List of Universities in Iran

List of private and public universities in Iran accredited by the Ministry of Education in Iran

1University of Tehran
2Tehran University of Medical Sciences
3Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
4Sharif University of Technology Tehran
5Amirkabir University of Technology
6Tarbiat Modares University
7Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
8Iran University of Science & Technology Tehran
9Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
10Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
11Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
12Iran University of Medical Sciences
13Shiraz University
14Isfahan University of Technology
15University of Tabriz
16Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
17Shahid Beheshti University
18Islamic Azad University
19University of Guilan
20Khaje Nassir Toosi University of Technology
21Payam Noor University
22Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
23University of Kashan
24Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
25Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
26Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences
27Bu Ali Sina University Hamedan
28Kerman University of Medical Sciences
29Urmia University
30Alzahra University (Azzahra University)
31Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
32University of Mohaghegh Ardabili
33Arak University
34Shahrood University of Technology
35Razi University Kermanshah
36University of Kurdistan Sanandaj
37Babol Noshirvani University of Technology Noshirvani Institute of Technology Babol
38Kharazmi University (Tarbiat Moallem University Tehran)
39University of Zanjan
40Kashan University of Medical Sciences
41University of Mazandaran Babolsar
42Kermanshah University of Technology
43Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University
44Sahand University of Technology Tabriz
45University of Sistan and Baluchestan
46Shahrekord University
47Urmia University of Medical Sciences
48Zanjan University of Medical Sciences
49Guilan University of Medical Sciences Rasht
50University of Isfahan
51Zahedan University of Medical Sciences
52Shiraz University of Technology
53Allameh Tabatabai University
54Birjand University of Medical Sciences
55University of Lorestan Khorramabad
56Fasa University of Medical Sciences
57Arak University of Medical Sciences
58Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University Tarbiat Moallem
59Ilam University of Medical Sciences
60Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences
61Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University Tehran
62Golestan University of Medical Sciences
63Qazvin University of Medical Sciences
64Babol University of Medical Sciences
65University of Bojnourd
66Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
67Yasuoj University
68Ardabil University of Medical Sciences
69Semnan University
70Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
71Lorestan University of Medical Sciences Khorramabad
72Petroleum University of Technology
73Yazd University
74Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences Bandar Abbas
75Persian Gulf University Bushehr
76Hakim Sabzevari University (Tarbiat Moallem University Sabzevar)
77Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
78Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences
79Imam Khomeini International University Qazvin
80Semnan University of Medical Sciences
81Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
82Golestan University
83University of Zabol
84Yasuj University of Medical Sciences
85Valiasr University of Rafsanjan
86Damghan University
87Kerman Graduate University of Technology
88Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
89Qom University
90Ilam University
91Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences
92Urmia University of Technology
93Aja (Army) University of Medical Sciences
94Shahrood Medical Science University
95Shahed University
96University of Malayer
97University of Imam Hossein
98Dezful University of Medical Sciences
99Materials and Energy Research Center MERC
100North Khorasan College of Medical Sciences
List of Universities in Iran
101University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences Tehran
102Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
103University of Birjand
104University of Science and Culture
105Jahrom University of Medical Sciences
106Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences Sanandaj
107Alborz University of Medical Sciences
108International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
109Sirjan University of Technology
110Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences
111Qom University of Medical Sciences
112Hamedan University of Technology
113Quchan University of Technology
114Imam Reza University Mashhad
115University of Maragheh
116Abadan University of Medical Sciences
117Gonabad University of Medical Sciences
118Torbat Heydarie University of Medical Science
119Sari Agricultural Science and Natural Resources University
120University of Bonab
121University of Hormozgan Bandar Abbas
122Zabol University of Medical Sciences
123Mazandaran University of Sciences and Technology Babol
124Malek Ashtar University of Technology Shahinshahr
125Amol University of Technology
126Fasa University
127University of Jiroft
128Gerash School of Medical Sciences
129Mazandaran University of Science and Technology
130Tafresh University
131Birjand University of Technology
132Arak University of Technology
133Qom University of Technology
134Bam University of Medical Sciences
135Chabahar Maritime University
136Khorramshahr University of Marine Science & Technology
137Ayatolah Borujerdei University
138Esfarayne Higher Education
139University of Nishapur
140Maragheh University of Medical Sciences
141Iranshahr University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
142Sadjad Institute of Higher Education Mashhad
143University of Jahrom
144Khatam University
145Velayat University
146Saveh University of Medical Sciences
147Larestan University of Medical Sciences
148Jahan-E-elm Institute of Higher Education
149Farhangyan University
150Technical and Vocational University (Shahid Shamsipour University)
151Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Behbahan
152University of Gonabad
153Rabe Rashid Higher Education Institute
154University of Applied Science & Technology Tehran
155Khomein University of Medical Sciences
156University of Art Tehran
157Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
158Tabriz Islamic Arts University
159Research Institute for Islamic Studies & Social Sciences Hawzah & University
160Road Housing & Urban Development Research Center
161International University of Chabahar
162High Institute for Research and Education in Transfusion Medicine
163Art University of Isfahan
164Imam Sadiq University
165University of Gonbad e Qabus
166Asadabad School of Medical Sciences and Health Services
167University of Torbat Heydarieh
168Al Mustafa International University
169Ardakan University
170Sabalan University of Advanced Technologies
171Sayyed Jamaleddin Al-Abadi University
172Islamic Azad University Kashan
173Jundi Shapur University of Technology Dezful
174Industrial Management Institute
175University of Religions and Denominations (University of Islamic Sects)
176Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
177Eqbal Lahoori Institute of Higher Education
178Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute
179Jiroft University of Medical Sciences
180Mofid University Qom (Ghom)
181Behbahan Khatam Alanbia University of Technology
182Meybod University
183Bagher Aloloum University
184University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Ramin
185Kosar University
186University of Quran and Hadith
187Iranian Institute of Philosophy
188University of Islamic Sciences Qom
189Institute of Higher Education Karoon
190Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University
191Soore University
192Civil Aviation Technology College Tehran
193Institute for Management and Planning Studies
194Khavaran University
195Shomal University Amol
196Shaikhbahai University
197Razavi University of Islamic Sciences
198Iran Banking Institute
199School of International Relations
200Al Zahra university
List of Universities in Iran
201Nabi Akram nstitute of Higher Education
202Payam Noor University Mashhad
203Holy Quran University of Science and Education
204Noble Educational Institution
205Imam Sadiq University Women Section
206Khayyam Institute of Higher Education Mashhad
207Islamic Mazaheb University
208Ahl al-Bayt University
209Faculty of Science and Applied Telecommunications
210Al Mustafa Open University
211Supreme National Defense University
212University of Mehr Alborz
213Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education
214Ashrafi University
215Kish University
216University of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services Tehran
217University of Eyvanekey
218Tabriz College of Technology
219University of Environment Tehran
220Tabaran Institute of Higher Education
221Shiraz University of Applied Science & Technology
222Buein Zahra Technical University
223Raja University
224Higher Education Institution ACECR Khomeinishahr
225University of Martyr Motahari
226Bahar University (Institute of Higher Education)
227Islamic Kar University
228Hazrat-e Masoumeh University Qom
229Shahreza Higher Education Center
230Islamic Azad University Tafresh
231Institute for Cognitive Science Studies
232Shandiz Institute of Higher Education
233University Bozorgmehr
234Bam University
235Tous Institute of Higher Education
236International University of Iran
237Binalud Institute of Higher Education
238Arjang Institute of Higher Education
239Farabi Institute of Higher Education Graduate School of Management
240Attar Institute of Higher Education
241Sirjan University of Medical Sciences
242University of Science and Technology in Golbahar
243Sabz Institute of Higher Education
244College of the Holy Rationalists
245Nooretouba Virtual University Tehran
246Kavian Higher Education Institute
247Higher Education Institute Ragib Isfahânî
248Mashhad Institute of Higher Education
249Seraj University (Palmer Insitute of Higher Education Tabriz)
250Salman Farsi University of Kazerun
251Bahar Business School
252Science and Arts University (Jahad Daneshgahi University Yazd)
253Shiraz Art University
254Hafez University
255Shariaty Technical College
256Daneshpajoohan Higher Education Institution
257Sadra University
258Technology Development Institute ACECR Sharif
259Veterans Engineering and Medical Sciences Research Institute
260Daneshvar Institute of Higher Education
261Qeshm Institute of Higher Education Qeshm & Tehran
262Technical and Professional University of West Azerbaijan Province
263Alborz University
264Allameh Dehkhoda Institute of Higher Education
265Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences
266University of Culture and Islamic Studies
267University College of Azarabadeghan
268Ahlulbayt International University
269Allameh Feiz Kashani Institute of Higher Education
270Hatef Institute of Higher Education
271Sama Siahkal Technical and Vocational College
272Shushtar School of Medical Sciences
273Islamic Azad University Abarkouh
274Urmia Institute of Science and Technology
275Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute
276Institute for Higher Education ACECR Khuzestan
277Amozesh Ala Azad Institute of Informatics
278Institute of Higher Education Adiban
279Salman Institute of Higher Education
280Bojnuord Institue of Higher Education
281University of Applied Science & Technology Unit 11 Tehran
282Iranian Business School
283Sabzevar University of New Technology
284Qom Institute of Higher Education
285Torbat Jam Faculty of Medical Sciences
286Faran Institute of Higher Education
287Maziar University
288Allame Mohaddes Noori University
289Iman Jawad University College
290Amol Higher Educational Institute
291Larestan University
292Institute of Higher Education Zand
293Shahab Danesh University
294Ghazali University
295Parseh Higher Education Institute
296Subhan Institute of Higher Education
297Osool-al-din College
298University of Quran and Progeny
299Khansar School of Mathematics and Computer
300Khazar Institute of Higher Education
List of Universities in Iran
301Institute of Higher Education Agriculture
302Shahid Sattari Air University
303Foulad Institute of Technology
304Mahallat Higher Education Center
305Mizan Institute of Higher Education
306Pasargadae Institute of Higher Education in Shiraz
307Nahavand University
308Khalkhal University of Medical Sciences
309Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education
310Institute of Technology Allameh Qazvin
311Mehrastan University
312Saravan Higher Education Complex
313University College of Omran Tosee
314Amirkabir College of Management & Technology Tehran
315Apadana Institute of Higher Education
316Iran Center for Management Studies
317Shohadaye Hoveizeh University of Technology
318Institute of Higher Education Khorasan
319Higher Institute of Higher Education in Esfahan
320Rasam Art Higher Education Institute
321Jihad Amir Kabir University
322University Kamal Ol Molk
323Pars Architecture and Art Higher Education Institute
324Institute of Technology Allameh Jafari Rafsanjan
325Safahan Institute of Higher Education
326Aban Haraz Higher Education Institute
327Energy Institute for Higher Education EIHE
328Esfarayen Faculty of Medical Sciences
329Afagh Higher Education Institute
330Firoozabad Higher Education Center
331Sepehr Institution of Higher Education
332Eghlid Higher Education Center
333Ahrar Rasht Higher Education Institute
334Alaodoleh Semnani Institute of Higher Education
335Mamasani Higher Education Center
336Institute of Higher Education North Roozbeh
337Sepahan Institute of Higher Education
338Fazel Institute of Higher Education
339Ferdows University
340Hadaf Institute of Higher Education
341Roozbeh Institute of Higher Education
342Tabari Institute of Higher Education
343Modat Higher Education Institution
344Jihad Kermanshah University
345Koosha College of Applied Sciences and Technology Teheran Branch
346Deylaman Institute of Higher Education
347Miyat University
348Mirdamad University of Gorgan
349Kerman Institute of Higher Education
350Zarand Higher Education Complex
351Roshdiyeh Higher Education Institute of Tabriz
352Lamerd Higher Education Center
353Naser Khosrow Institute of Higher Education
354Tabarestan Institute of Higher Education
355University of Applied Science and Technology Branch 34
356Pooyesh Higher Education Institute
357Ghadr Institution of Higher Education
358Jami University (Jami Institute of Technology)
359Lamei University
360Institute of Higher Education Mazandaran
361Institute of Higher Education West of Ilam
362Molana Institute of Higher Education
363University of Narjes
364Kashmar Higher Education Center
365Free Institute for Scholars
366College of Environment Tehran
367Khoy School of Medical Sciences
368Edalat University
369Farvardin Higher Education Institute Ghaemshahr
370Jahan Institute of Higher Education
371Institute of Higher Education Shahrood
372Higher Education Center for Cultural Heritage
373Golestan Higher Education Institute
374Higher Education Institution Dar Al-Fonoun
375Nima Institute of Higher Education
376Shiraz Art Institute Honar
377Marlik Higher Education Institute
378Danshstan Saveh Institute of Higher Education
379Shahid Rezaie Higher Education Institution of Kermanshah
380Rahman Ramsar Higher Education Institute
381Lian Higher Education Institute
382Pardisan University
383Damavand Ershad Higher Education Institute Tehran
384National Informatics Centre of Higher Education (DPI College)
385Institute of Higher Education Eram Shiraz
386Iran University of Industries and Mines
387Javed Institute of Jiroft
388Allameh Amini Institute of Higher Education
389Al-Taha University
390Kowsar University
391Mazandaran Institute of Technology
392Hakim Nezami Institute of Higher Education
393Kavosh Institute of Higher Education
394North Institute of Higher Education
395Kushiar Higher Education Institute
396Ghadir Higher Education Institute Langroud
397Rahedanesh Institute of Higher Education
398Parsa Institute of Higher Education
399Jihad Targah University
400Kerman Institute of High Education
List of Universities in Iran
401Institute for Higher Education Parsian
402Sina Institute of Higher Education
403Ghiasuddin Jamshidkashani University
404Technical School of Mapping
405Rudaki Institute of Higher Education
406Narjes Womens Islamic Seminary
407Qazvin University of Applied Science & Technology
408Shafaq Tonekabon Higher Education Institute
409Allameh Rafiee Institute of Higher Education
410Fatemieh Institute of Higher Education Shiraz
411Khajeh Nasir University
412Kadvs Institute of Higher Education
413Aria University of Sciences and Sustainability
414Sana Institute of Higher Education
415Kumesh Higher Education Institute
416Institute for Higher Education Golpaygan
417Shams Institute of Higher Education and Technology
418Institute for Higher Education Ganjnameh
419Vahdat Torbat Jam Higher Education Institute
420Mehr Institute of Higher Education
421Tamyshan Behshahr Institution of Higher Education
422Zagros University
423Mehavand Higher Education Institute
424Higher Education Institution ACECR Rasht
425Payam Noor University Khaf
426Tech Development Center of Iran
427Sobhesadegh University
428Kashmar Jihad University
429Saroyeh Institute of Higher Education
430Baharan Institute of Higher Education Gorgan
431Payam Noor University Noshahr
432Fakhr Razi Saveh Higher Education Institute
433Nour Danesh Institution of Higher Education
434Sama Technical and Vocational College of Tehran
435Academic Center for Education Culture and Research ACECR Khuzestan
436Institute of Higher Education Kashan
437Ramsar Institute of Higher Education
438Ouj Higher Education Institute
439Shirvan Higher Education Complex
440Alghadir University
441Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
442A B A Institute of Higher Education
443Moghadas Ardebili Institute of Higher Education
444Bonyan Higher Education Institute
445Al-Mahdi-Mehr Higher Education Institute Isfahan
446Shahriar Astara University
447Khurshid Institute of Higher Education
448Sama Educational and Cultural Center Bandar Abbas
449Islamic Azad University Bushehr Sama Center
450Institute of Higher Education Najafabad
451Bandar Anzali University Jihad Applied Science Center
452Farahmand Institute of Higher Education
453Ijtehad Institute of Higher Education
454Gil Higher Education Institute
455Higher Education Institute Nedaye Danesh
456University of Aleshtar
457Piroozan Higher Education Institute
458Tohid Gulogah Higher Education Institute
459Sama Educational and Cultural Center Shushtar
460Urmia Graduate Institute
461Faculty of Culture and Arts
List of Universities in Iran