Kyungdong University

Founded in 1981, Kyungdong University (KDU) has emerged as one of the leading universities nurturing professionals in demand both in Korea and abroad. Currently over eight thousand students are enrolled at KDU’s three campuses throughout the country – Global Campus in Goseong-gun (Gangwon-do), Metropole Campus in Yangju-si (Gyeonggi-do), and Medical Campus in Wonju-si (Gangwon-do).

Kyungdong University Courses

Undergraduate Programs | Colleges
Kyungdong University – Global Campus(Goseong)

Kyungdong University – Medical Campus(Wonju)

* Korean Medium

Kyungdong University – Metropole Campus(Yangju, Gyeonggi-do)

* Korean Medium

Kyungdong University Tuition Fees

DegreeTuition Fees
Application Fees25- 225 $ (one time)
Associate Degree1.500 – 8.000 $ (per sem.)
Undergraduate Degree1.700 – 12.000 $ (per sem.)
Graduate Degree1.600 – 11.000 $ (per sem.)
Application fees may be different by university. Fees may change. Please make contact with university before applying. Also you can apply for scholarships.
TypeFee (USD)
Korean language course10weeks $1,400 ~ $1,700, 3weeks : $1100
Dormitory$620~$2,550 per semester (depends about location)
FoodAbout $300~$400 per month (depends about location)
Rent (outside school)$300 per month (security deposit of $3,000 ~ $5,500)
Boarding house$450 ~ $700 per month
Medical insurance$20 – $25 per month
Internet$20 per month (depends about speed)

Kyungdong University Admission | Required Documents | Online Application

  • Online Application. Submission of Application Documents (Scanning & Uploading)
  • Online Submission of Recommendation Letters
  • Preliminary Admissions Decision and Submission of Original Documents
  • Final Admissions Decision
  • Registration and Enrollment
  • 7Korean Proficiency Test

Kyungdong University International Admission

  • Fill out application form
  • Passport
  • National ID Copy
  • Personal Statement-and Study Plan and Recommendation Letter
  • Proof ofLanguage Proficiency
  • Official High School Certificate of Enrollment (Bachelor Degree Diploma for Masters Degree)
  • Official High School Transcript (Bachelor Degree Transcript for Masters Degree)
  • Standardized Tests Score (Optional)
  • Proof of Language Proficiency other than Korean/English

Kyungdong University Scholarships

Scholarships and AidsDescriptionScopeNotes
Admission ScholarshipGranted to international students enrolled to undergraduate degree programs at KDU Global.Undergraduate students.

Range: up to 100%
Based on admission requirements and individual assessments Applicable for the first semester of enrollment.
Academic Excellence ScholarshipGranted to students with distinct academic performances.Undergraduate students.

Range: up to 100%
Based on each semester’s GPA.
KDU Global Citizen ScholarshipGranted to students who uphold core principles in discipline, moral values, and intercultural harmonyUndergraduate students.

Range: 30%
Based on individual assessments.
KDU Global ScholarshipBased on mutual agreements and collaborative projects, KDU Global provides fully funded educational opportunities to the students from selected countries.Scholarship covers the tuition and on-campus dormitory fees.Scholarship recipients are required to participate in language and cultural programs with local students and communities.
Global Academic Collaboration Center (GACC) ScholarshipGranted to students from GACCs at partner institutions transferring to KDU Global.Undergraduate students.

Range: up to 70%
Varies based on individual agreements with Global Student Mobility Project partner institutions.

Applicable for the first semester of enrollment.
KDU Global – Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) Joint ScholarshipBased on mutual agreements and collaborative projects contributing to the human capital and socio-economic development in IUCEA-member countries.Citizens of the following countries are eligible to apply:
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Republic of South Sudan, Rwanda
Call for applications highlighting the scholarship benefits and requirements will be made every year by IUCEA.

Limited number of scholarships are granted per country on merit basis.
Financial Aid for Improved Language ProficiencyGranted to students who improve their language proficiencies (English or Korean) based on official IELTS/TOEFL and TOPIK examination results.Undergraduate students.

Form: dormitory fee is waived for one semester
Application period:
Spring Semester: early February

Fall Semester: early August
Part-time Job AssistanceKDU Global provides off-campus and on-campus part-time job assistance for international students, in partnership with local businesses, to enhance their cultural understanding, language proficiency, and give them a chance to practice their classroom knowledge and skills in actual industry settings.Students who pass the designated Korean communication examination and abide by all ethical, moral, and professional guidelines mutually endorsed by KDU Global and partner businesses.Applicable after the first six months of students’ stay at KDU Global Campus.

* All forms of scholarships and financial aids as well as scope and eligibility requirements are subject to internal revisions and individual considerations.

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