University of Arusha Ranking and Reviews

University of Arusha Country Ranking: 27 – University of Arusha World Ranking: 12,351

University of Arusha located in Tuvaila, Tanzania and founded in 2006. Tanzania has a population over 68,909 million. University of Arusha is a private university. The university offering short courses, online courses and degree programs. University of Arusha Acceptance rate is %54 – 67. Type of degree programs is a Bachelor’s (B.Sc) Degree, Master’s degree (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Phd.). Visit Ministry of Higher Education in Tanzania for university accreditation. Please find below other informations about university.

University of Arusha Courses Offered

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  • Bachelors of Arts in Religion
  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in Geography (Kiswahili)
  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in Geography (English)
  • Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in (English and Kiswahili)
  • Bachelors of Arts in Theology

Graduate (Master’s) Degree Programs Not reported. Please visit later!

School Courses Not reported. Please visit later!

Online Courses and Distance Education Programs Not reported. Please visit later!

Associate Degree Programs Not reported. Please visit later!

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University of Arusha Fees Structure

University of Arusha fees structure range is over 350,000.00 – 1,495,000.00 TSh. Check table below.

Tuition fee for undergraduate programs747,500.00747,500.001,495,000.001,000.00
Tuition fee for Diploma programs400,000.00400,000.00800,000.00500.00
Tuition fee for Certificate programs350,000.00350,000.00700,000.00400.00
Non-Tuition fees Compulsory
Identity card20,000.0000.0020,000.0020.00
Student Association10,000.0010,000.0020,000.0020.00
TCU Quality Assurance20,000.0000.0020,000.0020.00
Caution (Non Refundable)-For First Year Student20,000.0000.0020,000.0020.00
Computer Lab.& ICT Facilitation Fee25,000.0025,000.0050,000.0050.00
Library Fee10,000.0010,000.0020,000.0020.00
Development Fee for New Students20,000.0000.0020,000.0020.00
Deposits International (EA)-USD*Once and non-refundable00.0000.0000.00250.00
Deposits International (Non EA)-USD*Once and non-refundable00.0000.0000.00500.00
Medical Insurance (NHIF)50,400.0000.0050,400.0050.00
Field Practical/Teaching practice120,000.00120,000.00100.00
Grand-Total for undergraduate programs982,900.00972,500.001,955,400.001,940.00
Grand-Total for Diploma programs635,400.00625,000.001,260,400.002,440.00
Grand-Total for Certificate programs585,400.00575,000.001,160,000.002,340.00


Books and Stationery (sponsored students)TZS 200,000.00
Accommodation for Two semestersTZS 200,000.00
Late registration (First day)TZS 15,000.00 (10% increase after the first day)
Provisional resultsTZS 10,000.00
Meals (If paid to University per year)TZS 1,620,000.00
Special examination per courseTZS 25,000.00
Supplementary per courseTZS 30,000.00
Repeating per courseTZS 150,000.00
Graduation feeTZS 100,000.00
Gown fee (7 days provision)TZS 30,000.00
Late return of gownTZS 10,000.00
Damaged gownTZS 150,000.00
Damaged/Stolen IDTZS 50,000.00
Late certificate collection per month (1 year provision)TZS 20,000.00
Certificate delivery (within Tanzania)TZS 100,000.00
Certificate delivery (outside Tanzania)$ 100.00
Transcript duplicateTZS 100,000.00
Certificate duplicateTZS 150,000.00


  1. There will be no refund of fees after the closing registration.
  2. Field training allowance payable to the student: Estimated at TZS. 10,000.00 Per day.
  3. All students need to pay at least 40% of the total fees per semester during registered and the balance to be paid in two installments, that is 30% during the second month of study and the remaining 30% at the end of the semester-

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University of Arusha Admission Requirements

Academic Calendar: Spring semester (January – April); Summer semester (May-August); Fall semester (September-December)

Degree Programs – Direct Entry

Two (2) principal passes with a total of at least 4.0 points

Degree Programs – Equivalent Entry

  • At least four O-Level passes (D’s and above) or National Vocation Awards (NVA) Level III with less than four O-Level passes, or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by either NACTE, NECTA or VETA; and
    At least a GPA of 3.0 for Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6); or
  • Average of C for Full Technician Certificate (FTC) (where A=5, B=4, C=3, and D=2 points); or
  • Average of ‘B’ Grade for Diploma in Teacher Education; or
  • A Distinction for unclassified diplomas and certificates. or
  • Upper Second Class for classified non-NTA diplomas.

Foundation Program Holders

Holders of a foundation Program from the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) with the GPA of 3.0 from the respective 6 core subjects and at least a C grade from each of the three subjects in a respective cluster (arts, science, or Business studies).

Non-Degree Programs

  • Certificate applicant should have at least four passes (D’s) or 3 credits at “O” level
  • Diploma Applicants should have a Basic Technician certificate (NTA 4) OR At least one principal pass (E) and one subsidiary (S) at advanced level (form VI) for old grading system. Or one pass (D) and one (E) for new grading system or 3 credits.

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University of Arusha Scholarship

Right now there is no any scholarship offerings at University of Arusha for local and international students. Please check later this page or visit universities scholarships page for more.

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Housing and Dormitory Fees

The average monthly housing and dormitory fees for students in the Tanzania can vary based on factors such as location, accommodation type, and amenities provided. On average, students can expect to budget is over 849,972.87 TSh per annum for housing or dormitory expenses.

Cost of Living in Tanzania

Housing: 521,119.88 TSh to 849,972.87 TSh – includes the cost of rent, utilities, and other associated expenses. The cost of housing will vary depending on the size and location of your home, as well as the amenities offered. This informations was gathered in April 2024.

Food: 290,641.13 TSh – 401,733.10 TSh includes the cost of groceries, meals out, and other food-related expenses. The cost of food will vary depending on your dietary needs and how often you eat out.

Transportation, Entertainment and Utilities: 600.00 TSh to 22,500.00 TSh – includes the cost of public transportation, gas, and parking. The cost of transportation will vary depending on how much you travel and how you get around. This informations was gathered in April 2024

Communication: 129,100.00 TSh – This includes the cost of cell phone service, internet, and other communication expenses. The cost of communication will vary depending on your usage and the plan you choose. This informations was gathered in April 2024

University of Arusha Address

PO Box 7 Usa-River, Arusha, Tanzania

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