Kirgizistan-Türkiye Manas Üniversitesi

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University has a special of State University. The University was jointly founded by two countries. Diplomas earned at Manas University carry the same rights and are recognized by both Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Diploma equivalency is protected by laws.

The special status of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University attracts mainly young people from the Turkic Republics and communities and individuals in all walks of life who believe continuing education is to learn together and to develop common understanding, self-confidence and competency in the field, as well as common cultural values centered on Turkic consciousness, moral principles – individuals who have universal values and social responsibility and who are up-to-date, international, and employable and whose first aim is to contribute especially to Turkic civilization and to scientific knowledge of the whole world.

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Kirgizistan-Türkiye Manas Üniversitesi Admission

The university accepts students from 3 main sources. These sources are: Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other Turkic countries and foreign countries.

Acceptance of students from Kyrgyzstan is being performed every year according to University Student Selection and Placement Examination (Manas-University Entrance Exam) and Kyrgyzstan General State Exam (ORT).

Students from Turkey are accepted to Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University on the basis of their ÖSYM (Measuring, Selection and Placement Center) tests. Turkish students are accepted to the faculty and department of their choice by the University according to OSYM quotas and students preference and exam scores.

The student enrollment system, with the exception of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, is coordinated by a commission established by the Rectorate. The Commission accepts foreign students only if they are found to be suitable through an assessment made by the University Senato.  Since the assessment is conducted by interview, the GPA of the students is important, as well as the results of the OSYM for Turkish students. If students match all the requirements of the University Senato they will be granted the right to enroll to Manas University .  After one year of language preparatory courses students can continue in their major faculty.

As preparation for the University, students have to spend one year learning the required languages.  In a language preparation courses, Turkish students must learn Kyrgyz;  Kyrgyz students have to learn Turkish;  students who do not know either language must learn both. For students from the departments of International Relations, Simultaneous Translation, and Western and Eastern Languages, extra language courses, such as English and Chinese, are provided.

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