List of Universities in Uganda

N:University Name:Type:
1Bukalasa Agricultural CollegePublic
2Fisheries Training CollegePublic
3Nyabyeya Forestry College MasindiPublic
4Health Tutors College MulagoPublic
5Butabika Sch. Of Psychiatric NursingPublic
6Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical OfficersPublic
7Ernest Cook Ultra Sound Research Education InstitutePublic
8Jinja School of Nursing and MidwiferyPublic
9School of Clinical Officers-GuluPublic
10School of Clinical Officers FortportalPublic
11School of Hygiene MbalePublic
12Masaka School of Comprehensive NursingPublic
13Mulago paramedical schoolsPublic
14Ophathalmic Clinical Officers Training SchoolPublic
15Soroti School of Comprehensive NursingPublic
16School of Clinical Officers-MbalePublic
41Uganda College of Commerce AdukuPublic
42Uganda College of Commerce KabalePublic
43Uganda College of Commerce PakwachPublic
44Uganda College of Commerce SorotiPublic
45Uganda College of Commerce TororoPublic
99Management Training and Advisory CentrePublic
107Nsamizi Training Institute of Social DevtPublic
111National Teachers College UnyamaPublic
112National Teachers College MubendePublic
113National Teachers College KabalePublic
114National Teachers College-KaliroPublic
115National Teachers College MuniPublic
116Uganda Wildlife Training Institute KasesePublic
117The Crested Crane Hotel and Tourism Training CentrePublic
119Uganda Technical College BushenyiPublic
120Uganda Technical College ElgonPublic
121Uganda Technical College KicwambaPublic
122Uganda Technical College LiraPublic
123Uganda Technical Collegeg MasakaPublic
124Law Development CentrePublic
125Meteorological Training InstitutePublic
126Institute of Survey and Land ManagementPublic
127East African School of Aviation, SorotiPublic
128Tororo Co-operative CollegePublic
129Uganda Cooperative College KigumbaPublic
132IACE Makerere University-FortportalPublic
17Kabale Institute of Health sciencesPrivate
18Medicare Health ProfessionalsPrivate
19Machsu School of ClinicalPrivate
20Medical Labaratory Technician's School, JinjaPrivate
21International Institute of Health sciencePrivate
23Kabale School of Comprehensive NursingPrivate
24Lira School of Comprehensive NursingPrivate
25Chemiquip International school for Labaratory trainingPrivate
26All Nations Theological CollegePrivate
27Africa Theological SeminaryPrivate
28Glad Tidings Bible CollegePrivate
29Institute of Advanced LeadershipPrivate
30Katigondo National Major SeminaryPrivate
31Kampala Evangelical School of TheologyPrivate
32Reformed Theological CollegePrivate
33Uganda Bible InstitutePrivate
34Uganda Baptist SeminaryPrivate
35St. Paul National Seminary KinyamasikaPrivate
36Pentacostal Thelogical College (PTC)Private
37Uganda Institute of Business and Media StudiesPrivate
38Uganda Institute of Information and Communications TechPrivate
39UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationPrivate
40International Institute of Business and Media StudiesPrivate
46Kabalore College of CommercePrivate
47Progressive Institute of BusinessPrivate
48Rwenzori College of CommercePrivate
49Royal Institute of Business and Technical EducationPrivate
50Rosa Mystica Inst of Business & Voc Training FortportalPrivate
51Uganda Institute of Banking and FinancePrivate
52United College of Business StudiesPrivate
53Institute of Accountancy and CommercePrivate
54Kiima College of Business StudiesPrivate
55International School of Business and TechnologyPrivate
56International College of Business and Computer SciencePrivate
57International Institute of Education KatwePrivate
58Mbarara Business InstitutePrivate
59Kampala College of BusinessPrivate
60Kabarole College of CommercePrivate
61Kampala College of Commerce and Advanced StudiesPrivate
62Kyotera College of Business StudiesPrivate
63Light Bureau of Accountany CollegePrivate
64Mult- Tech Management Accountancy ProgrammePrivate
65Makerere Business InstitutePrivate
66Makerere College of Business and Computer Studies RukungiriPrivate
67Maganjo Institute of Career EducationPrivate
68Nyamitanga College of Business StudiesPrivate
69Nakawa Institute of Business StudiesPrivate
72YMCA College of Business StudiesPrivate
73YWCA Training InstitutePrivate
74Zenith Business CollegePrivate
75The College of Business StudiesPrivate
76Tropical College of Commerce and Computer StudiesPrivate
77Bridge Tutorial CollegePrivate
78Bethel Training InstitutePrivate
79College of Business and Management StudiesPrivate
80College of Business Studies UgandaPrivate
81Fortportal Institute of CommercePrivate
82Great Lakes Regional CollegePrivate
83Higher Learning Institute of Business MasakaPrivate
84African College of CommercePrivate
85Aptech Computer Education CentrePrivate
86Ankole West Institute of Science and TechnologyPrivate
87Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical EducationPrivate
88College of Professional DevelopmentPrivate
89Centre for Procurement ManagementPrivate
90Celak Vocational CollegePrivate
91Datamine Technical Business SchoolPrivate
92Institute of Management Science and TechnologyPrivate
93Management and Accontancy Training Company LimitedPrivate
94Nkokonjeru Institute of Management and TechnologyPrivate
95Makerere International Inst of Env Devt & Practical SkillsPrivate
96Skills Resource CentrePrivate
97AICM Vocatraing Training CollegePrivate
98St. Joseph Poly Technic InstitutePrivate
100Liberty College of Management and JournalismPrivate
101Makerere Institute of Administrative ManagementPrivate
102Mbarara Institute for Social DevelopmentPrivate
103Makerere Institute of ManagementPrivate
104Makerere Institute for Social DevelopmentPrivate
105Nile Institute of Management Studies AruaPrivate
106Nile Management Training CentrePrivate
108Visions Institute of Public Relations and ManagementPrivate
109Rukungiri Institute of ManagementPrivate
110Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training InstitutePrivate
118Pearlcrest Hospitality Training InstitutePrivate
130Michelangelo College of Creative Arts, KisubiPrivate
131St Paul Regional Study Center AruaPrivate

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