Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos Occidentales Ezequiel Zamora

The Ezequiel Zamora National Experimental University of the Western Plains (UNELLEZ) is a public university in Venezuela, founded on October 7, 1975 by presidential decree No. 1178.  It is considered one of the great universities of that country, with a student enrollment in both undergraduate and postgraduate , distributed in its main headquarters located in the city of Barinas , ( Barinas state ), as well as in its vice-rectorates in Guanare , San Fernando de Apure and San Carlos, plus three nuclei in Santa Bárbara , Guasdualito and Tinaquillo . Apart from the UNELLEZ Municipalized spaces.

The UNELLEZ graduate professionals, both TSU and graduates, in the careers of education, administration, public accounting, as well as studies in engineering (civil, computer science, oil, agro -industrial, etc.), architecture, law, economics, sociology, agronomy, medicine. comprehensive community, veterinary medicine, tourism, among others, in addition to specialties, master ‘s degrees and doctorates, in its different academic programs, both face -to-face and distance education.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs

Undergraduate and graduate studies and careers

The university graduates both university technicians (TSU), graduates, engineers, doctors and other academic degrees. In addition, it promotes some careers through the National Training Program (PNF) and the Degree Training Program (PFG). 

 Degrees are divided as follows:


Agro and Sea Sciences

TSU in Agro-industrial Mention Grains and Seeds.

TSU in Inland Fisheries and Fish Farming.

TSU for the Food Industry.

Agricultural Economics.

Agricultural engineering.

Agro-industrial engineering.

Agronomic Engineering.

Animal Production Engineering.

Engineering in Renewable Natural Resources.

Veterinary Medicine.

Educational Sciences

Bachelor of Education Mention Art.

Bachelor of Education, Agricultural Mention

Degree in Education Mention Biology.

Degree in Education Mention Spanish and Literature.

Bachelor of Education Mention Physical Education, Sports and Recreation.

Bachelor of Education Special Mention.

Bachelor of Education Mention Physics.

Bachelor of Education Mention Geography and History.

Bachelor of Education Mention English.

Bachelor of Education Comprehensive Mention.

Bachelor of Education Mathematics Mention.

Bachelor of Education Chemistry Mention.

Health Sciences 

Bachelor in Tropical Botany.

Bachelor of Guidance.

Bachelor of Health Statistics.

Degree in nursing.

Comprehensive Community Medicine.

Social and Legal Sciences


Degree in administration.

Degree in public accounting.

Bachelor of Development Planning.

BA in Sociology of Development.

Bachelor’s degree in Agroecological Tourism.

Engineering, Architecture and Technology

TSU in Civil Construction.

TSU in Computer Science.

TSU in Topography.


Civil Engineering.

Computer engineering.

Mining Engineering. 

Petroleum Engineering.

Bachelor of Meteorology



Specialization in Higher Education Sciences Mention Educational Orientation.

Specialization in Accounting Mention Audit.

Specialization in Comprehensive Education.

Specialization in Agrarian and Environmental Law.

Specialization in TSU in Food Technologies.

Specialization in Planning and Management.

Comprehensive and Strategic Specialization in Agricultural Extension.

Specialization in Agro – industrial Engineering Mention Product Management.

Specialization in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Management of Wild and Aquatic Fauna.

Specialization in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Management of Water and Soil Resources.

Specialization in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Planning of Renewable Natural Resources.

Specialization in Environmental Engineering.


Master’s Degree in Administration Mention General Management.

Master’s Degree in Administration Mention Management and Institutional Planning.

Master’s Degree in Sciences of Higher Education Mention University Teaching.

Master’s Degree in Higher Education Sciences with a mention in Management and Planning.

Master of Science in Higher Education Mention Pedagogy of Physical Education.

Master’s Degree in Sciences of Higher Education Mention in Sports Planning and Administration.

Master of Science in Higher Education Mention Pedagogy of Physical Education.

Master’s Degree in University Teaching.

Master in Rural Development.

Master in Environmental Education.

Master’s Degree in Education Mention in Management and Planning.

Master in General Management.

Master in Public Management.

Master in Agro – industrial Engineering.

Master in Environmental Engineering.

Master in Curriculum Innovation.

Master in Sports Planning and Administration.

Master in Sustainable Animal Production.

Master in Educational Guidance.

Master’s Degree in Education Mention Educational Orientation.

Master in Phytotechnics.

Master in Zootechnics.

Master in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Planning of Renewable Natural Resources.

Master in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Management of Wild and Aquatic Fauna.

Master’s Degree in Renewable Natural Resources Mention Management of Water and Soil Resources.

Master in Health Mention Public Health.

Master in Agroecology.


Doctorate in Environment and Development. 24

Doctorate in Social Sciences. 14

PhD in education. 13

Doctorate in Advanced Management. 16

PhD in Biochemistry and Animal Physiology. 29

Doctorate in Planning and Sustainable Development.

Doctorate in Didactics and Learning.

Doctorate in Bovine and Swine Clinic.

Doctorate in Animal Health.

Doctorate in Psychopedagogy.

Doctorate in Advanced Biotechnology.

Doctorate in Information and Communication Technologies.

Doctorate in Environment and Development.

Doctorate in Agro – industrial Engineering.

Doctorate in Animal Production.

Doctorate in Food Science and Technology.

Doctorate in Genetics and Animal Reproduction.

Doctorate in Biodiversity.

Ph.D. in Chemistry of Natural Products.

Doctorate in Forensic Sciences.

Doctorate in Legal Sciences.

Doctorate in Constitutional Law.

Doctorate in Rural and Territorial Development.

PhD in Petrochemistry.

Doctorate in Public Policies.

Doctorate in International Law.

Doctorate in Finance.


Post doctorate in Social and Economic Sciences. 29

Post doctorate in Legal and Political Sciences.

Post doctorate in Agro and Marine Sciences.

Post doctorate in Health Sciences.

Post doctorate in Educational Sciences and Humanities.

Post doctorate in Basic and Applied Sciences.

Admission Requirements. Fees structure and details

In order to get information about admission, tuition fees and details you should proceed through their Pre- registration site.

The first thing we must do is access the link Registration at https://unellez.edu.ve/portal/index.php?unellez=2&tab=a 

and fill in the information requested in the form.

Step 1

This help section will present the different operations that pre-registration type users can perform and will be explained one by one how to perform them to complete your pre-registration and obtain your pre-registration certificate.

Step 2

This is the second step that must be carried out before being pre-registered in the UNELLEZ system. In this section we must fill in the fields with the information requested by the form.

Step 3

When completing the requested data, you must click on the “Send Data” button (located at the bottom of the page) so that they are stored in the system. Then the system will notify that they have been stored correctly, so we will return to the home page to continue with our pre-registration.

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