University of Arusha

Situated 32 kilometers from the beautiful city of Arusha, closer to the Arusha National Park and between the towering mountains, mountain Kilimanjaro and mountain Meru, is an institution of repute with its own uniqueness. This institution is known as the University of Arusha situated on 250 acres of land. The only University with grammatical article, ‘the’ which goes with the name for easy identification.
This University, the University of Arusha has gone through what can be termed as educational metamorphosis. It began as a college in the 1970’s with few courses. It later expanded its curriculum to incorporate different academic departments. Later it got a license to operate as a university, and later was chartered by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

University of Arusha Offered Courses | Programmes

Short Courses and Trainings

  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in Geography & English
  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in Geography & Kiswahili
  • Bachelors of Arts With Education in English & Kiswahili
  • Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Bachelors of Arts in Theology
  • Bachelors of Arts in Religion

University of Arusha Tuition Fees

Certificate Fees

Diploma Fees

Bachelors Fee

Postgraduate Diploma


Identity card20,000.00 20,000.00
Student Association5,000.005,000.0010,000.00
Quality Assurance20,000.00 20,000.00
Caution (Non Refundable)20,000.00 20,000.00
Medical Insurance (NHIF)50,400.00 50,400.00
Deposits International (EA)-USD250.00 250.00
Deposits International (Non EA)-USD500.00 500.00


Field PracticalTZS. 87,000.00
Books and StationeryTZS. 200,000.00
Late registration (First day)TZS. 15,000.00 (10% increase after the first day)
Provisional resultsTZS. 10,000.00
Meals (If paid to University per year)TZS.
Special examinationTZS. 20,000.00
SupplementaryTZS. 25,000.00
Repeating classTZS. 150,000.00
Graduation feeTZS. 100,000.00
Gown fee (7 days provision)TZS. 30,000.00
Late return of gown (each day after 7 provision days)TZS. 10,000.00
Damaged gownTZS. 150,000.00
Late certificate collection per month (1 year provision)TZS. 20.000.OO
Certificate delivery ( within Tanzania)TZS. 100,000.00
Certificate delivery ( outside Tanzania)$ 100.00
Transcript duplicateTZS. 100,000.00
Certificate duplicateTZS. 150,000.00


  1. There will be no refund of fees after the closing registration.
  2. Field training allowance payable to the student: Estimated at TZS. 10,000.00 Per day.
  3. All students need to pay at least 40% of the total fees per semester during registered and the balance to be paid in two installments, that is 30% during the second month of study and the remaining 30% at the end of the semester-

University of Arusha Admission

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