Omar Al Mukhtar University

Omar Al-Mukhtar University began its scientific and educational career in the Faculty of Agriculture in 1975, which was the first building block and the cornerstone of this pioneering university, which was able to shorten time in record time and advance its scientific pillars, which constitute twenty-two major colleges and sixteen sub-faculties that were established since the academic year 85-86. Have scientific ability in various disciplines of applied sciences and humanities. Considering the need of the region extending from the city of Marg in the west to the Libyan-Egyptian border in the east, for various disciplines of applied sciences and humanities.

Omar Al Mukhtar University Offered Courses

Omar Al Mukhtar University Admission

Students are accepted to study at the college to obtain a bachelor’s degree, according to the

What is stipulated in the general regulation of the study and examination system issued in particular according to the conditions

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1 The student must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

 2- Students are accepted according to the acceptance rates determined by the Ministry of Higher Education.

3- The student should be of good conduct and behavior.

4 to be in good health.

 5- The student must pass the entrance exam determined by the college for some departments

 6- To accept non-Libyan students, it is required that the applicant be residing in Libya with a normal residence and that he pays the study expenses and the prescribed fees in accordance with the rules and regulations in force in universities.

 7 The conditions of non-Libyans and how they are accepted are regulated by a decision of the Ministry of Higher education.