Panha Chiet University is a reputable University of academic excellence. The University has globally competitive curriculum that caters to global market needs, academically qualified and experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art classroom, top of the line facilities and equipment and innovative resources materials.

The Panha Chiet University is located strategically within the heart of Phnom Penh’s residential areas and short distance from neighboring communities, villages and provinces. The main campus addressing at the building #13.20.14, Street 253, Sangkat Toek Laak 3, Khan Tuol Kok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The forerunner of Panha Chiet University is Khmer Legal Team founded by His Excellency Dr. Run Rathveasna. The organization started in 2005 that envisions helping the less privileged people who cannot or does not have access to legal service. The following year, His Excellency Dr. Run Rathveasna observed that there are more important needs for the Cambodian apart from legal services. That is a need that would uplift their lives from poverty and illiteracy and raise them up to the level of the higher echelon of the social strata. of life! – EDUCATION. In that premise, he founded the English Learning center to serve the English Language need of the students, the business sector and the other members of the society.The past years have witnessed and challenged the Cambodia nation to cope up with the fast development to align it with the other developing Asean countries. One of the requisites for this development is the use of the English language as a secondary language and medium of instruction in Most international schools and universities growing rapidly within the Cambodian communities. Out of this increasing demand for quality education, His Excellency Dr. Run Rathveasna conceived a more advanced and innovative learning institution that would answer to the ever changing demands of technology and global educational system. Spring also from his love for the poor, the less privileged members of the Cambodian community,this educational institution would also cater to the affordability of the poor in order for them to have access to quality education on a cheaper tuition fee. – In 2009, A UNIVERSITY IS BORN. This university has now spread its wings and soared up high under the brand – “PANHA CHIET UNIVERSITY”.

Panha Chiet University Offered Courses | Programmes


Bachelor in IT and Engineering

Bachelor in Accounting

Bachelor in Arts and Musicology

Bachelor in Arts, Humanities,and Languages

Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Bachelor in Law and Social Science

Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor in Education Science


Master in IT and Engineering

Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Master in Economics

Master in Arts, Humanities, And Languages

Master in Law and Social Science

Master in Commerce


Doctoral in Commerce

Panha Chiet University Tuition Fees

Ph.D. – $3500/Year

Master – $1000/Year

Bachelor – $500/Year

Panha Chiet University Required Documents

Not mentioned on the website

Panha Chiet University Admission Procedure

Students can fill the form for respective subjects from here:

For admission related queries, students can contact at:

Phone: 092 777 708/069 555 582

Email: Website:

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