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Port Moresby Business College located in Port Moresby and founded in 1986. Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. The current population of Papua New Guinea is over 10.4 million. The university offering short courses, online courses and degree programs. Port Moresby Business College Acceptance rate is %45-67. Type of degree programs is a Bachelor’s (B.Sc) Degree, Master’s degree (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Phd.). Visit Ministry of Education in Papua New Guinea for university accreditation. Please find below other informations about university.

Port Moresby Business College Courses Offered and Programs

Online Courses, Doctoral Programs, Diploma Programs, Faculties, Graduate Programs, Courses Offered, Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Certificate programs.

  1. Technical Training Certificate
  2. Certificate in Accounting
  3. Certificate in Office Management Program
  4. Certificate in Management
  5. Certificate in Hospitality Management Program
  6. Certificate in Business Computing


  1. Microsoft Project Management (5 weeks)
  2. Introduction to Spreadsheet (6 weeks)
  3. Introduction to Word Processing (5 weeks)
  4. IT Power 1 (Windows XP, Word, Excel) (4 weeks)
  5. Web Studio (Flash, Dream Weaver) (3 weeks)
  6. Visual Basic (Introduction) (2 weeks)
  7. Microsoft Access (4 weeks)
  8. Computer Networking and PC Troubleshooting (3 weeks)
  9. Advanced Visual Basic (MS Access, SQL Server) (3 weeks)


  1. Commercial Banking (4 weeks)
  2. International Cuisine (4 weeks)
  3. Restaurant Services & Cooperation (6 weeks)
  4. The Art of Food Processing/Preservation (6 weeks)
  5. Tour Conducting with Tour Guiding (6 weeks)
  6. Tourism Operations (5 weeks)
  7. Personality Development (5 weeks)


  1. Effective Business Communication (5 weeks)
  2. Customer Service (5 weeks)
  3. Purchasing & Supply Management (10 weeks)
  4. Records Management (3 weeks)
  5. Construction Project Management (5 weeks)
  6. Small Business Planning & Management (5 weeks)
  7. Planning & Strategic Management (2 weeks)
  8. Stenography Shorthand (Basic Shorthand) (8 weeks)
  9. Supervisory Management (5 weeks)

Not reported. Please visit later!

Not reported. Please visit later!

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Port Moresby Business College Fee Structure

Port Moresby Business College fee structure range is K1,800 to K3,740. Check table below.

Port Moresby Business College Course Fee Distribution

Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting)2940.00300.003240.00
Diploma in Business Studies (Management)2940.00300.003240.00
Diploma in Business Studies (Computing)2940.00300.003240.00
Diploma in Hospitality Management2940.00300.003240.00
Technical Training Certificate2940.003000.003240.00

Port Moresby Business College Course Fee Schedule – Full time and Part time fee

TTC 2YrsK2,940/yrK280/subjectK300K500K3,740 (POM ONLY)
TTC 1YrK2,940/yrK280/subjectK300K500K3,740 (POM ONLY)
National Cert 1 in Office AdminK1600 in POMK1400 in KaviengK100/module in POMK90 in KaviengK300/yrK500K1,975 in POMK1,650 in Kavieng
Basic Business CertK1,500 for 5 module in KaviengK250/modK300 in KaviengK500/yr in KaviengK1,650 in Kavieng
Cert in Accounting Yr 1K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Diploma in Accounting Yr2K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Cert in Management Yr1K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Diploma in Management Yr 2K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Cert in Office Administ Yr 1K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Diploma in Office Admin Yr2K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Cert in Computing Yr1K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Diploma in Computing Yr2K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Cert in Tourism Hospitality Yr 1K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
Diploma in Tourism Hospitality Yr2K2,940/yrK280/subjectK300/yrK500/yrK3,740
National Cert 1 in CookeryK1,800K300/modK125/yrK650/yrK2,575

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Port Moresby Business College Enrollment

A. Start Your Journey! (Step 1)

  • Find Programs of interest,
  • Get Advice for program or visit university website,
  • Visit University or Make online Appointment.

B. Application to University (Step 2)

  • Complete Online Application thorough website,
  • Complete Application fee is there any application fee,
  • Submit your educational documents to Online Application Form
  • If English is not your first language, or if your previous education has been conducted in another language, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in English.

C. Track Your Application (Step 3)

  • Track the status of your application through Online Application Form.
  • Complete Admission Requirements – Depending on your program, you may have to complete testing, submit a portfolio or come to campus for an assessment.
  • Get your Acceptance Letter (Conditional or Unconditional)
  • Pay your Tuition Fee

Port Moresby Business College Admission Requirements

Technical Training Certificate Programs (Two Year Program) Grade 10 with credit in Mathematics & English should not score a fail in any other subject.>

 Technical Training Certificate (One Year Program)

Grade 12 with credit in Mathematics B, English & a Business Studies related subjects.

 Diploma in Business Studies (Two Year Program)

 Grade 12 with B passes in Mathematics & English and a Business Studies allied subject. Grade 10 with credit in Mathematics &  English should not score a fail in any other subject. And with at least (2) years relevant work experience.

 National Qualification Framework (National Qualification Programs)

There is no minimum requirements for out base learning as the assessment is based entirely on the Student’s Competency to perform a given task in each module before proceeding onto the next level of the program. 

 Short Demand (Driven Programs)

 Minimum entry requirement as maybe determined by the college for short course programs.

Entry Requirements for Certificate Programs:

  • The minimum requirements for this course, applicant should have finished grade 12 or grade 10 who has done a Matriculation Studies equivalent to grade 11 and 12.
  • Applicant applying for scholarship should fill up an application form which can be secured from your secondary school.
  • For self-sponsored applicants, application forms are available at the college.

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Port Moresby Business College Download Application Form

Port Moresby Business College Scholarship

Right now there is no any scholarships offering by the Port Moresby Business College. Check late!

Housing and Dormitory Fees

The average monthly housing and dormitory fees for students in the Papua New Guinea can vary based on factors such as location, accommodation type, and amenities provided. On average, students can expect to budget between 2,471.32 K to 12,281.45 K per month for housing or dormitory expenses.

Cost of Living in Papua New Guinea

Housing: 2,471.32 K to 12,281.45 K – includes the cost of rent, utilities, and other associated expenses. The cost of housing will vary depending on the size and location of your home, as well as the amenities offered. This informations was gathered in March 2024.

Food: 3.50 K to PHP 160.00 K – includes the cost of groceries, meals out, and other food-related expenses. The cost of food will vary depending on your dietary needs and how often you eat out.

Transportation, Entertainment and Utilities: 2.00 K to 134.78 K – includes the cost of public transportation, gas, and parking. The cost of transportation will vary depending on how much you travel and how you get around. This informations was gathered in March 2024.

Communication: 4.12 K to 40.00 K – This includes the cost of cell phone service, internet, and other communication expenses. The cost of communication will vary depending on your usage and the plan you choose. This informations was gathered in March 2024.

Port Moresby Business College Address

Address: Ganigo St, Port Moresby National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

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