National Technical Training

The National Technical Training Institute (NTTI) is one of Cambodia’s many higher education institutions providing Technical Vocational Education and Training under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. In the academic year 2009-2010, NTTI hosts around 300 teacher trainees who are attending the technical teacher training course and more than 1000 students who are pursuing their degrees in the fields of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Architecture and Information Technology. Moreover, it also provides short course program in Auto CAD, Surveying, Basic Computer and many others.

NTTI has 56 full-time staff with a variety of tertiary qualifications, including PhDs, Master, Bachelor and Associate Degrees and is supported by administrative, maintenance and on-contract staff. Besides these, some of them have been sent to the United State of America, Australia, Russia, Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, and Myanmar to pursue their degrees and attend short course programs. In addition, the institute maintains vast linkage networks with Cambodian and international construction companies, electrical companies, private and public educational institutions, foreign universities and government ministries. NTTI, with land area of 10 hectares, is located along the Russian Federation Boulevard, Sangkat Toeuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh and is roughly 6 kilometers from the city center Wat Phnom.

National Technical Training Offered Courses | Programmes

Masters Program

Master of Civil Engineering

Master of Electrical Engineering

Bachelors Program

Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering

Bachelor Degree of Information Technology

Bachelor Degree of Electronics Engineering

Bachelor Degree of Architecture

Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate of Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate of Civil Engineering

Diploma Programs

Diploma Degree of Civil Engineering

Diploma Degree of Electrical Engineering

Diploma Degree of Air-Conditioning

Training Programs

Vocational Technical Teacher Training Program

Junior & Senior Technical Program

National Technical Training Tuition Fees

Master Program (2 Year)        

Year 1  $ 800

Year 2  $ 800

Bachelor Program (4.5 Year)  

Year 1  $ 380

Year 2  $ 400

Year 3  $ 450

Year 4  $ 450

Year 5  $ 225

Undergraduate Transfer Program(2.5 Year)   

Year 1  $ 450

Year 2  $ 450

Year 3  $ 225

Students who has finished the Assiciate Degree at the NTTI will be charged $430/year

High Diploma (2 Year)

Year 1  $ 300

Year 2  $ 300

National Technical Training Required Documents

Master Degree

Post graduate (Master Degree): Candidates can apply for the recruitment unless they hold Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor Degree or any equivalent degree.

Bachelor Degree

Engineering Degree or Bachelor Degree: Candidates can apply for the recruitment unless they hold high diploma of technical or specialty or associate degree or Bac II certificate or any equivalent certificates.

Diploma Degree (Associate)

High Diploma of Technical or Specialty: Candidates can apply for the recruitment unless they hold Certificate of Technical or Vocational Certificate Level 3 or Diploma Certificate or fail High School Examination (For school-fee-paying student) or any equivalent certificates.

General Documents

Previous academic transcripts and certificate.

Or other equivalent certificates.

National Technical Training Admission

1- Choose a course you wish to study

2- Complete the application form

Enclosed in the centre of this guide, or seek assistance from NTTI approved agent:

Candidates can access the online application from these links

3- Attach the following documents to the application form

– Previous academic transcripts and certificate.

– Or other equivalent certificate.

4- Submit your application to national technical training institute

– Submit your application form and supporting documents to NTTI’s information offices: Russian Blvd., Sangkat Tuktla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

– Application processing fees could apply

– Allow students to pay school fees either

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