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The world is evolving at breakneck speed, in a dynamic of growth in science and knowledge exacerbated by the use of new technologies. The training mission, the management of knowledge and human potential, the establishment of a context conducive to innovation are all challenges that Education must meet. The mission of the university is therefore crucial and we must all contribute to making it a real opportunity; the entity of all possibilities and the crossroads of all perspectives.

The university must, more than ever, be an institution committed to society, anchored in its environment, nourished by large-scale social progress, to which all stakeholders must adhere. Human investment is proving to be a real vector of alliance with advanced economies and education is the royal road to development and success. Based on this principle, we have placed the student at the center of all attention in order to enable him to make his experience at university a springboard towards a dignified and promising civic, social and professional life.

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Université Mohammed Premier Admission

Registration with a university establishment is done on presentation of the registration authorization issued by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research.

Presentation of registration application files

Foreign students will necessarily submit their application through diplomatic channels, within the framework of cooperation between Morocco and their countries of origin.

The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation ( AMCI ) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation sends files to the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research / Division of Cooperation.

Important : Files not forwarded by the AMCI are not taken into consideration.

Undergraduate and graduate enrollment

Direct access establishments:

The candidate must hold the baccalaureate diploma or an equivalent of the current year, to enroll in the first semester of the license cycle.

The files of candidates with another diploma, wishing to enroll in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th semester of the license cycle, are submitted for opinion to the establishment concerned. The enrollment authorization is issued on the basis of this establishment’s response.

Establishment with regulated access:

Registrations are open to students with a baccalaureate of the current year with at least a good enough mention. The candidate must be under the age of: 

  • 22 years old for EST registration.
  • 20 years for enrolling in ENSA.
  • 21 for ENCG registration.

Master’s cycle:

It is open to candidates holding a university degree (bac + 4 at least) and who wish to prepare a master’s degree or a Specialized master’s degree.

The enrollment authorization is issued after a favorable opinion from the institution requested.


The Doctorate cycle is open to students with a higher university degree (DES, DESA, DESS, Master, etc.) and wishing to prepare a National Doctorate degree.

The enrollment authorization is issued after a favorable opinion from the institution requested.


Authorization for accommodation in university residences is made at the request of the AMCI and within the limits of available places.

Research internships

Students and teacher-researchers must submit their research internship requests through diplomatic channels.

The registration authorization is issued after a favorable opinion from the managers of the establishment requested.

Scholarships :

The Moroccan body that grants scholarships or internships to foreign students and interns is the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI).

CIOVE – Foreign students:

The Center for Information, Orientation and Student Life provides foreign students with an office whose mission is to:

  • Welcoming new foreign students enrolled at the university,
  • Present the training offer of the different establishments,
  • Help foreign students with registration, accommodation and scholarship procedures,
  • Facilitated the integration of foreign students into society,
  • Sponsor para-university activities (cultural and sports) of foreign students.

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