Kuwait International University

IUK offers a student-centered, innovative, center of excellence hub to serve Kuwait’s educational sector, local community and key industrial sectors in the country.  IUK provides  academic degrees, outreach training programs and professional certificate programs to enhance the educational and economic outlook of Kuwait. IUK is committed to engaging the community through partnerships with the industrial and business sectors, government agencies and other organizations across the region.

Kuwait International University Offered Courses | Programmes

  1. University Foundation Program
  2. College of Business Administration
  3. College of Engineering
  4. College of Arts

Kuwait International University Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Kuwait International University Admission

All students, regardless of the type of admission, must fulfill the general requirements below and provide supporting documentation: 

  • Admission application must be submitted online using IUK website.
  • English language fluency as evident from TOEFL, IELTS or IUK entrance exam. 
  • Completion of High School or equivalent education as recognized by the authorities in Kuwait.
  • Sound knowledge of Mathematics as evident from IUK entrance exam.

All students will also submit three passport size photos as well as copies of passport and Civil ID. 

Students who intend to apply for scholarships from the Private Universities Council (PUC) must fulfill additional requirements as announced by the and submit the completed application, applicable fees, and all supporting documents during the admission period announced by the council. 

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