de Apure Municipality , who have obtained between the seventh grade of Basic Secondary Education and the first year of Diversified Secondary a minimum general grade point average of 18 points without approximation.
  • Fray Juan Ramos de Lora Program: it is a modality designed to guarantee admission to the most talented, brilliant and outstanding students, coming from the most important and renowned public schools of the Andean Region. Which are selected through different individual tests of high rigor to determine who are the best. Subsequently, for a year, the applicants must take different subjects, which are taught by excellent specialist teachers in the facilities of the Universidad De los Andes to acquire prior knowledge, where they will identify in which university career they would have the best performance, and finally obtain their entry quota to the University of Los Andes the students who manage to stand out more within the group of preselected.


The procedures for admission to a Postgraduate course at the Universidad de Los Andes are carried out directly at the Faculty or Nucleus to which it is attached.

University of the Andes Tuition Fees

Application process and the cost of tuition. 

The admission committee requests both examination results and the document on previous academic performance. After submitting the required documents more than 80 percent of applicants receive their letters of acceptance. 

Keep in mind that when applying to ULA the ratio of accepted students may vary depending on the popularity of the chosen program.

 The academic year is divided into semesters. 1,000 USD 

In order to obtain a master’s degree, the student must spend about 1,000 USD per year. 

Living expenses $242 -546 USD/month