University of Bosaso

EAU is the largest university in the Somali peninsula as it has seven branches both in the Somali Federal Republic and in Somaliland. The institution is prepared to produce competent and highly skilled graduates that gain national and international recognition. Success is the result of our strong academic foundation based on new era technology. As has been locally and internationally accredited, we are enforced to maintain and upgrade the quality reputation of our institution.

We have substantial evidence that supports our mission of ‘quality education’. For instance, during 2005 our students who finished their degree programs achieved superior positions in both public and private systems. Others obtained post-graduate admission from internationally recognized universities in Britain, Australia, the United States, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Sudan, and Yemen.
We attract qualified lecturers locally and internationally who are dedicated to enhancing our institution and are devoted to keeping up our success in academic culture and values. Our goal is to increase our students’ academic ability and enable them to have a more productive career and a better future. Our achievements are the result of a variety of activities that are set for the students to accept challenges and responsibilities.

University of Bosaso Offering Programs

Higher College of Islamic Studies
The college grants the three academic degrees: (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate), all for the sake of community service, particularly those who love science and development.
Section materials
Sharia and Law Department 1
Section of the Book and the Sunnah.2
Fiqh and its foundations 3

Faculty of Business and Management
Currently, the Faculty’s courses are grouped into four subject areas:

BA Business Administration
BSc Accounting and Finance
BSc Banking and Finance
BA Human Resource Management
BA Aviation Management
BA Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Faculty of Social Science and Economics
BA Public Administration
BSc Economics
BA Islamic Economics and Finance
BA Community Development
BA Political Science and International Relations
BA Social Work and Social Administration
BA Peace and Conflict Studies

Faculty of Science and Education
BSc Education (Major Mathematics, Minor Physics)
BSc Education (Major Physics, Minor Mathematics)
BSc Chemistry (Major Chemistry, Minor Biology))
BSc Biology(Major Biology, Minor Chemistry)
BA Geography
BA اللغةالعربية

Faculty of Marine, Environment and Earth Sciences
Faculty of Marine, Environment and Earth Sciences

Faculty of Information Science and Technology
BSc Computer Science
BSc Information Systems

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
MBBS Medicine
BDS Dentistry
BSc Clinical Officer
BSc Nursing
BSc Midwifery
BSc Medical Laboratory
BSc Pharmacology
BSc Nutrition and Food Science
BSc Public Health

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science
DVM Veterinary Medicine,
BSc Agriculture

Faculty of Engineering
BEng Civil Engineering
BEng Telecommunication Engineering

Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

University of Bosaso Admission and Requirements

Mentally fit.
Filling the application form
All candidates with a minimum of high school completion or equivalent are permitted for admission
Applicants should submit proof of the qualifications they hold.
4 color photos (6*4) cm.
Passing a written entrance examination.
Payment of registration fee.
Nationality, identity and age proof are to be submitted in a clip file with 4 passport size photos.
Fees structure and details
For further information call: +252905222275 or contact

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