Université de Jendouba

The University of Jendouba was created by decree number 1662-2003 of August 4, 2003, thus concretizing the policy of the state in its desire to decentralize knowledge and technology and to promote the vital role of the university in the region. of the North-West grouping together four governorates (Jendouba, Béja, Kef and Siliana).

Since its creation, the University of Jendouba has experienced significant development both in terms of the number of establishments created and in terms of the number of students, teachers and administrative staff.

It also offers a wide range of training: languages ​​and humanities, arts and crafts, music and theater, legal sciences, economics, management, agriculture, biotechnology, IT, sport and physical education.

The University of Jendouba comprises 13 university establishments (1 faculty, 2 schools and 10 institutes) of which 5 are jointly supervised: 3 with the Ministry of Agriculture, 1 with the Ministry of Health and 1 with the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Université de Jendouba Offered Courses

  • Faculty of Legal, Economic and Management Sciences of Jendouba
  • Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Jendouba
  • Sylvo-Pastoral Institute of Tabarka
  • Higher Institute of Applied Languages ​​and Computer Science of Béja
  • Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Beja
  • Higher School of Engineers of Medjez El Bab
  • Higher Institute of Sport and Physical Education of Kef

Université de Jendouba Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Université de Jendouba Admission

The candidate must not have repeated a year during the 2nd 

cycle  (Master or the 3 years of the Engineering cycle) and must meet the following criteria:

A. Students holding the National Engineering or Veterinary Diploma:

  1. the student must have at least an average of 12/20 in the baccalaureate and must have an average of the diploma (average of all the subjects of the three years / the sum of the coefficients of the subjects without counting the final project and internships) of at least 12/20;
  2. or be ranked first or among the top 5% of their class;
  3. or have an average greater than or equal to 13/20 (average of the diploma without the PFE).

B. Students holding the National Engineering Diploma + M2 Research Master or a Research Master (M1+M2) or a Veterinary Diploma + M2 Research Master:

Admitted in the main session and have a very good mention in M2 (defense).

C. Students holding a Research Masters from the old regime  : (admitted in the main session).- Each candidate must submit their application to the University headquarters.

University of Jendouba – University Campus of Jendouba Av. UMA 8189 Jendouba, Tunisia.

 Preselected candidates must pass an 

oral interview before the sub-committee.- Successful applicants will then proceed to 


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