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New Giza University

New Giza University (NGU is a multidisciplinary private university in Cairo, Egypt. Located on the legendary Giza Plateau, mere minutes from the Great Pyramids, NGU delivers a world-class university education to students locally, regionally, and internationally.

NGU welcomed its first class of students in September 2016 at its brand new campus in the midst of the NEW GIZA Development. The education is marked by a strong focus on academic excellence and practical knowledge, spearheaded by unrivaled teaching staff and collaborations with some of the most renowned universities around the world.

New Giza University Academic Programs

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Business and Finance
  • School of Economics and Politics
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Engineering

New Giza University Tuition Fees

MajorTotal1st installment (40%)2nd installment (30%)3rd installment (30%)
MedicineEGP 178,00071,200 EGP53,400 EGP53,400 EGP
DentistryEGP 168,00067,200 EGP50,400 EGP50,400 EGP
Business and Finance EGP 125,00050,000 EGP37,500 EGP37,500 EGP
PharmacyEGP 110,00044,000 EGP33,000 EGP33,000 EGP
Economics and PoliticsEGP 125,00050,000 EGP37,500 EGP37,500 EGP
Information TechnologyEGP 120,00048,000 EGP36,000 EGP36,000 EGP
EngineeringEGP 135,00054,000 EGP40,500 EGP40,500 EGP

Laboratories insurance for Egyptian students in Egyptian Pounds – AY (2021/2022)

MedicineEGP 10,000
DentistryEGP 10,000
Business and FinanceEGP 5,000
PharmacyEGP 10,000
Economics and PoliticsEGP 5,000
Information TechnologyEGP 10,000
EngineeringEGP 10,000

Tuition for For non-Egyptian students in USA dollars – AY (2021/2022)

MajorTotal1st installment (40%)2nd installment (30%)3rd installment (30%)
MedicineUSD 17,8507,140 USD5,355 USD5,355 USD
DentistryUSD 13,6505,460 USD4,095 USD4,095 USD
Business and FinanceUSD 9,0003,600 USD2,700 USD2,700 USD
PharmacyUSD 11,0004,400 USD3,300 USD3,300 USD
Economics and PoliticsUSD 9,0003,600 USD2,700 USD2,700 USD
Information TechnologyUSD 9,0003,600 USD2,700 USD2,700 USD
EngineeringUSD 12,0004,800 USD3,600 USD3,600 USD

Laboratories insurance for non-Egyptian students in Egyptian Pounds  – AY (2021/2022)

MedicineEGP 10,000
DentistryEGP 10,000
Business and FinanceEGP 5,000
PharmacyEGP 10,000
Economics and PoliticsEGP 5,000
Information TechnologyEGP 10,000
EngineeringEGP 10,000

New Giza University Required Documents

Academic Requirements:

  • Candidates must submit their original degrees, examination certificates, or any other educational proofs. They must be stamped by the Ministry of external affairs and Egyptian educational authorities.
  • All degrees and transcripts from outside Egypt must be stamped by the respective and concerned authorities and also be approved by the Egyptian embassies.
  • Secondary school examination certificates are also required.
  • Proof of schooling (12 years) stamped and recognized by Egyptian educational authorities and the school.
  • Recommendation letter from school educators.
  • In 500 words the candidate needs to summarize all his/her achievements and also state reasons for interest in the particular field he/she applied to.

Non-Academic Requirements-

  • Two computerized original birth certificates
  • Passport copy (not mandatory for Egyptian students)
  • Egyptian ID proof (for the native students)
  • 4 current passport-size photographs
  • Military form 2 (for making Egyptian candidates
  • Medical certificate from a recognized hospital or clinic.

New Giza University Admission

  • Step 1: Application form which is to be filled out before the deadline.
  • Step 2: Payment of application fee: the processing of the candidate’s application wouldn’t move forward without the submission of the application fee which is 1500 EGP.
  • Step 3: Submission of required and valid documents is the next step. Students can upload scanned copies of the documents with IELTS/TOEFL scores.
  • Step 4: interview invite: Students who have submitted their documents and specifically the English test score will only be called for a personal interview. Later, if he/she gets accepted they or may fulfill the further requirements and then receive the provisional acceptance email.
  • Step 5: Receiving the provisional acceptance letter: when the student has got all the steps done and passed the interview, they receive this letter.
  • Step 6: Apply on the electronic Tansik website: it is only for Thanaweya Amma and Thanaweya Azhareya applicants, others get accepted directly.

New Giza University Location

New Giza University Video Presentation

New Giza University Social Media

Errors and Suggestion

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do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision. You can find contact information above.

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Hoda Halim Khalil
Hoda Halim Khalil
5 months ago

Are the fees blocked or increase every year? If ,how much for new student?