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Lafoole University, Somalia premier teacher training college, was part of the Somali National University (SNU). Lafoole lies 22 km west of Mogadishu on the road to Adooye.
The term, “Lafoole College”, was sometimes applied to nearby Lafoole Orphanage Boys College on the other side of the Mogadishu-Afoi corridor. “The Lafoole College” had two high schools, one regular secondary school and the other, a technical training school supported by West Germany.
Lafoole University started as a two-year technical training college for various skills including agricultural sciences, livestock and civil servant services. The college took a new form in 1965 when it was made a stand-alone college and renamed Lafoole University in 1973.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs
The teaching college Lafole or Lafoole, as it has been known to the Somali speaking population was made a stand-alone institution with the help of US Corps back in the mid 1970s. Lafoole served as the college of teaching and the instructional language was English.

Lafoole University Somalia Departments | Courses

Department Of Sharia Law
Department of Linguistics (Somali, Arabic, English, German and Italian)
Department of Education (Teaching College at Lafoole), 20 km west of Mogadishu
Department of Livestock and Forest Management
Department of Agriculture
Department of Geology and Mining
Department of Medicine (College of Medicine) near Digfeer Hospital
Department of Chemical/Industrial Engineering
Department of History
Department of Geography
Science Department
Department of Mathematics
Department of Public Health

The university has been closed indefinitely, due to extensive damage to its physical facilities, the difficulty of holding classes, and acquiring books or other resources in the violent capital of Somalia

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