Lebanese University

The Lebanese University is the only public university institution in Lebanon that provides higher education almost free of charge to Lebanese, Arab and foreign students. It operates in three dimensions: providing quality education, promoting scientific research and serving the community. The Lebanese University, which is linked to more than a hundred cooperation agreements with various local and international universities and institutions, seeks to excel, provide the labor market with the required competencies, achieve the goals of sustainable development – Agenda 2030, and encourage global dialogue to build peaceful societies that provide justice for all.

Lebanese University Academic Programs | Courses

Science, Technologies and Health

  • Faculty of Public Health 
  • Faculty of Agronomy
  • Faculty of Pharmacy 
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences 
  • Faculty of Engineering 
  • Faculty of Science 
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine 
  • Faculty of Technology 
  • Higher Institute of Applied Economic Sciences

Human and Social Science

  • Faculty of Pedagogy 
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture 
  • Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences 
  • Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences 
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management 
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 
  • Institute of Social Sciences 
  • Faculty of Information 

Doctoral Schools

  • Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences  
  • Doctoral School of Science and Technology 
  • Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences 

Lebanese University Program Fees

The enrollment fees paid in one installment are set as follows:

A. Faculties of Applied Studies: Science, Medical Sciences, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Agronomy, Public Health, Information, Economics & Business Administration, Engineering, Pedagogy, Fine Arts & Architecture, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Technology

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Lebanese Students & Palestinian Students: LBP 245,000
  • Foreign Students: LBP 995,000

B. Faculties of Human Sciences: Law, Political & Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Letters & Human Sciences

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Lebanese Students & Palestinian Students: LBP 195,000
  • Foreign Students: LBP 945,000

C. Master & PhD Degrees in all faculties and doctoral schools

  • Lebanese Students & Palestinian Students: LBP 745,000
  • Foreign Students: LBP 1,745,000

Note: The Lebanese University collects the amount of LBP 202,500 from Lebanese students who do not benefit from the Lebanese Social Security.

Lebanese University Admission

Supporting Documents

  • Lebanese Baccalaureate or the equivalent thereof and a copy certified by the Ministry of Education & Higher Education;
  • Non-Lebanese students are accepted on the basis of high school certificates allowing them to enroll in universities in their countries, provided they obtain the equivalency certificate to a Lebanese high school diploma;
  • An individual civil status record dating not more than 3 months or ID copy (Lebanese students);
  • Certified passport copy (foreign students);
  • (2) two ID photos;
  • Affidavit or copy of a card proving that the student benefits from the Lebanese Social Security, if any;
  • Postal stamp of LBP 1,000;
  • Competitive Entrance Exam (CEE) registration fee, if any (LBP 35,000);
  • In accordance with their respective regulations, each Faculty or Institute may accept students transferred from other universities, on condition of submitting duly certified documents required for enrollment.


  • Students are only enrolled within the deadlines set each year by the Faculty or Institute administration;
  • The enrollment application is submitted with all supporting documents to the relevant Faculty or Institute administration;
  • The student shall attend in person to follow-up the enrollment process. If non-Lebanese students are unable to attend in person, one of their parents, siblings, or embassies of their countries in Beirut can follow-up the process under an official POA issued by the student and certified by the Lebanese Consulate in the foreign country and the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The POA shall include an authorization to perform enrollment process and receive the required university card and affidavits. If the student is a minor, the POA is submitted on his behalf by his/her legal guardian.
  • Online admission: In faculties open for online admissions, and after filling in the form, the candidate views all documents required and appropriate for his/her personal status (http://sisol.ul.edu.lb/Login).

Errors and Suggestion

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
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