UNEXPO – Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio José de Sucre

The historical foundation of the University is made up of a vast experience accumulated in many years of service to the country, which is distributed in this way in the three Polytechnic Institutes that gave it a national profile with wide coverage: Barquisimeto, 30 years, Puerto Ordaz and Caracas, 21 and 19 years old respectively. The slopes of its institutional origin go beyond half a century, due to the summative effect of the indicated years of service, whose exponents are the dozens of graduated promotions in different specialties of engineering and related professionals. Today our university institution faces the future with faith and confidence, since its trajectory in terms of space and time is based on accumulated knowledge and experiences, in areas of science, technology and humanism, in the field of its Vice-Rectorates of Barquisimeto, Caracas and Puerto Ordaz. For the Polytechnic University, history begins to be made to the rhythm of birth and rebirth.

Academic licences granted by the university. Offering Programmes

Undergraduate Study Plan

Electric engineering

Electronic Engineering

Railway Equipment Engineering

Industrial engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Chemical engineering

Country Engineering

Systems engineering

Higher University Technician in Civil Construction

Higher University Technician in Electricity

Higher University Technician in Mechanics

Postgraduate Study Plan

The National Experimental Polytechnic University (UNEXPO), through the Research and Postgraduate Department, offers professionals the opportunity to pursue fourth-level studies in various areas of Masters, Technical and Professional Specializations.

The Research and Postgraduate Department carries out studies to define priority areas of research; develops lines of research based on the needs of the region and the country; encourages the creation of research groups; disseminates and promotes research activities; stimulates the participation of teachers in multidisciplinary projects; establishes permanent relationships with other universities, public and private organizations and effectively integrates the results of research efforts with postgraduate teaching and extension.


Doctorate in Engineering Sciences Mention Productivity

Master’s degree

Master of Electrical Engineering

MSc in Electronic Engineering

Master’s degree in industrial engineering

MSc in Metallurgical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering


Specialization in Instrumentation and Automation

Specialization in Prevention

Specialization in Electromedicine

Specialization in Maintenance Management

Specialization in Direct Reduction

Welding Specialization

Corrosion Specialization

Specialization in Telecommunications


Diploma in Failure Analysis in Metallic Components

Diploma in Computed Tomography

Diploma in Simulation

Diploma in Prevention

Diploma in Comprehensive Management

Diploma in Teacher Training

Admission requirements

New entry

High school graduates assigned to study at UNEXPO must comply with the process of:

Online pre-registration

Formalize your registration according to the academic planning.

Said information is published in the web section of each Vice-Rectorate / Nucleus or in the corresponding Study Control Office.

Documents to Consign

Bachelor’s Degree or Medium Technician (original and black background).

Certified Proof of Middle and Diversified Education qualifications (original and photocopy).

Birth certificate (original and photocopy).

Valid Identity Card (original and photocopy).

Front passport size photograph.

Certificate of participation in the National System of Entrance to University Education (Go to Website).

Note: Any other requirement requested by the Vice President or Nucleus.


Collections for the Study Equivalence

Two (2) legal size fibre binders.

Letter addressed to the University Council requesting equivalence of studies. Original and copy.

Identification proof. (Identity card, passport). Original and copy.

Bulletin of certified grades, with the scale of the grade corresponding to the subjects studied and passed, indicating the minimum passing grade, the duration of the academic periods and the academic index or average of the grades obtained. Original, one (1) black background and one (1) photocopy on letter size paper.

If you are already a student of the career you wish to enter, you must bring a copy of the registration form.

Current study plan (Pensum de studies) for the period in which the degree was completed, duly numbered, stamped and signed by the competent authority of the University. Original and one (1) photocopy on letter size paper.

Programs of the approved subjects duly numbered, stamped and signed by the competent authority of the University. The study programs must specify the program content, the weekly workload, the duration of the academic period, the number of credits, when applicable, and the date on which they were taken. Original and one (1) photocopy on letter size paper.

Venezuelan high school diploma or certification issued by the Ministry of Education (Technical Council) indicating that it is in process. Original, black background and one (1) photocopy on letter size paper.

Proof issued by the Embassy or Consulate in Venezuela, of the country where he studied, in which he certifies the university category of the Institute of origin. Original and one (1) photocopy.

Letter of Good Conduct, original and one (1) photocopy.

Proof of not being involved in a repetition or permanence regime (valid for 3 months). Original and one (1) photocopy.

In the case of graduates, they must present the Professional Title in original, black background and one (1) photostatic copy on paper size.

The documentation submitted must comply with the following:

The signature of the authority that grants the certifications must be authenticated by the corresponding educational authority in the country where the University or Institute of Higher Education operates.

The signature of the aforementioned educational authority must be legalized (authenticated) by the Venezuelan diplomatic official (Ambassador or Consul) of the country where they studied and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

Be written in Spanish, in those cases that come from different languages, they must be translated (in Venezuela) into Spanish by an authorized public interpreter.

Procedure for Study Equivalence

Once the aforementioned documents have been collected, fill out the application form  (Print Form)  and deliver it to the Secretary of the University, located at the headquarters of the Vice President of Barquisimeto at the following address: Avenida Corpahuaico entre Avenidas. Rotary and La Salle, Phone: 0251-4412362, Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Free structure and details

Income Modalities

The National Experimental Polytechnic University “Antonio José de Sucre” UNEXPO offers various admission modalities for people who aspire to study in our study house, among them are the following:


UNEXPO offers access to those applicants who wish to enter our study house through the OPSU Program


Student Recognition Program with Academic Merit

Program for the Recognition, Protection and Projection of Students with Aptitudes and Cultural Merits

Sports Merit Recognition Program and Student Athlete Protection


Through the process of equivalence of university studies completed by the interested person

For further details contact:

Corpahuaico Avenue between La Salle Avenue and Rotary Avenue. Barquisimeto – Lara State.


PHONE +58 251-4411714

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