Malawi College of Accountancy

Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) is a professional training institution in the field of Accounting and Finance MCA is a statutory body (Government owned organization) mandated to train personnel in Accounting and was established in 1980 by government order under the education Act 1980. However the first classes were held in 1978.

Malawi College of Accountancy Courses

Degree Programs on offer

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Accounting and Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems#4 Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Public

The Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurshipis an undergraduate Degree that aims to equip candidates with Accounting, Auditing and Information Systems Skills that can be applied in a Global context. The Programme aims to develop the student’s Accounting and Finance Skills, Auditing and Investigative Competences and Information Systems Capabilities through a blending of Industry-based practical situations, class teachings and state-of-the-art interactive lessons. The programme is aimed at enhancing Continuous Professional Development and preparing students for further studies not only in Accounting BUT also Auditing, Information Systems Auditing and Assurance among other areas of specialization.

Duration: The Course Duration is for 4 (Four) Years

The Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems is an undergraduate Degree that aims to give students the opportunity to gain current technology, business and management skills, as well as the understanding of the fast paced world of technology with the organization and structure of business management. This is to be achieved through an intensive training approach to be offered to the students. Integrating hands-on and applied learning with theory, the degree is on the cutting edge of computer technology designed to deliver a transformative learning experience. It offers a better variety of attractive modules not offered in other universities/colleges degree programmes. This diversity produces well trained, well rounded computer professionals who should have both theoretical and practical understanding of the use and management of information systems and technologies. By the end of the programme, graduates will be able to provide added value to their organizations in areas of IT/IS

Duration; The Course Duration is for 4 (Four) Years

The Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Public Relations is an undergraduate Degree that aims to equip candidates with understanding of fundamental marketing and public relations principles to be able to apply them to organizations in the private, public as well as Not-ForProfit sectors. As compared to other similar programmes that other colleges and universities are offering, the Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations will combine much of the taught theory whilst at the same time relating that theory to the ever-changing market environment so as to effectively equip the professionals with knowledge that will transform their organizations. The programme strives to prepare students to be inquisitive about the market environment, adventurous in understanding risk and adaptable to new market challenges and opportunities. By the end of the programme, graduates will be able to provide added value to their organizations and consumers with creativity, innovation, knowledge and leadership.

Duration. The Course Duration is for 4 (Four) Year

 Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance

information pending update

Duration. The Course Duration is for 4 (Four) Years

Malawi College of Accountancy also offers Degree Programmes in:

Accounting, Business Management, Marketing and Public Relations and Management Information Systems at its 3 campuses of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu, with purpose designed classrooms, well stocked libraries and computer laboratories. Blantyre campus also offers boarding facilities for up to 130 students, and a cafeteria.

Apart from offering training in professional courses such as: Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Information Technology, Insurance, Purchasing and Supply, Logistics and Transport

Malawi College of Accountancy Tuition Fees

Entry Requirements: Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Education (or its equivalent) with credit, from an accredited university.

Fee Structure:

  • MK2,062,500 per academic year Malawian nationals;
  • US$3,000 per academic year for SADC region students;
  • US$3,500 per academic year for international students.

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