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Mizan-Tepi University was established in 2006 GC ;.It aims at Severing Ethiopia in General and peoples of the Extreme southwestern fringe in particular.

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Graduate programs
• Admission to graduate programs shall be based on academic results and merits demanded by the academic units which are in charge of running them.
• Mizan-Tepi University offers equal educational opportunity to all persons without regard to race, religion, sex, age, creed, color, national origin, or physical disability.
• Applicants for admission to the graduate school must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university or institution and whose undergraduate work has been of sufficient quality and scope to enable them to pursue graduate study.
• Applicants will be required to meet admissions criteria established by the Graduate School in order to enroll in graduate courses. In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the Graduate School, an applicant for admission to a doctoral or master degree program also must meet departmental and/or program requirements.
• The optimum (minimum and maximum) number of students in the different graduate programs shall be determined by the respective DEC/SGC/CGC taking into consideration the number of staff, availability of space and demand for training.

The Office of the Director for Graduate Programs
The graduate school/the office of the director for graduate programs at Mizan-Tepi University is led by a director, answerable to the Academic Vice President office and shall have major tasks listed below:
The major tasks of the Office of the Director for Graduate Programmes are:
• Ensuring the effective implementation of policies laid down by the Senate and the Academic Standards and Program Review Committee (ASPRC) with regard to the proper administration of graduate programs; developing policies, guidelines and frameworks for curricular development of graduate programs and, upon approval, ensure the implementation thereof by academic units;
• Planning, initiating, coordinating and assisting the development of strategic plan for the effective management of existing and expansion programs, and opening new ones on need-basis and national priorities;
• Reconciling needs with capacity and collecting, processing, deploying and disseminating data on graduate programs;
• Coordinating and facilitating the development of trans- and interdisciplinary graduate programs in consultation with the colleges, departments, schools, and centers concerned;
• Collaborating and facilitating internal and external assistance for graduate programs and their research activities;
• Ensuring that standards set are met in graduate programs development and implementation; and
• Monitoring the management of graduate programs in colleges and forward recommendations.

Programs Offered

Currently, Mizan-Tepi University is offering postgraduate training in master’s degree by course-work and research based thesis in seven fields. These are:
• Agronomy
• Weed Science
• Animal Genetics and Breeding
• Project Planning and Management
• Development Economics
• Local and Regional Development Planning
• Land Resource Management

Consult the postgraduate hub for information on graduate studies at MTU.
Contact Cell phone: 0913960534
Email address: shibe2009@yahoo.com
Mizan-Tepi University, Mizan-Aman, Ethiopia
Ashebir Mengistu Kebede (PhD) (Director )

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