About the university:

The University is one of the leading technical education institutions in the Republic of Belarus and it provides training for the graduation of engineering personnel and higher scientific qualification personnel for such branches of industry as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power engineering, economy, radio electronic engineering and information technologies.

The University participates in governmental and intercollege scientific and technical programs and is involved in cooperation in the fields of education and science with the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (the city of Trieste, Italy) Trieste and Padua Universities, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (the city of Doubna, Russia), Institute for Low Temperatures and Structural Study of the Polish Academy of Science (the city of Wroclaw, Poland), the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kiev Polytechnic Institute” and a number of other foreign establishments and educational institutions.

Academic licenses granted by the university and Offering Programs

In accordance with special permit (license) to provide educational activity issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus the University provides instruction in:

 21 specialities of the first level of higher education (for a Diploma of Higher Education),

 8 specialities of the second level of higher education (for a Master’s Degree),

 9 specialities for a Ph.D. and Doctor’s Degrees,

18 specialities for retraining people with higher education and also pre-University training for students of high and high specialized education institutions.

Preparatory – Pre- University

The Pre-University Training Department students study Russian language as the language of communication and instruction and also additional subjects of economic or technical profile (at the student’s choice depending on the specialty of further studying).

Studying at the Preparatory Department is completed with the Final Examinations, following which the student can enroll in the first year of studying in the specialty selected.

Time period of application to Preparatory Department is not limited (the groups are formed on the basis of the number of applications).

*Number of students in a group and tuition fee will depend on the number of applications filed. Starting date for the courses is as per the applications filed and group formation.

There are 7 faculties and 1 institute, including:

 Mechanical Engineering Faculty

The Faculty has 7 Departments, computer classes, research laboratories.

The Faculty provides students with training in the following specialities:

Engineering Technology Faculty:

Technological Equipment for Machine Building.

Hydro-Pneumatic Systems of Mobile and Technological Machines.

Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields.

Automation of Technological Processes and Productions.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty apply their knowledge at machine building enterprises, at special design offices and research institutes and also at home University.

Power Engineering Faculty

The Faculty provides students with training at two levels of higher education in four engineering specialities:

Electric Power Systems and Networks.

Industrial Heat Power Engineering.

Technical Operation of Energy Equipment of Organizations.

Electric Power Supply by Industries

 Technological Faculty:


Design and Manufacture of Farming Equipment.

Equipment and Technology for Material Pressure Shaping.

Casting Machines and Technology

Metallurgy Production and Material Working

Economic and Humanities Faculty:

The Faculty provides students with training at two levels of higher education in four engineering specialities:

Electric Power Systems and Networks.

Industrial Heat Power Engineering.

Technical Operation of Energy Equipment of Organizations.

Electric Power Supply by Industries.

Automation and Information Systems Faculty:


Information Systems and Technologies (in Design and Manufacture)

Information Science and Programming Technologies

Information Technologies and Control in Engineering Systems

Automation Electric Drive

Industrial Electronics

Up-Grading and Retraining Institute.

Major areas of Upgrading and Retraining Institute activity:

Retraining managerial employees, specialists, upperclassmen and undergraduates on the basis of higher education for another specialty;

Upgrading managerial employees and specialists with higher education in the specialities and by the profiles licensed by the Ministry of Education.

Admission and Requirements.

For International Students

If you want to join GSTU you should follow these 5 steps

STEP 1: Choose a program

STEP 2: Get an invitation

Invitation package

To receive an invitation, you should send by e-mail the following documents:

A copy of passport

A copy of birth certificate

the Certificate of secondary education and a list of studied subjects and examination grades.

Filled application form:

file type icon applicant_response_form.pdf (279.93 KB, pdf)

Documents should be sent to interdep@gstu.by.

The employees of international department will contact you within 24 hours.

Please note, that in some cases the following documents can be requested:

a) a personal bank account statement

b) a police clearance certificate

c) copies of passport pages showing your travel record (visas, border-entry or border leave stamps, etc.)

STEP 3: Get a study visa

Admission package

An applicant can obtain a Study Visa at local Consulate of the Republic of Belarus. If a county doesn’t have a Consulate, Study Visa is obtained at the National Minsk Airport.

To be admitted to the course the following documents are required:

A passport with a valid study visa and a migration card

Certificate of education with a transcript of grades

A copy of a birth certificate

8 photos (3×4 cm size)

Certificate of a negative HIV-infection reaction issued by an official health care establishment of the candidate’s native country

Medical certificate on the health status, certifying the ability to study in Belarus

Certificate of vaccination

Medical certificate, issued by the Belarus healthcare institution (done in Belarus upon arrival)

Health insurance policy.

Please note, that all the originals that are in foreign languages should have a notarized translation into the Russian language

STEP 4: Pass an interview

Enrollment package

Upon submitting the documents in admission package the final stage includes the following procedure:

Registration at the Citizenship and Migration Department within 5 days upon arrival

Signing an education contract

Signing a hostel contract.

STEP 5: Enjoy a student life

Fees structure and details

Preparatory – Pre- University

Time period of studying is 9 months, tuition fee is 1620 USD for the whole period of studying.

Approximate* fees:

3 months course – 540 USD

6 months course – 1080 UDS

9 months course – 1620 USD.