SSR Medical College Private

The S.S.R. Medical College, operating successfully, producing world class medical graduates for the last 20 years, is the first medical college of Mauritius and we have produced more than 1700 M.B.B.S. Graduates by now, who are proudly working with sterling success in top hospitals / medical institutions of the world in various countries viz. U.S.A., the U.K., Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, U.A.E., Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and India etc. (Some details can be viewed on website icon: Alumni or Photo Gallery).

It speaks of our quality education that one of Our Graduates, Dr. Bharatraj Kidambi has topped in the D.M. (Cardiology) exams-2020,  at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS) New Delhi. Some more of our ‘Shining Star’ Graduates can be viewed on our website icon- Alumni or Photo Gallery.

The College is situated almost in the middle of Mauritius near the central town of Curepipe about 15 km from the airport and same distance from the Capital city of Port Louis. (to know more about Mauritius, visit the country website).

The College is affiliated to the University of Mauritius, which is the degree awarding body. (Location of the College can be viewed on Google Maps). And recognized by the Medical Council of Mauritius (M.C.M.).

Some Photographs of the College can be seen on our website icon/link  ‘Visit Campus’ and  also on the website of our Faculty Forum “IAMBR” website  

List of the Doctors who have already graduated from the S.S.R. Medical College (more than 1700 by now) and working and heading medical units in some of the most reputed hospitals in the USA, England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India etc can be viewed at our website (link Alumni & Friends- sub link-Alumni List).

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SSR Medical College Private Tuition Fees

Tuition & Other Fees:
College Fees is payable as prescribed by the Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust from time to time. If the fees for the full course of 5 yrs (10 Semesters of 6 months each) is paid upfront by any student at the time of admission, he/she shall not be affected by any subsequent increase in the fees.
 The fees for MBBS Course  for the year 2021/22 is as follows:
          CourseCollege  College College Hostel   Hostel
 MBBS: 5 Years
@US $ 8,000/-  per year
(Payable Yearly)
Total: US $ 40,000/-
US $
Dev. Fee/ Other Charge (One Time)        US$
  RegistrationFee (Nonrefundable)
  (One time) 
   US$ 6000

Room fee @US$100/
per month

RegistrationFee (Hostel)
      (One Time) US $ 2000
1First MBBS 3  Academic Terms Semesters (1,2,3= 1½yrs)(i) US$ 8,000Payable at the time of joining the Course.1.Mauritians- Nil.2.Indians- US$ 6,000.Payable along with Registration fee 

US $ 6,000Payable by all at issuance of Prov.Admission letter
US$1200    per year(Payable Yearly in Advance)
   US$ 2,000
2Second MBBS
3 Academic Term   Semesters (4,5,6= 1½yrs)   
  (ii) US$ 8,000Payable before appearing in 1st Prof Pre-Univ. Exams.  (iii)US$8,000 Payable before joining 5th Semester.
    Nil    NilPayable
Yearly in Advance
3                                                Final MBBS
 (Part-1&2 of 1 year each)  Semesters (7,8 & 9,10.)(2+2) 4 Academic Terms
(iv)US$ 8,000 Payable before joining 7th Semester
(v)US$ 8,000 Payable before joining 9th Semester.
    Nil    NilPayable Yearly in Advance    Nil
4For each additional term/Semester of 6 months, if fail at University Exam level/@ US$1000 per failed subject@US $ 1,000 per failed subject      –    –US$ 600/
for 6 months

1.   Yearly Tuition Fee @US$ 8000/-per Year:  Yearly Payment Plan-A:                

1. For Mauritians: Total Fee: (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount: Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: Nil.    Total= US$ 46,000/-)

2. For Indians:  Total Fee: (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount:         Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: 6,000. Total= US$ 52,000/-)

3. For Others/ International Seats: Total Fee:  (Yearly Payment Plan)- without Discount:  Total Tuition Fee: 40,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: 12,000.    Total=US$ 58,000/-)

 2. One Time Toatl Fee Payment Plan:  One Time Payment Plan-B:

*A rebate of 20% in fee is available only in Tuition Fee of US $ 40,000 (-20% i.e.- US$ 8,000=US$ 32,000), if the total tuition fee for the full course (10 Semesters) is paid at the time of admission. i.e the total payable fee after 20 % discount in Tuition fee, if paid upfront at the time of admission is as follows:

i.e.1. For Mauritians: Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000 + Dev. Charges: Nil.    Total= US $ 38,000.                                                   2. For Indians:         Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000+  Dev. Charges: 6,000.  Total= US $ 44,000.
 (Indian Students mean Indian  Citizens who must also have passed their class 10th and 12th examination from a school in India only.)                                                                 3. For Others/International:          Total Fee: (One Time Payment Plan)- Tuition Fee: 32,000 + Registration Fee: 6,000+  Dev. Charges: 12,000.Total= US$ 50,000.               

Note: The Registration Fee and the Development Fee/Other Charges are to be paid on issuance of  “Provisional Offer of Seat” Letter and the 1st Installment of Tuition Fee is to be paid before joining the Course.

All / Any other dues/fee are to be paid before appearing in the pre-University Exams due in the respective year; failing which the student will forfeit his/her right to fill the ‘Form’ for appearing in the examination/ University Examination and shall be debarred from appearing in the pre-University and the University Examinations.

Examination fee @ US $ 100 per subject will be payable in addition to the Tuition fee.

Important banking advice: Please note that any amount less than US$ 1000 IS TO BE PAID BY T.T. / Cash ONLY due to high bank charges for collection of Cheques/ DDs, which is more than US$ 150/ per draft/cheque.

On Campus Hostel Facility: Limited Hostel Rooms FOR ABOUT 80% STUDENTS are available on the Campus.

                                                The hostel rooms are allotted on first come basis and on twin sharing basis.

Hostel Fee:                             One Time Registration Fee (Non Refundable):         US$ 2000/-

Room fee (Twin Sharing) of @ US$ 100/pm =                                                         US$ 1200/per year payable in advance.

If one opts for the hostel facility, the Room Charges are to be paid in advance for the whole year.

Please note that once one has opted for the hostel facility and moves into the hostel room; even if he/she chooses to move out of the hostel, due to any reason whatsoever, at any time during the year, the room charges for that entire year have to be paid i.e moving out of the hostel room in the middle of the year does not entitle one for any partial remission in the yearly hostel room charges.

Mess Charges of about US100/per month are to be paid directly to the Mess operator.

Hostel Rooms have attached  toilet and bathroom with time controlled hot water supply and are supplied with a bed and mattress, a reading table, a chair and a cupboard, which is to be returned intact on vacating the room. 

Hostel Residents have option to take a full room for them selves for their single occupancy on payment of full room charge@US$200/pm=US$2400/per year, subject to availability of such Rooms.

Students can opt to stay outside the Campus with permission of their parents. Sufficient Comfortable private accommodation is available in well connected nearby towns of Curepipe, Quatre Borne etc. However, for reasons of devoted Studies and self responsibility, off Campus residence is advised only after the students have passed first Professional University Examinations, that too with the express written permission of the parents. 

Summary of Expenses in addition to the Tuition Fee of US$ 8000/-(about IRs. 6 lakhs) per year: Exchange Rate: US$ 1= IRs. 75/-(Approx) is as below:

Hostel Fee: Registration Charge:(One Time): US$ 2000/- + US$ 1200/per year for double occupancy Room.

Mess & Other Expenses.: An average living Cost would be about US$ 150/per month.

Note: Mess and Hostel Facility is optional. Students can stay in nearby towns of Curepipe etc. with consent of their Parents and prior permission of College.

One can apply on-line for admission through our website (icon: Admission Form). A hard copy of the Application contained in “Prospectus” Booklet is to be filled at the time of interview.

Illustrative List of our MBBS graduates / Doctors (about more than 1500 till Dec.’18), who have already graduated from the SSR Medical College can be seen at our website (through Quick Links: Alumni  List).

Scholarship:  A partial Scholarship Scheme by the Govt of Mauritius for limited number of students from some African countries is available (for details see :

Tentative Dates for Interview for MBBS admissions 2019/20: at

1. Interview for Admissions 2021/22 at New Delhi:     No Interview due to Covid-19.

                                                Admissions will be based on the basis of Class 12/ HSC Results and NEET pass. 

                                                                                         (Sunday, 11am to 2pm) at Business Center,  Hotel Grand (near Promonade Mall), Vasant Kunj,  New Delhi.

    (Interviews at Chennai and Hyderabad/Mumbai will be conducted only if seats remain to be filled after Interview at Delhi and  Interview Date will be intimated later)

2.. Interview for Admissions 2021 at  Hyderabad/Mumbai: ………………

3. Interview for Admissions 2021 at  Chennai:     ……………..

Contact Delhi Office: at 011-26715365/65, 26177805/ 26181878; or other tel nos given at our website (Link:Contact Us) for appointment.

Quick Response: Scan and mail your Class 12 Board Mark sheet at e-mail address: ; writing your Contact Tel no on it for quick response.

Dubai: ……………………….. July. 2021. (Check/wait for Date at our Website).

Durban:    …………. Jan.’22 (3rd Sunday-10 am to 1pm) at …….., La Lucia, Durban.

Contact : +2306978619/ +23052552754 (No prior appointment required. Candidates are expected to walk in for interview with copies of class 12 Board Mark sheet, passport and 2 Passport size Photos)

We do not have any representative / Agent and No Donations.

*M.D./M.S.:- The fee would be as follows: (to be intimated)

    M.D./M.S.College  Hostel 
  Fee  US $
Other fee/** Dev.Charges US $(To be informed at the time of Interview)+Amt equal to the stipend to be paid, if anyRegistration  Money
(Nonrefundable)  US $
Room fee@ US$100/PM
(for 3years)
Caution Money (Nonrefundable)
US $
11st Year     1200/yr2,000
22nd  Year    1200/yr 
3  3rd  Year    1200/yr 
Total= 3600 
5.For additional term at each level/@ per failed subject     2,000    600 

                Eligibility  |   Application Form   |   Admission Rules  |   College Fees

SSR Medical College Private Admission

1.Rules of Admission:

i) Application Form:

For Provisional Admission: Mail your (a)Class 12 Board Mark sheet & (b)NEET pass result, if available, with your Contact Tel. no. written on it.

The Application for admission to the MBBS Course can be made on line through the college website: / Application Form. However, a hard copy of the Apllication Form contained in the Printed Prospectus of the College  is to be filled prior to  the INTERVIEW and admission. A candidate for admission must submit an application in his own handwriting, in prescribed Application Form, which has been duly signed and issued by the Chairman & Managing Trustee of the IOMIT. The Application Forms can be obtained from Registered office at Mauritius, Command office at New Delhi or from designated area centres/offices mentioned in the prospectus. This form, duly completed in all respect along with necessary documents, must be submitted either by Registered post or handed over personally together with stamped and self-addressed envelope for a reply, so as to reach the office of the Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust before the last date. Incomplete, defective and late applications will not be considered and no correspondence in this matter will be entertained. Mere submission of application and payment of processing fees or “Registration Fee” towards ‘Provisional Offer of a seat in the course’ will not create any right or interest in favour of the said applicant for admission to the course and the SSR Medical College. The admissions  of Indian students are made on first come-merit-interview basis and admissions are generally over by 15th September of the year.

ii)Certificates / documents to be attached to Application Form:

(a)  Pass certificate/Mark List of qualifying examination (10+2/A level or  equivalent) 

(b)   Conduct certificate from the Head of the Institution. 

 (c)   Document to prove age

 (d)   Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner as to the candidate’s physical fitness to undergo the course 

  (e)   Self addressed & stamped envelope size (9½”  x 4½”) 

  (f)    Affidavit in the prescribed format  (vide clause-9 at page-8)

 iii) Selection of Candidates:              

THE ADMISSIONS ARE BASED ON MARKS OBTAINED IN CLASS 12 or equivalent Examination. There is no entrance test. However an interview is conducted to verify the preparedness of the aspirant to undertake medical education. Selection will be based on merit, taking also into consideration the applicant’s ability to meet the financial requirements of an overseas education and to contribute towards the growth of the institution. Short listed candidates may be required to appear for an interview before the “Admission Panel” headed by the Chairman on the given date and venue which will be intimated later, at their own expenses. Selected candidates will have to pay the required fee before the admission by D.D. in favour of “Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust”..

 iv) Cancellation of Admission:        

If any candidate who is offered admission does not pay the prescribed fees at the time of admission, his admission will be treated as cancelled and the seat will be offered to the next eligible candidate. Mere presentation of a Bank Draft towards Registration fee/Tuition fee, unless the same is accepted by the College and the due Receipt is issued, will not create or confer any right or interest in favour of the applicant for admission to the MBBS/BDS Courses and the SSR Medical College. The IOMIT/College will not be responsible for any postal delay or delay due to any other cause in the receipt of the notification of admission of the candidate.

The admission offered to the candidate shall be cancelled if later the IOMIT finds  that the candidate is not eligible for admission due to non-fulfillment of the any of the conditions of admission & any fee paid by in the candidate will not be refunded.

Even if a candidate has paid the fees but fails to join the college within a fortnight without intimation or prior permission of the Principal after the course commences officially, the latter may at his discretion cancel the admission of such a student. Absence from the classes for a continuous period of 21 days without intimation to the College and duly sanctioned leave by the Principal shalll render the admission cancelled automatically.

The newly admitted students from India and other Asian countries are expected to join the introductory course and the hostel in the month of November’12. There will be Christmas vacations from 15th Dec onwards till their course commences formally. The MBBS Course for new entrants officially commences in February ’13 after the local Mauritian students and students from African continent (following senior cambridge A Level results) join the course. 

Refund: Registration fee of US$ 6000 is not refundable, once paid. If any student after paying any fees to the College by way of submitting the DD or T.T. for the same;  leaves or drops out of the course due to any reason; any such fee paid by such student shall not be refunded.      

If any information supplied by the student in connection with his admission is later at any time found to be incorrect, the student shall be liable to be removed from the College and all the fees paid by him shall be forfeited. The decision of the Management i.e. IOMIT in this regard shall be final.

The Chairman of the Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust reserves absolute right to reject all or any of the applications without assigning any reason at any time before a candidate has formally joined the course at the IOMIT’s SSR Medical College, Mauritius.

 v) Execution of Agreement / Bond:


The Parent/Guardian of the student admitted to the SSR Medical College shall be required to execute an “Agreement” on a stamp paper in the proforma attached with the Prospectus herewith at the time of admission of the ward to this college.


The Mauritian candidates shall agree that they will serve the Government of Mauritius if so required by the Government, for a minimum period stipulated by the Government of Mauritius after passing out/graduating.

vi)Important Notice:

(a) The Fee is to be paid only by D.D. or T.T. in the name of “Indian Ocean Medical Institute Trust”.

(b) We do not have any Recruiting Agent or Body Representing us. Any body dealing with any such agent will be doing so at his own risk & peril and Management will not be responsible for any such action.

(c) This prospectus is only for providing information and it is not a legal document to form basis for any claim by the applicants.

Submission of Applications:

a.Mauritian students can obtain and submit their forms at SSR Medical College, Belle Rive, Mauritius.   

b.Indian students can obtain and must submit the completed admission forms only at Delhi Office of the SSR Medical College Mauritius.      

c.Students of a particular region, other than India and Mauritius, are advised to obtain and submit application forms at the nearest designated area centre.   

The Applicants from South Africa may apply immediately after publication of their results in January. Their preliminary interviews are held at Durban generally in the Jan/Feb. every year. The shortlisted South Africa candidates would have to join the course / College at Mauritius ,at a very short notice (within a 15 days of their interview at Durban). 

Special Information Note for Applicants from South Africa:

The Students can apply on the basis of Pre Board school examinations results. But the admission will be finalised only after the Board results, if they meet the minimum admission requirements of marks, which is 60% marks in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences (Biology) and/or English taken together. 

With Reference to their electronic Application Form the Applicant would be invited to attend a meeting with Hon. Chairman SSR Medical College, in Jan 2022 (Saturday,22nd Jan.’2022) at 10 AM at  address:  9; Morland Drive, La Lucia Ridge, DURBAN (Tel No. 031-5620436 / +230-2552754) with following documents:

  • 1.      Two copies of class 12th mark sheet issued by the Govt. recognised education board
  • 2.      Four recent passport size photographs
  • 3.      Photocopy of first and last two pages of your valid passport
  • 4.      Copy of your electronic application form/ print copy of e-mail  invitation from the College

Imp. Note:   The short listed candidates will be required to reach SSR Medical College Mauritius latest by 3rd week of Feb. for final interview at the college in Mauritius on given date.  The formally selected / approved candidate after the interview will be expected to deposit the Registration Fee (US $ 6000) within a week (i.e by end of Feb.) and  shall come prepared to join and continue the Course.

The part of fee up to the first installment of Tuition fee (Vide Agreement); Hostel Fee and Mess Fee (in case they opt to stay at the college Hostel) is to be paid by 1st week of  March.

The Applicants will be given a hard copy of Prospectus containing Application Form , Agreement and application for Visa Form at the time of interview at Durban in Jan/Feb. after publication of H.S.C. results, which is to filled and returned on same day.                                           For any additional information, the IOMIT’s SSR Medical College at Mauritius or Command Office at New Delhi may be contacted.

List of documents required while reporting for interview

 At the time of Interview, you are required to produce the following documents in original.You are also required to submit two photocopies of each of these documents with the Application Form.

1.Your interview letter    

 2.Proof of your date of birth /History of illness/Operation and certificate that you do not suffer from epilepsy or any other disease causing fit/depression, if any.                    

 3.Proof of having studied class 10+2 / A level or equivalent exam in India / other country such as class 12 mark sheet. 

 4.Statement of Marks/symbols of qualifying examination (Class 12 / Intermediate / Equivalent) issued by the State Board/University.

5.Conduct & character certificate from the Head of the institution in which you have studied Class 12 / A level or equivalent.             

6.Transfer Certificate from the Institution you have studied last (if available).         

7.Two recent passport-size photographs with your name written on back side.     

 8.The proof of finances to fulfill obligation of Tuition fee, other fees and hostel fee (in case you are admitted to Hostel).

9.An Affidavit”  in the format given below signed by you and countersigned by your parent/guardian in the presence of Notary Public on Bond Ppaer.

I, __________________________ son/daughter of ___________________________ hereby solemnly affirm that the following statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief,

a)I am a citizen of  (name of country)     

 b) I have completed 17 years of age/ will be completing 17 years of age on or before 31st December 2021.    

 c) I have studied classes 12 / A level or equivalent in (name of country) and passed the class 12 / A level or equivalent (Intermediate/Higher Secondary/10+Plus two / equivalent) examination with not less than 60% of the maximum marks in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and/or  English taken together.          

 d)I have studied the Prospectus and understood the rules governing counselling, admission procedure, fee structure, discipline, and refund policy and agree to abide by the rules     

e)Mere presentation/submission of Application Form and Draft of US$ 6000/-,(which is not refundable) for Registration,  towards “Registration fee” will not create any right for admission to the MBBS/BDS Course, unless I join the Course formally at the SSR Medical College, Mauritius after the payment of due fees. 

  f)If admitted to MBBS/BDS course at  SSR Medical College, I will abide by all its rules and regulations, especially those governing discipline, attendance, dress code, examinations and payment of fees. I understand that failure to comply with the rules and regulations will invite appropriate disciplinary action including expulsion of the student by the institution’s authorities from the course/college. In case of such expulsion or/and cancellation of my admission due to failure and de-registration /or  my voluntary withdrawl of my admission, due to any other reason; I shall not claim any refund of the fees paid to the IOMIT / College.    

 g) I will not involve myself in any action of ragging or indiscipline or a conduct unbecoming of a medical student during the course of my education in the SSR Medical College. I understand involvement in ragging and indiscipline or  conduct unbecoming of a student would result into cancellation of my admission to the course and I shall forfeit all my rights & claims for any refund of all the fees paid by me/my parent’s/guardian to the IOMIT/College. All the disputes between me/us and the IOMIT/ SSR Medical College shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Mauritius only.

Name of the Candidate ______________________

                                                                                       Signature of Candidate/guardian

I, _________________ the father/mother/guardian/sponsorer of _______________ an applicant for admission to MBBS/BDS course at SSR Medical College hereby solemnly affirm that all the above statements made by son/daughter/ward are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will be responsible for the payment of his/her fees on time and for his/her conduct.

 Name of parent/guardian/sponsorer

Relationship to candidate


Place:                                                                                                                 Signature of Parent


I hereby certify that I have examined Mr/ Miss _____________________________________ son / daughter of Mr ______________________________________________________ of __________________ and found that he/she is physically fit to undergo the MBBS/BDS course of SSR Medical College, Mauritius. He/She is not suffering from any congenital or acquired diseases or deformities. The following investigations have been conducted and the results are within normal limits.

 Physical Data

Identification Marks                      1.                             2.  
Height                                                   m            cm
Weight                                                  Kgms  
 Blood Sugar                                                                                            (Fasting/Postprandial)      
  Blood Urea      
 Serum creatinine
 Liver Function Test  
 Lipid Profile    
Blood VDRL   
 Elisa test for HIV  
Hepatitis B- HbsAg    

                He has received the following vaccination/s


 Hepatitis B

	SealSignature___________________________________Name of Doctor___________________________________Name of Hospital___________________________________ 


Certified that Mr./Miss ________________________________________ son/daughter of __________________________________________ was a student of this institution from ______________ to ______________. He/she has successfully completed the period of instruction and passed the qualifying _____________________________ examination in First class/Distinction.

His/ Her conduct and character are _______________________________________

Date                                                                                                 Signature and Name of the Principal/Head     

                                                                           Name of the Institution _________________

Seal                                                                                                 Place _________________

Calender of the events

 A. Last date* (for Overseas Students) for submitting the completed Application Form at IOMIT’s SSR Medical College or it’s designated centres:                                                                                                 

10th Sept. 2007*  

 B.            Processing for Visa                              45 days    

 *The college reserves the right to close the admission if the seats are filled prior to this date.    

 Applicants should ensure that:

 1. Application form has been signed by the applicant at the specified places in the form.             

2.The application form is duly signed by the applicant’s parent / guardian.                   

 3.The recent passport size self signed photograph duly attested have been pasted in the spaces earmarked.          

4. The name & address of the applicant is written on the back side of their Demand Draft.                       Place:

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university,
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

For more: List of universities by country