Oromia State University

Oromia State University (OSU) is a higher educational institution with the mission of providing holistic public sector capacity building services through training, education and research based consultancy services.

In carrying out this mission, the university puts a special focus on supporting sustained implementation of public sector reforms and the promotion of kaizen management philosophy across the region’s public sector.

To date, OSU has been working remarkably towards cultivating competency of the region’s public servants so as to enable them to serve citizens with enhanced capacity and utmost transparency.

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Oromia State University Admission


Oromia State University would like to invite applicants of postgraduate programs in the weekend program in the following fields of studies: 

         1.    Leadership and change Management

         2.     Development and change Management

         3.     Public financial Management

         4.     LLM in Commercial and investment Laws

Admission Requirements:

Undergraduate degree and above from a recognized insititution of higher learning institutions

Relevance of applicants’ undergraduate qualification (degree) to the proposed post graduate field of study.

Important deadlines:

Application: August 02/2010.E.C to September 13,2011 E.C

Entrance Exam Date: E.C September, 15, 2011 E.C.

Coordination centers: Batu, Shashamanne, Sebeta, Bishoftu, Burayyu and Adama.


    Applicants should fulfill the following criteria during application:

1.   Relevance of Applicants’ undergraduate qualification:

NoField of SpecializationApplicants’ undergraduate qualification
1 2“ Master of Art in Leadership and Change Management”Master of Art in Development and public policy Management”Public Financial Management, public Administration,Purchasing & Supplies Mgt Management, Financial Management,Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Law, Management, Education, Management, Governance , Social Work, Agriculture and other related disciplines. Health Care, Development,
3Master of Arts in Public Financial ManagementPublic financial Management, Financial Management,Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting Management, Economics, Business Education, Purchasing & Supplies Management, and other related disciplines.
4Master of Laws (LL.M) in Commercial and Investment Law.LL.B from recognized college/university for graduates before 2003 E.C-LL.B and passing exit exam for graduates from 2003 E.C to now . 

2.     Copy of ORIGINAL DEGREE and the STUDENT COPY.

3.     Application fee and slip of 100.00 ETB (pay at CBE in college’s bank account)

4.     Admitted students are expected to pay:

          I.   Registration fee              : 100.00 ETB

             II.   Tuition fee                   : 550:00 ETB per credit Hour.

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