Jinan University

Al-Jinan University has become one of the oldest universities that exceeded 30 years, as it was founded in 1988 AD, and it is a scientific and academic edifice par excellence. It combines modern scientific curricula and practical training appropriate for labor markets through its training centers and scientific laboratories, to form from the student the basic building block in building the nation and forming an optimal society. She has taken it upon herself to provide support and assistance throughout the years of study.

Jinan University Academic Programs | Courses

  • Faculty of Literature and Humanities
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Science Institute

Jinan University Tuition Fees

the value the currency
Application study fee (leave)75 $
Application study fee (educational diploma – merit)150 $
Application study fee (Master)200 $
Application study fee (PhD)300 $
Registration fee and other fees for the leave stage (quarterly)300 $
Operating fee and laboratory (for all specializations of the College of Science and the College of Public Health, except for the specialization of Social Health Supervision)  (quarterly)400 $
Registration and other fees for the educational diploma and master’s levels ( quarterly )310 $
Drawing a laboratory for a master’s degree for a specialist in genetic public health and infectious disease control ( quarterly )1000 $
Ph.D. registration and other fees (quarterly)400 $
Fee for research and research seminars ( quarterly )150 $
Social security fee  for unsecured Lebanese students ( annual )395 * $
Hospital insurance fee  for non-Lebanese students ( expatriates ) ( annual )134 $
*Note: The annual guarantee fee is equivalent to 600,000 LBP.
Fees for studying the levels of the downloaded foreign languages ​​course
 the valuethe currency 
ENG 100three hundred fifty$ 
ENG 200 to 400 / (Per level)250$ 
FRA 100three hundred fifty$ 
Note: The fees for foreign language levels are subject to the approved scholarship system.
Bachelor’s degree (6 semesters)Merit stage (two semesters after the vacation)
JurisdictionUnit pricethe currency 
Islamic studies30$ 
translation and localization100$ 
Health and social supervision100$ 
medical laboratory technology135$ 
College of Science120$ 
College of Media120$ 
business management110$ 
Political Science75$ 

Note: The training materials (Practicum) for nursing specialization outside the university are not subject to any discount.

Laboratory and training materials (Practicum / Labs) in the field of medical analysis and social health supervision are not subject to any discount.
Master’s and diploma (4 semesters)
JurisdictionUnit pricethe currency 
Islamic studies100$ 
translation and localization175$ 
human rights130$ 
Arabic Language130$ 
College of Media195$ 
business management200$ 
Genetic general health250$ 
health education250$ 
Infectious Disease Surveillance250$ 
Educational Diploma in Education (two semesters)125$ 

PhD level (6 semesters)
JurisdictionUnit pricethe currency 
Islamic studies175$ 
Islamic Law175$ 
business managementthree hundred fifty$ 

University Housing Fee * Insurance Fee *

 common room200$ 
  Single room250$ 
  Whole apartment300$ 
The insurance fee is mandatory for all reservations and must be paid at the beginning of the reservation period and the student will recover it after vacating the accommodation .
University housing fees * Booking period *
  1 month (30 days) per bed180$ 
  One half month (15 days) per bed100$ 
  Daily extension (after the end of the reservation period) for one bed15th$ 
  Whole apartment600$ 
The payment is in advance, and in the event of a delay of one week from the date of payment, the student will be fined $50

Jinan University Admission

Registration form

 طلب انتساب مرحلة البكالوريوس

طلب انتساب مرحلة الدبلوم التعليمي

 طلب انتساب مرحلة الماجستير

طلب انتساب مرحلة الدكتوراه

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