King Abdulaziz University Ranking and Reviews

King Abdulaziz University Country Rank: 2 – King Abdulaziz University World Rank: 622

King Abdulaziz University located in Jeddah and founded in 1967. Saudi Arabia has a population over 37,473,929 Million. King Abdulaziz University is a public university. The university offering short courses, online courses and degree programs. King Abdulaziz University Acceptance rate is 50%. Type of degree programs is a Bachelor’s (B.Sc) Degree, Master’s degree (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Phd.). he Universities official languages is Arabic and English. The University is a accredited by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Please find below other informations about university.

King Abdulaziz University Programs and Courses

Online Courses, Doctoral Programs, Diploma Programs, Faculties, Graduate Programs, Courses Offered, Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree, Certificate programs.

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    • Arabic language and literature
    • English language 
    • Chinese language 
    • French language and translation
    • Geography (Environmental Studies – General Geography -Geographic Information Systems)
    • History (History – Tourism Guidance – Archaeology)
    •  Psychology (General Psychology) 
    • Sharia 
    • Sociology and Social Work (Sociology – Social Work)
    • Information Science
  • Faculty of Law
    • Systems
  • Faculty of Science
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology (animal -microbiology plants)
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics 
    • Physics 
    • Statistics 
    • Astrophysics (Male students only) 
    • Astro-mathematics (Male students only) Medical physics
  • Faculty of Medical Rehabilitation Science
    • Physical Therapy 
    • Occupational Therapy 
    • Respiratory Therapy
  • Faculty of Economics & Administration
    • Accounting 
    • Business Administration 
    • Finance 
    • Human Resources Administration 
    • Health Services and Hospital
    • Administration
    • Marketing 
    • Management Information Systems
    • General Administration (General Administration – Administrative Organization and Development)
    • Political Sciences (Global Political Economy – Public Policy and
    • Development) (Male students only) Economics (money andfinancial institutions – business economy) (Female students only)
  • Faculty of Human Sciences and Design
    • Early Childhood Education (Direct Admission)
    • Food and Nutrition 
    • Clothing and Textile 
    • Housing and Institutions Fashion Industry (Program for the Severe Hearing Impairment Category)
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering (Power – Electronics and Communication – Computing – Biomedical)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Production and Mechanical System Design – Thermal Engineering & Desalination Technology) (Male students only)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical) (Male students only)
    • Nuclear Engineering (medical physics and protection from radiation) (Male students only)
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Chemical and Materials Engineering (Male students only)
    • Civil Engineering (Male students only) 
    • Mining Engineering (Male students only)
  • Faculty of Architecture and Planning
    • Architecture 
    • Environmental Architecture 
    • Urban and Regional Planning 
    • Geomatics
  • Faculty of Marine Sciences
    • Marine Geology 
    • Marine Physics 
    • Marine Chemistry 
    • Marine Biology
  • Faculty of Meteorology, Environment
    • Environmental Sciences Arid Land Agriculture (Arid land agriculture – Renewable natural resources)
    • Water Resources Sciences and
    • Management
    • Meteorology
  • Faculty of Communication and Media
    • Media (Public Relations – Radio and TV – Press – Advertisement)
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences
    • General Geology – Engineering
    • Geology
    • General Geology – Geophysics 
    • General Geology – Hydrogeology 
    • General Geology – Mineral
    • Resources and Rocks
    • General Geology – Petroleum 
    • Geology and Sedimentology 
    • General Geology – Structural 
    • Geology and Remote Sensing 
    • Geological Exploration Techniques
  • Faculty of Tourism
    • Hospitality Management 
    • Travel and Tourism Management 
    • Events Management (Male and Female students)
    • Hotel and Hospitality
    • Management (Diploma)
    • Travel and Tourism (Diploma)
  • Faculty of Computing & Information Technology
    • Computer Science 
    • Information Technology 
    • Information Systems
  • Faculty of Maritime Studies
    • Department of Hydrographic Surveying.
    • Department of Nautical Science
    • Department of Ports and Maritime
    • Transport Transportation.
    • Department of Marine Engineering
  • College of Business
    • Finance 
    • Marketing 
    • Health and Hospitals
    • Management
    • Law 
    • Management Information Systems 
    • Human Resources 
    • Accounting
  • Faculty of Computing & Information Technology
    • Computer Science 
    • Information Systems 
    • Information Technology
  • College of Science and Arts
    • Mathematics 
    • Physics 
    • Chemistry 
    • Biology 
    • English (Linguistics and Translation)
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering 
    • Mechanical Engineering 
    • Industrial Engineering 
    • Civil Engineering 
    • Chemical and Materials
    • Engineering
    • Architectural Engineering
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master in Economics
  • Master in Geography
  • Master in Arabic Language & Literature
  • Master in Sociology
  • M.Sc.(Chemistry)
  • M.Sc. in Biological Sciences
  • M.Sc. in Statistics
  • M.Sc. in Biochemistry
  • M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Power & Electrical Machines Engineering
  • M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Aviation Engineering
  • M. Sc. in Mining Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Clinical Biochemistry
  • Master Physiology
  • MSC Medical Microbiology
  • M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology
  • Master of Medical Sciences
  • Master of Science in Arid Land Agriculture
  • M.Sc. in Marine Biology
  • M.Sc. in Marine Physics
  • M.Sc. in Marine Chemistry
  • M.Sc. in Marine Geology
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Science in Paediatric Dentistry
  • Master of Science in Pharmaceutics
  • M.Sc. Computer Science
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Law
  • MSc Islamic Economic Analysis & Policies

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King Abdulaziz University Tuition Fees

King Abdulaziz University tuition fees range is 16,000 SAR. Check table below.

Program / CourseTuition Fee (SAR)
Faculty of Economics and Administration16,000 SAR
Islamic Economics Institute16,000 SAR
Faculty of Arts & Humanities16,000 SAR
English Language Institute16,000 SAR
Faculty of Sciences16,000 SAR
Faculty of Engineering16,000 SAR
Architecture and Planning Faculty16,000 SAR
Faculty of Medicine16,000 SAR
Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences16,000 SAR
Faculty of Earth Sciences16,000 SAR
Faculty of Marine Sciences16,000 SAR
Faculty of Law16,000 SAR
Faculty of Environmental Sciences16,000 SAR
The Applied College16,000 SAR
Faculty of Dentistry16,000 SAR
Faculty of Pharmacy16,000 SAR
Faculty Tourism16,000 SAR
Faculty of Human Sciences and design16,000 SAR
Joint Supervision Program16,000 SAR
Faculty of Education16,000 SAR
Faculty of Communication and Media16,000 SAR
Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Rabigh16,000 SAR
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology16,000 SAR
Faculty of Nursing16,000 SAR
Faculty of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences16,000 SAR
The Arabic Language Institute for Speakers of Other Languages16,000 SAR
Faculty of Maritime Studies16,000 SAR
Note: Tuition fees may change. Please make contact with university before making last decision.

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King Abdulaziz University Enrollment

A. Start Your Journey! (Step 1)

  • Find Programs of interest,
  • Get Advice for program or visit university website,
  • Visit University or Make online Appointment.

B. Application to University (Step 2)

  • Complete Online Application thorough website,
  • Complete Application fee is there any application fee,
  • Submit your educational documents to Online Application Form
  • If English is not your first language, or if your previous education has been conducted in another language, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in English.

C. Track Your Application (Step 3)

  • Track the status of your application through Online Application Form.
  • Complete Admission Requirements – Depending on your program, you may have to complete testing, submit a portfolio or come to campus for an assessment.
  • Get your Acceptance Letter (Conditional or Unconditional)
  • Pay your Tuition Fee

King Abdulaziz University Admission Requirements

King Abdulaziz University Admission Requirements:

  • The Applicant’s age doesn’t exceed (35) years For PhD, and (30) years for Masters.
  • The Applicant must have a university degree from an accredited college or university and should have a degree with “very good” at least.
  • An approved exam in English is required for applicant whose first language is not English. The approved exams and minimum required scores are listed below:
    • TOEFL: 500, TOEFL (CBT): 173, TOEFL (IBT): 61, IELTS: 5
  • He must have a record of good Conduct and must be medically fit and 5) He must not have been dismissed from any university in the kingdom.

Documents to be uploaded electronically on the university website for admission:

  1. Original high school certificate.
  2. Original identity card.
  3. A color passport size 4 x 6 cm photo with a white background (with the veil for female students).
  4. Employer’s approval (for employees).
  5. Birth certificate and the ID of the mother or the ID of the Saudi son (for non-Saudi students of a Saudi mother or a mother of a Saudi son).
  6. An official statement illustrating reason for the withdrawal, if the applicant had withdrawn from any other educational institution.
  7. A student with special needs must attach a health certificate from the Needs Center, stating the type of disability.

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship Requirements

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship: Find Saudi Arabia Government offering Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree scholarship programs:

Saudi Arabia offers 22 various scholarships to both domestic and international students to support their education at home and abroad. Please visit given link for 2024 Scholarship programs and complete your application.

Housing and Dormitory Fees

The average monthly housing and dormitory fees for students in the Saudi Arabia can vary based on factors such as location, accommodation type, and amenities provided. On average, students can expect to budget between SAR 1,891.77 and SAR 3,235.87 per month for housing or dormitory expenses.

Cost of Living in Saudi Arabia

Housing: SAR 1,891.77 to SAR 3,235.87 – includes the cost of rent, utilities, and other associated expenses. The cost of housing will vary depending on the size and location of your home, as well as the amenities offered. This informations was gathered in October 2023.

Food: SAR 686.78 to SAR 885.04 – includes the cost of groceries, meals out, and other food-related expenses. The cost of food will vary depending on your dietary needs and how often you eat out.

Transportation, Entertainment and Utilities: SAR 4.00 to PHP 100.00 – includes the cost of public transportation, gas, and parking. The cost of transportation will vary depending on how much you travel and how you get around. This informations was gathered in October 2023

Communication: SAR 150.00 to SAR 375.00 – This includes the cost of cell phone service, internet, and other communication expenses. The cost of communication will vary depending on your usage and the plan you choose. This informations was gathered in October 2023

King Abdulaziz University Address, Location

Address: 80213, Jeddah 21589, SA

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