Somali National University

The Somali National University (SNU) was established in 1954 in the Trust Territory of Somalia. It obtained official university status in 1969. The main university grounds were situated about six kilometers from the city center. Here, during the institution’s first thirty years, the main campus was known as Jaamacada Gaheyr (“Gaheyr University”).

In 1973, under the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC), programs and facilities were expanded. The SNU developed over the next twenty years into an institution of higher learning, with 13 departments, 700 staff and over 15,000 students.

SNU aspires to be a world class public university that excels in education, innovation, research, community outreach and technology transfer and developing the world’s most promising students and outstanding staff to benefit society as whole.

SNU strives to provide relevant education and research programs to produce the required professionals to human resources necessary for addressing the socioeconomic, political, cultural, science and technology needs of the country.

Somali National University Offering Programs


Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science

Faculty of Education and Social Science

Faculty of Economic and Management Science

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Islamic Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Medicine and and Surgery

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry

Faculties of Science

Faculty of Law

Faculty of languages

The Centre for Foreign Languages (CFL)

Faculty of Health Sciences and Tropical Medicine

School of Management and Public Administration


Faculty of Graduate Studies

Research Centers

Academic Achievements

Scientific Research Projects Unit

University Journals

Published Books

Ethics Committees

Somali National University Admission:

Fully completed application form. Download from the university website or visit the admission office.

Proof of payment of a non-refundable application fee.

Certified copies of all academic certificates with official transcripts where applicable.

Certified copy of your National Identification Document or birth certificate.

Proof of Payment of Application fee US$35.00 ($30 registration free, plus $5 student card) for undergraduate programs.

Somali National University Tuition Fees

The Somali National University is a tuition-free institute instead students pay other charges which helps the university cover for its expenses.

Application fee $30(non-refundable)

Admission fee is $50 (if a student is admitted)

Application fee$30(non-refundable)
Admission fee $50 (if a student is admitted)
Faculty of Medicine$250 per year
Faculty of Engineering$250 per year
Faculty of Veterinary $160 per year
Faculty of Agriculture$160 per year
Faculty of Economics $160 per year
Faculty of Law $160 per year
Faculty of Education $100 per year
Faculty of Health Sciences$200 per year
Faculty of Tropical Medicine$250 per year

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