Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology

RGUST offers an International Quality Education in the Field of Medicine, Humanities, Science, and Technology. RGUST not only offers the best education in the Caribbean but also a unique campus experience that allows students the opportunity to meet, interact, and collaborate with each other from various nationalities. RGUST is a haven for cultural interaction as well as a launching pad to the world of opportunities in the medical field through our School of Medicine. As a student, you will realize that as your resume gets packed with new accomplishments and credits, it increases your credibility in the medical field.

Rajiv Gandhi University was established in 2012 and has since grown into a dynamic and successful university we are still in our growth process and we thank each student for making this possible we take pride in our institution and the quality of education we put forward to our students.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology Offered Courses | Programmes


  • School of Arts and Science
  • Rajiv Gandhi School of Medicine
  • Department of Continuing Education

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology Tuition Fees

NOTE: RGUST is offering Scholarship 70% – 79% for Nationals, International and Caribbean students

Doctor of Medicine Degree Program (5½ Years)

Program                           SemesterTuition cost per Semester( US$)Total Tuition Fees (US$)
Basic Sciences56,500.0032,500.00
Clinical Sciences56,500.0032,500.00
Total FeesUS$87,000

Guyanese Fee Structure:

Miscellaneous FeesPre- MedicineSemester (US$)Basic ScienceSemester(US$)Clinical Science
Student Government Fee50.0050.00N/A
One-Time Registration Fee100.00100.00N/A
Application Fee25.0025,00N/A
Matriculation Fee1000.001000.00N/A
Seat Deposit Fee00N/A
Health Insurance (optional)200.00200.00200.00
Late Payments fee10% on payment due

 Caribbean and International Students Fee Structure:

Miscellaneous FeesPre- MedicineSemester (US$)Basic ScienceSemester (US$)Clinical Science
Student Government Fee50.0050.00N/A
One-Time Registration Fee600.00600.00N/A
Application Fee100.00100.00N/A
Matriculation Fee1000.001000.00N/A
Seat Deposit Fee1000.001000.00N/A
Health Insurance (optional)200.00200.00200.00
Late Payments fee10% on payment due

Note: The Scholarship fee structure is awarded to all eligible students after the Admissions Committee reviews applications and required documents. These Invoices will be sent to students via official email from the university’s Finance Department.

Tuition, Refund Information for International Students

  1. All tuition and fees from International Students must be paid in US dollars.
  2. Tuition and fees must be paid before the commencement of each semester or year for all Guyanese students.
  3. All international students must make payments before for the processing of their Students on Arrival Visa.
  4. No tuition or miscellaneous cash payments will be accepted in the offices.
  5. All cash transactions and payments must be paid directly through the local bank Demerara Bank Ltd.
  6. A late tuition fee of 10% will be charged if the student misses the tuition deadline with additional delays resulting in extra fines.
  7. Students attending classes without pain their tuition will be marked as ‘Absent’ until the arrears are cleared and tuition is paid.
  8. An administrative fee of US$50.00 is charged for all payments made via wire transfer and for all checks issued outside of Guyana.
  9. All regional and international students are required to pay a Seat Deposit Fee of One Thousand United States Dollars ($1000 USD).
  10. The application Fee for Regional and International students is One hundred United States Dollars ($100 USD).
  11. One-Time Registration Fee of US$ 1000 and
  12. A credit Evaluation Fee of One Thousand United States dollars (USD1000.00) is applicable for all transfer students and this fee is non-refundable.

RGUST Tuition Refund Policy applies to both National, Regional and International students. The Refund policy is as follows:

  • One week before commencement of classes 75% is refunded
  • Before the end of the first (1st) week of classes, 50% is refunded.
  • After the end of the first week, NO refund will be issued.
  • Students interested in having a refund should return to their native country with the University’s permission and cancel their student visa.
  • Once students are willing to return to their native country, they should inform the Office of the Registrar before the end of the 1st week. This will allow the University to start the process of visa cancellation and make arrangements for eligible refunds in accordance with the University’s Policy.
  • Students Contract with the University must be signed during the first week of class.
  • NOTE: RGUST reserves the right to change its tuition & fee structure per circumstances and needs under the recommendation of its Board of Directors.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology Admission

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology is dedicated to seeing that all qualified candidates who are interested in a career in medicine have the opportunity to study at our campus. We have made our application and matriculation process as simple as possible. The admission process comprises of the following easy steps.



  • Complete application form (sign and date)
  • Application Form must be submitted online or to admissions office with the following documents:
  1. Application fee of US$100.00 (attach receipt) must be included for international students and local students a fee of GY$5000.
  2. Must submit an original and updated Police Clearance.
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate (submit original for verification)
  4. A photocopy of the personal details page of your passport (submit original for verification)
  5. Copy of Govt. ID Card (submit originals for verification).
  6. Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
  7. A personal statement of your goals and purpose for choosing medicine in not more than 500 words.
  8. Eight (8) passport size photographs, one must be attached to the application
  9. Two letters of recommendation, from teachers, medical professionals or employers.
  10. Transcripts from your high school, college and graduate schools must be sent directly from the school to the RGUST admissions office.
  11. Photocopies of all relevant diplomas, certificates and awards are required. (submit original for verification)
  12. It is recommended but not required that results of any tests you may have taken be sent to us including the MCAT, SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc., these are not required but will help the admissions staff to make a decision better.


  • A file will be created with your application form and documents.
  • Once file is completed the admissions committee will meet to discuss your admission to the university.
  • An interview will then be scheduled with the student and admissions committee. The interview may be conducted in person, over telephone or via video conference(for international and regional students)
  • Successful candidates will then proceed to make tuition payments to The Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology upon receiving the acceptance letter.
  • All the successful candidates will receive a package from the school which needs to be completed prior to matriculation into the school.


Students that require Accommodation must complete the following steps before admissions is granted.

  • Complete the housing application
  • Make payment of the first semester’s tuition
  • Send a copy of your passport
  • Proof and guarantee of your ability to pay for the subsequent three semesters of education.
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