Nalut University

Nalut University was established in the year 2017 AD and was established as an independent university by virtue of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord Decision No. (606) for the year 2017. The university currently includes seven colleges distributed over the cities of the western mountain, starting from the city of Jadu in the east to the city of Ghadames in the west as follows: College of Law and Sharia Nalut , College of Engineering Jadu, College of Medical Technology, Nalut, College of Education, Nalut, College of Education Kabau, College of Education Jadu, College of Science and Arts Ghadames. The university stage, noting that some colleges have been established since 1991, and they seek, through their vision, goals and mission, towards civilized progress that meets the needs of the region in general.

Nalut University Offered Courses | Programmes

Nalut University Tuition Fees

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Nalut University | Admission

  • Registration of students affiliated with the university and preparing records and statements containing all information about them annually
  • Preparing statistics and detailed data on the number of students enrolled in the university according to their gender, nationalities, years of study, division of specializations and place of residence.
  • Preparing detailed statistics on students and graduates from the university and preparing the university’s directory about them.
  • Preparing statistics on irregular students.
  • Taking care of the affairs of the registration of international students, following them up, preparing detailed statistics and submitting the necessary reports on them.

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