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Antonine University (UA) is a Lebanese Catholic university committed to offer quality education, to promote inter-disciplinary and contextualized research, and to enhance the sustainable wellbeing of its local and global communities. Its graduates are proactive citizens prepared to embrace an ever-growing knowledge, improve it collaboratively, and apply it responsibly.

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Université Antonine Tuition Fees

Antonine University has a long-standing commitment to providing a quality education and a holistic learning experience. It accompanies its students on the path to self-fulfillment and supports them all the way, by putting at their disposal tailored services to help them meet their obligations.

It is worthy to note the following:

  • Part of the tuition fees must be paid in “fresh dollars” in order to preserve the quality of the programs and services offered. Further details are provided below.
  • Tuition fees can be paid in instalments on the specified dates.
  • Amounts in the Lebanese pounds are calculated as per the official exchange rate set by the Central Bank.
  • Prices are subject to change due to the unforeseen economic circumstances.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits.

Check the list of tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Furthermore, a 50% exemption per semester on tuition fees in US dollars for the year 2022-2023 will be granted to the following students:

  • Students enrolled in 3 credits or less (at the end of their studies);
  • Students exceeding the deadline for the submission of their thesis or final project. (According to the UA rules and regulations, each student is offered one semester that is considered as a grace period to submit his thesis/project. This semester follows the thesis/project registration semester. After this grace semester, the student must register and pay the registration fees for the semester and 50% of the tuition fees);
  • Students on a study abroad program;
  • Students registered in two programs (the 50% discount will be granted on the second program);
  • Students enrolled in the DUEPP program (in case the student is enrolled in a program at UA other than that of the DUEPP).

Université Antonine Admission

Welcome to the Antonine University (UA). Below, you can find the applications for undergraduate and graduate studies. Before you begin your journey, you are required to fill an application form and attach to it all necessary documents.

Printouts and Walk-Ins

For an undergraduate program, make sure to carefully and fully fill out the undergraduate application form, which you can print and submit it to the Office of Orientation and Admissions.

For a graduate program, make sure to carefully and fully fill out the graduate application form, which you can print and submit it to the Office of Orientation and Admissions.

You also have the option to pass by the OOA directly to fill out an application on-campus.

Université Antonine Online Application

At UA, we care about your comfort, and strive to make your admission process easier and less time consuming. For this reason, the university has launched its online application. Now you can apply to UA from the comfort of your home!

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