Université Officielle de Mbujimayi

Founded in 1993, the UOM (Official University of Mbujimayi) combines respect for humanist values ​​and openness to society.

Established in Kasaï in the city of Mbujimayi, it is distinguished by its intellectual heritage, its humanist tradition and the versatility of its teaching and research, aiming for excellence in all the fields it chooses to invest.

The UOM benefits from the plurality of the seven training and research faculties. The diversity of subjects taught develops in students a certain curiosity and a benevolent view of what surrounds them.

Open to the world and particularly attentive to changes in society, the UOM continues to evolve by creating new training and new research programs that combine scientific skills and humanism.

The UOM favors quality education, accessible to all and relies on innovation, both in terms of training and research.

You will find on this tab the main institutional regulations, to allow you to know the general regulatory framework organizing the life of the University.

In order to develop quality education, attractive to an increasingly heterogeneous public, the UOM relies on:

  • Versatility , by offering training in all the main areas of knowledge and in formats adapted to the multiple profiles of students.
  • Innovation , thanks to digital technologies in education, the UOM uses them for training and research. Innovation also in terms of interdisciplinarity, by offering training in key sectors of tomorrow’s world, such as social sciences and agronomy. Lastly, innovation in putting knowledge into practice.
  • The evaluation  of lessons, systematic and compulsory, coupled with a pedagogical support system for teachers.

Université Officielle de Mbujimayi Offered Courses | Programmes

  • Agronomy
  • Right
  • Economy
  • Social Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Public health
  • Science

Université Officielle de Mbujimayi Tuition Fees

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Université Officielle de Mbujimayi Admission

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Admission competition press release for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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