University of Southern Somalia-Baidoa

The University of Southern Somalia, the academic icon of the Southwest State of Somalia (SWSS) and the pearl of Somalia’s higher education platform. We are a community driven by the philosophy of human development. Our objectives and goals are informed by the quality of our leadership that sustains the provision of world class higher education that is built on a solid and reliable academic foundation. As the leading higher education institution in SWSS and a prominent learning center in the country, we strive to offer superlative training. We use a rigorously designed, cutting-edge curriculum that allows our students to grow and develop market-oriented skills, high level creativity potential, ethically-guided professionalism, and a quality of leadership that is next to none. Our faculties and departments aim to equip our graduates with the necessary academic tools, training and skills that place them at the forefront of their peers, both in academic standing and in professional leadership as required of the 21st century and beyond.

University of Southern Somalia-Baidoa Courses | Programmes

Certificate Courses (Six Months)

Diploma (Six Months)



​B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

B.A. in Political Science

B.A. in International Relations

B.A. in English Language & Literature

B.A. in Community & Rural Development

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

B.A in Maay Language

B.A. in Sociology & Social Work

B.A. in Public Administration


Bachelor of Nursing Science

Bachelor of Arts in Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics


Bachelor of ​Management Science

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of International Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor of Information Technology


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) General

Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) in English & Literature

B.Ed in Physics

B.Ed in Chemistry

B.Ed in Mathematics

B.Ed in Biology

TESOL Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Certificate in TESOL (1 year)

Diploma in TESOL (2 years)

B.Ed in TESOL (4 years)


Bachelor of Arts in Sharia & Law

Bachelor of Islamic Studies


Diploma in Agricultural Extension & Management (2 years)

Diploma in Veterinary Medicine (2 years)

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science


Masters Degrees:

MBA (General/Generic) (2 years)

MBA (International) (2 years)

Executive MBA (EMBA) (2 years)

MA Public Health (2 years)

MA Public Administration (2 years)

MA Community Development & Gender Studies (2 years)

MSc Health Sciences (Nursing) (2 years)

MSc Health Sciences (Midwifery) (2 years)

MA Sociology & Social Work (2 years)

MA English Language and Literature (2 years)

MA English Language & Applied Linguistics (2 years)

Postgraduate Certificate (TESOL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (6 months)

Postgraduate Diploma TESOL (1 year)

Master of Education (MEd) TESOL (18 months)

MA TESOL (2 years)


Areas of Doctoral Study

Doctor of Education (EdD) (4 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 45,000 words

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (4 years: Coursework + thesis of 40,000 words)

PhD Health Sciences (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 80,000 words)

PhD Education (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD Social Sciences (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 80,000 words)

PhD Sociology & Social Work (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD Public Administration (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD English Language & Literature (Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD by Published Work (18 months: an examination/evaluation of published work)

University of Southern Somalia-Baidoa Admission and Requirements.

Certificate Courses


Original and copy of secondary/high school leaving certificate; or

Evidence of completion of high/secondary school; or

An award equivalent to secondary/high school certificate

At least 18 years of age

Proof of good English language competency

4 passport size photos

Payment of Tuition & Registration Fees



Completion of the relevant Certificate Course

Proof of good English language competency

4 passport size photos

Payment of Tuition & Registration Fees

Requirements for Undergraduate Studies

·  Secondary/High School Leaving Certificate (original & copy)

·  Evidence of completion of secondary/ high school (in the case of  certificates pending issuance—a period not exceeding 3 months)

·  Four passport size photos

·  Payment of the Annual $20 Admission and/or Registration Fee

·  Filled in Application Form

·  Payment of the First Installment of the Tuition Fee

·  Satisfactory Results of Institutional Entry Exam

To undertake a postgraduate program of Masters Level:

You need to have earned a good Bachelor’s Degree relevant to your program of study.

You must have about 2 years of work experience

English Language Requirements:

Evidence of good proficiency (by Test & Interview)

Certificate of Approval from the USS’s Institute of Languages & Literatures

Enrolment into the IL&L’s Academic English Course


For the MBA and EMBA, enrolment is possible via diverse Bachelor’s Degrees

Exemptions are possible for other areas too; please seek advice from the Academic & Student Affairs Office


Entry Requirements

The ideal entry to a doctorate study is a relevant:

A Master’s Degree earned from a tertiary institution recognized by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of the University of Southern Somalia;

 A copy of your Master’s thesis/dissertation. Upon evaluation and scrutiny of the Master’s thesis/dissertation and transcript, the GSC will either endorse or decline to endorse the candidate’s application.

In exceptional cases, the GSC may consider:

A UK undergraduate (Bachelors) degree with a First Class Honors or Upper Second Class Honors and a work experience of 5 years in a higher learning academic institution recognized by the USS..

Alternatively, and in addition to a UK first class or upper second class honors degree, the candidate must have acquired relevant professional/working experience related to the area of both first degree and degree being applied for an equivalent qualification from a recognized overseas tertiary institution endorsed by the GSC, the credentials of which the issuing institution has validated and confirmed proof of a good command of the English language by exam.

University of Southern Somalia-Baidoa Fees structure and details

Tuition Fee & Schedule for Certificate Courses

Registration Fee (New): $20

USS Students & Alumni: $10

$180 (Morning classes): 3 days X 3 hrs/ wk = 9 hrs/ week

$200 (afternoon classes): 3 days X 3 hrs/ wk = 9 hrs/ week

Fees for Diplomas

Registration Fee (New): $20

USS Students & Alumni: $10

Tuition Fee: $180 (Morning classes): 3 days X 3 hrs/ wk = 9 hrs/ week                              

Tuition Fee: $200 (afternoon classes): 3 days X 3 hrs/ wk = 9 hrs/ week

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