The Lilongwe Academy

The Lilongwe Academy International School is located in Area 47, Sector 4. It opened its doors in 1995 on rented premises. The school was founded on a firm belief that every child is unique but all children need excellent education and motivation if their spirit, mind and body are to be well developed.

The Lilongwe Academy International School is a school that offers Cambridge whole continuum for all classes. Our teaching programs are offered through face-to-face interaction, interactive smart-boards and e Learning platforms.

Academic licenses granted by the university, Offering Programs, Admission and Requirements and Fees structure details:


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The Lilongwe Academy Fees Structure / Courses

Diagnostic Test ECDMK20,000.00
Diagnostic Test PrimaryMK25,000.00
Diagnostic Test High School (Yr.7 to Yr11)MK30,000.00
Diagnostic Test High School (Yr. 12 to Yr13)MK35,000.00
Registration fees- (applicable to new students only)MK45,000.00
NurseryMK 400,000.00
ReceptionMK 420,000.00
Primary Year 1MK 480,000.00
Primary Year 2MK 480,000.00
Primary Year 3MK 510,000.00
Primary Year 4MK 510,000.00
Primary Year 5MK 550,000.00
Primary Year 6MK 630,000.00
Year 7MK 685,000.00
Year 8MK 690,000.00
Year 9MK 715,000.00
Year 10MK 850,000.00
Year 11MK 950,000.00
AS (Lower 6)MK 1,100,000.00
A2 (Upper 6)MK 1,100,000.00

Refundable Caution Fees

The caution fee is used where a learner has lost a book or damaged any school property. The fee will be refunded when a learner is leaving the school therefore all learners are expected to pay the caution fees.

ClassCaution Fees Payable in (MK)
ECD – Nursery to Reception50,000
High School100,000

Exercise Books

ClassBooks RequiredUnit Price/BookTotal(MK)
Year 7-11211,500.0031,500.00
AS and A2101,500.0015,000.00

Stationery: ECD, Year 1 and 2

1Reams of Paper (Rotatrium)X1 Per Term
2Pencil Stadler (HB)X2 Per Term
3EraserX1 Per Term
4Coloured PencilsX10 (Different Colours) Per Term
5Plastic for covering booksX1 Per Term
6Folder for keeping papersX3 Per Term
7RulerX1 Per Term
8Roll Khaki paperX1 Per Term
9Glue StickX1 Per Term



2.1     Mode of Payment

  • 50% or more on the first day
  • Fees once paid no refund
  • National Bank, Capital City Branch,
  • The Lilongwe Academy, Account Number 1418084
  • Standard Bank, Capital City Branch
  • The Lilongwe Academy, Account Number 9100001473457

NB: late fees payment will attract 20% on the balance, dishonored cheque will attract a penalty of MK 100, 000.00

High School Boys Uniform PriceK 122,000.00
High School Girls Uniform PriceK 126,000.00
Primary School/ECD Boys Uniform PriceK 98,000.00 /
Primary School/ECDGirls Uniform PriceK 93,000.00 /
School Bus FeePer Month; K75,000 Two Ways

The Lilongwe Academy Admission

The Academy teaches children through creative and discovery approaches and develops their potential so that they become responsible and useful citizens of Malawi and the world as a whole. The Board has adopted some basic principles regarding the physical development of a child and her/his eligibility for enrollment in the Academy.

These are as follows:

  • Enrollment of students is limited to available facilities;
  • Pupils registering for Nursery should be at least 3 years and those entering Reception should be 5 years;
  • Pupils entering standard one should be at the age of six;
  • A Form 1 pupil should be not more than 13 years on admission;
  • Students graduating from the Junior Academy, have automatic entry into the Senior Academy Secondary School;
  • All students from other schools should pass an aptitude test administered by the school before they can be enrolled;
  • Every new pupil from another school must possess a transfer letter and latest school report from the pupil’s former schools;
  • All applicants must fill a prescribed form available at the school;

A general security deposit will be required to hedge against the cost of damage caused by the pupil to property including books. The rates can be obtained from the school.

The Lilongwe Academy Location

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