About the university:

Polessky State University is up-to-date University of innovative type located in the heart of Polessye region in the Republic of Belarus. Polessky State University was established in 2006 in the result of merger of two higher educational establishments to train specialists for various fields of national economy.

Polessky State University is a young, up to date university situated in the center of Polessye. It provides training of highly qualified personnel for enterprises and organizations of the region, contributes to the creation of an innovative educational, scientific and cultural center in Polessye. The university has certificates issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the compliance with the classical university (ISO 9001-2009). The university is accredited as a scientific organization of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Training at university is provided at five faculties (Banking, Economic, Biotechnological, Healthy Way of Life Organization faculty, Continuous Training faculty) according to the programs of Bachelor degree (17 specialties), Master’s degree (9 specialties), postgraduate studies (5 specialties), PhD programs). Retraining of specialists with higher education is provided by Continuous Training faculty (7 specialties); training in Russian as a foreign language is offered for foreign citizens.

Academic licenses granted by the university and Offering Programs

Five Faculties provide training at University:

Economic and Finance Faculty

Engineering Faculty

Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty

Biotechnological Faculty

Continuous Training Faculty

University structure includes Scientific and Technological park Polessye and a number of laboratories such as Longitudinal Scientific and Research Laboratory, Laboratory of Industrial Fish Breeding, Laboratory of Regional Development and Tourism.

Polessky State University provides training in 18 specialties (1 level of higher education).

It provides Master’s Degree courses (8 specialties)

and post-graduate studies (PhD).

Specialty, specialty direction, specialization (with the code of specialty, specialization)QualificationDuration of training
Education in the state language of the Republic of Belarus (Russian)
I stage of higher education
Finance and Credit Finance Banking InsuranceEconomistfull time (4 years)
Economics and Enterprise Management Economics and Management in Industry Economics and Management in Agricultural Sector Economics and Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Economics Financial and Banking economicsEconomist – manager
full time (4 years)
full time (4 years)
part time (5 years)
full time (4 years)
Business AdministrationEconomist-managerfull time (4 years)
Management Management (in international tourism)Economist-manager interpreter-referent (bilingual)full time (4 years)
Accounting, Analysis and Audit (different directions) Accounting, analysis and audit in commercial and non-profit organizations Accounting, Analysis and Audit in IndustryEconomistfull time (4 years)
Marketing Marketing of Industrial EnterprisesMarketer – economistfull time (4 years)
Linguistic Support of Intercultural Communication (specifying the field)Specialist in Intercultural Communication. Translator/ Interpreter (Advisor) (specifying the languages of communication)full time (4,5 years)
Management of innovative projects of industrial enterprisesProject manager. Economist.full time (4 years)
Biology (different directions) Biology (scientific and production activities) Biology (biotechnology) Biochemistry Analytical chemistryBiologist
Teacher of biology
full time (4 years)
part time (5 years)
full time (5 years)
full time (4 years)
full time (4 yars)
Information Systems and Technologies (different directions) Information Technologies of Financial and Credit SystemEngineer – programmer – economistfull time (4 years)
Industrial Fishing Fish Processing TechnologiesEngineer -technologistfull time (4,5 years)
Garden and Park Construction Landscape DesignEngineer of land-scape designfull time (4 years)
Physical Culture» (different directions) Physical Culture (therapeutic) Physical Culture (for preschoolers)Instructor-methodologist on therapeutic physical culture, Teacher of physical culture
Instructor-methodologist of physical education in preschool institutions,
Teacher of physical culture
full time (4 years)
part time (5 years)
full time (4 years)
Health-improving and adaptive physical training(different directions) Health-improving and adaptive physical training (wellness) Health-improving and adaptive physical training (adaptive)Instructor-methodologist on improving physical training, Teacher of physical culture
Instructor-methodologist on adaptive physical training,
Teacher of physical culture
full time (4 years)
full time (4 years)
Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (different directions) Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (physical rehabilitation) Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (occupational therapy)Instructor-methodologist on physical rehabilitation, Teacher of physical culture
Instructor-methodologist on occupational therapy,
Teacher of physical culture
full time (4 years)
full time (4 years)
Sports-Pedagogical Activity (different directions) Sports-Pedagogical Activity (Coaching specifying the type of sports)Coach (specifying the field).
Teacher of physical culture
full time (4 years)
II stage of higher education (Master’s degree programs)
Physical Culture and sportMaster of pedagogical Sciencesfull time (1 year)
Finance, money circulation and creditMaster full time (1 year)
Economics, including the profiles “Project Management”, “Innovative Technologies of the Creative Economy in Tourism”, “Economics and Innovative Business Development”Master full time (1 year)
Business administrationMaster part time (2 years)
MarketingMaster full time (1 year) 
BiologyMasterfull time (1,8 year)
Applied BiotechnologyMasterfull time (1 year) 
Production and Storage of Fish ProductsMaster full time (1 year) 
Training in English II stage of higher education (Master’s degree programs)
MarketingMaster of Economics and managementfull time of study (1 year) part time of study (1,5 years)
EconomicsMasterfull time of study (1 year)
BiologyMaster full time of study (1 year)
Physical Culture and sportMasterfull time of study (1 year)

Post-graduate Training (Russian and English language programs)

– Economics and Management of the national economy (economics);

– Finance, Money Circulation and Credit (economic sciences);

– Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health and adaptive physical education (pedagogical sciences);

– Fisheries and aquaculture

– Biotechnology (including biotechnology) (biological, agricultural sciences)

The period of study is: full time – 3 years, part time – 4 years.

Admission and Requirements.

Have you received a Student Visa and arrived in Belarus? Now you are to pass the enrollment procedure, move into one of the university dormitories, take medical examination and receive a temporary registration (temporary residence) in Belarus for the academic year.

STEP 1. To submit the following documents to the Admission Office:

application indicating the chosen course (to be filled in when submitting the documents to the Admission Office);

– school certificate indicating subjects, exams taken and marks received;

– medical general certificate including vaccination certificate, X-ray examination information and AIDS-test certificate issued by an official medical organ of the applicant’s country of origin;

– copy of birth certificate;

– 6 photos 3×4 cm;

– certificates or diplomas confirming the completion of preparatory courses or secondary specialized education (if available);

– passport or any other ID.

Besides the documents listed documents, their translation into Russian or Belarusian attested by a notary is needed.

STEP 2. To pass an interview checking your knowledge of the Russian language and major subjects.

STEP 3. To conclude an agreement on education and to pay a tuition fee.

STEP 4. To make an agreement on compulsory medical insurance with some insurance company (170€ per year).

STEP 5. To pass the medical examination in Pinsk town central polyclinic.

The enrollment order is issued on the basis of a signed agreement, results of medical examination and a paying slip.

Fees structure and details


I stage of higher education

Russian language programs – full-time ($ 2 500), part-time ($ 1 400)

English language programs – full-time ($ 3 200), part-time ($ 1 800)

II stage of higher education (Master’s degree programs)

Russian language programs – full-time ($ 2 500), part-time ($ 1 200)

English language programs – full-time ($3 200), part-time ($ 2000 – 2800)


Russian language programs – $ 3000

English language programs – $ 3 500

 The Polessky State University has Continuous Training Faculty, which provides retraining and Russian language courses.

Tuition fee for foreign citizens for the pre-university program «Russian as a foreign language» comprises $1600 (840 academic hours) –– part time, $615 (6 months, 80 academic hours)- full time.

Payment for accommodation in a hostel, health insurance and registration fees are charged separately.