Sabratha University (جامعة صبراته)

Sabratha University is one of the governmental universities in the State of Libya, and its administration headquarters is in the city of Sabratha. It consists in its origin of a group of faculties, some of which date back to the year 1992 AD, where the subordination of those faculties since its inception to the University of Al-Zawiya until the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 157 of 2015 was issued The judge to establish the University of Sabratha and separate those faculties from the University of Al-Zawiya and determine their subordination to the University of Sabratha. The number of faculties of the university is currently (23) faculties distributed over the regions: (Sabratha – Surman – Al-Jameel – Zaltan – Reqdalin)

Sabratha University (جامعة صبراته) Offered Courses | Programmes

  RT          The name of the college is in Arabic              College name in EnglishDate of Establishment
1College of Arts and Education / SabrathaFaculty of Arts and Education \ Sabratha2000-01-01
2College of Law / SurmanFaculty of Law \ Surman2000-01-01
3Faculty of Economics and Political Science/SurmanFaculty of Economics & Political Science \ Surman2000-01-01
4College of Medical Technology / SurmanFaculty of Medical Technology \ Surman2004-01-01
5College of Public Health / Al-JameelFaculty of Public Health \ Aljameel2005-01-01
6College of Nursing / SurmanFaculty of Nursing \ Surman2007-01-01
7College of Arts / Al-JameelFaculty of Arts \ Aljameel2012-01-01
8Faculty of Science / RiqdalinFaculty of Science \ Reqdalin2017-01-01
9College of Medicine / SabrathaFaculty of Human Medicine \ Sabratha2016-01-01
10College of Engineering / ReqdalinFaculty of Engineering \ Raqdalin2016-01-01
11College of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery / SurmanFaculty of Medicine Oral & Dental Surgery \ Surman2017-01-01
12Faculty of Law / ZaltonFaculty of Law \ Zultn2017-01-01
13College of Administration and Human Resources / ZaltanFaculty of Administration & Human Resources\Zultn2017-01-01
14College of Education / SormanFaculty of Education \ Surman2019-01-01
15thFaculty of Tourism and Archeology / SabrathaFaculty of Tourism and Archeology \ Sabratha2021-01-01
16College of Arts / SabrathaFaculty of Art \ Sabratha2021-01-01
17College of Pharmacy / Al-JameelFaculty of Pharmacy \ Aljameel2017-01-01
18College of Physical Education and Movement Rehabilitation / Al-JameelFaculty of Physical Education \ Aljameel2019-01-01
19College of Information Technology / Al-JameelFaculty of Information Technology \ Aljameel2021-01-01
20College of Science / SabrathaFaculty of Science \ Sabratha1999-01-01
21College of Engineering / SabrathaFaculty of Engineering \ Sabratha1992-01-19
22College of Education / ZaltonFaculty of Education \ Zultn1999-01-01
23Faculty of Languages ​​/ SurmanFaculty of Languages ​​\ Surman2019-01-01

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