Istanbul Medipol University

Apply to Istanbul Medipol University with your high school diploma. No Entrance Exam. No Language proficiency.

  • High School Diploma
  • High School Transcript
  • Photograph 4,5×6,0 cm, taken within the last six months
  • Copy of Passport
  • Language Certificate if any
  • The bank receipt showing the registration fee (195$) is paid

*Not: All documents must notarized Turkish translation from a Notary Public or Turkish Embassy abroad. Or you can ask us to translate your documents.

TÖMER – Turkish Language Learning Center. With TÖMER you will learn Turkish language. Every university has its own TÖMER – Turkish Language Learning Center. After university registration you need take TÖMER exam. If your Turkish language not enough you will study at Turkish Preparatory (2 Academic Semester).

Apply to TÖMER Exam: Application Form

BeginnerA11506 Weeks$240
A21506 Weeks$240
IntermediateB11506 Weeks$240
B21506 Weeks$240
UpperC11506 Weeks$240
​Academic1506 Weeks$240
  1. Choose program (programs listed below)
  2. Prepare your required documents (you can find required documents above)
  3. Fill out online Application Form
  4. Upload your documents (Scan your documents: Jpg/Pdf)
  5. Pay 195 $ Registration Fee
  6. Get your university Invitation Letter
  7. Make your university semester payment
  8. Get your student visa if you need (Apply on your country)
  9. Get your plan ticket and come to Turkey (if you take counselor service we will meet you at airport)
  10. Final Registration (if you take counselor service we will complete your registration)

The Diploma Equivalence (Denklik Belgesi) is a document stating that your high school diploma is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma and that you are therefore apt to enter studies in a higher education institution in Turkey. This document is requested from and issued by the Provincial Directorate of National Education of the city the student will study in (Or, if possible, from a Branch in the Turkish Embassy of the student’s country of origin).

Obtaining an Diploma Equivalence Certificate for your high school diploma is MANDATORY in order to complete your registration in any Turkish Higher Education Institution. Failure to obtain a Diploma Equivalence certificate would cancel any pre-registration and acceptance status to the University.

To obtain the Equivalence Certificate at a Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your hometown

It will be easier (they already know your local High School diploma system and how to adapt it to the Turkish Education system), faster and most importantly, you will obtain your document in time for your registration.

You will need the following documents:

  • Equivalence Diploma Application Form
  • Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Original Diploma
  • Transcripts (must cover ALL high school years according to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations and must be stamped by Ministry of Education / Foreign Affairs or by the High school (fresh stamp, not photocopy). This is mandatory for the obtention of the Diploma Equivalence certificate)
  • For Apostille Convention Signatory countries (see list here): your high school diploma and transcripts must be apostilled (mandatory according to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations). For countries who are not Apostille Convention Signatories (see list here): your high school diploma and transcripts must be aproved/stamped by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign affairs or other relevant institution in your country)

University Application Dates For International Students:

  • University Application Start: 01.03.2022
  • University Application Deadline: 30.07.2022

Fill out online application form before the application deadline and send all required documents to

International Student accommodation types:

  • Private Student Apartments
  • Private Dormitory
  • State Dormitory at University

Student Accommodation fees around 50$ – 225$

International students (Undergraduate and Graduate) are to obtain their student visas in order to study in Turkey before they come to Turkey. Students should apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate in their native country with their “Letters of Acceptance” issued by Applied University. There, they can also obtain the latest information about visa procedures and the required documents.

The student visa is required in order for students to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Here are the some important issues;

  • You must obtain your student visa before coming to Turkey.
  • The visa is stamped in the passport.
  • The Registrar’s Office of the Turkish University sends the Letters of Acceptance.
  • Your local Turkish Consulate may require additional documents (in addition to passport and letter of acceptance).
  • A fee is usually charged for the issuing of a student visa.

It is mandatory for all students, wishing to study in Turkey, to have health insurance coverage during the full duration of their studies. Valid Health Insurance is REQUIRED in order to apply for a Turkish Residence Permit (Residence Permit application process).

Please note that NO TRAVEL INSURANCE will be accepted by the Turkish Immigration Office! (processing Residence Permit applications)

Students accepted to Turkish University will therefore need to subscribe to a private insurance covering your health for, at least, the first 4 months of their stay in Turkey (Usually companies offer yearly contracts).
This health insurance should be valid in Turkey. They can either subscribe to an international company that has a branch in Turkey (mandatory), or directly sign a contract with a Turkish Private health insurance company during the first few days of their stay (most students choose this option as it is the safest and most effective regarding the completion of the Residence Permit application)
If you have difficulties finding such insurance, you can ask the Co – Corporation International Office for assistance (

After 2-3 months following their arrival to AGU, accepted AGU students will obtain their residence permit card. They will then have 2 options regarding their health insurance coverage:

Either continue subscribing to private health insurance companies until the end of their studies
Or switch to the Turkish State General Health Insurance at the SGK. This option is more costly but generally offers a better health insurance package. The General Health Insurance at the SGK costs around 1750TL/year** to be paid at once at the beginning of each academic year).

Istanbul Medipol University Bachelor Degree Tuition Fee

International School of Medicine 100% English$35.000
School of Medicine 30% English & 70% Turkish$27.000
School of Dentistry 100% English$28.000
School of Dentistry 30% English 70% Turkish$25.000
School of Pharmacy 100% English$16.500
School of Pharmacy$10.417
School of Law 30% English 70% Turkish$9.028
Nursing 100% English$6.250
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 100% English$6.250
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation$5.556
Nutrition and Dietetics$5.556
Health Management %100 English$5.556
Health Management$5.556
Prosthetics and Orthotics$5.556
Child Development$5.556
Social Services$5.556
Speech and Language Therapy 100% English$5.556
Speech and Language Therapy$5.556
Electrical-Electronic Engineering 100% English$6.250
Biomedical Engineering 100% English$7.000
Industrial Engineering 100% English$6.250
Computer Engineering %100 English$6.250
Civil Engineering %100 English$6.250
Civil Engineering$6.250
Business Administration 100% English$5.500
Economics and Finance 100% English$5.500
International Trade and Finance %100 English$5.500
International Trade and Finance$5.500
Management Information Systems %100 English$5.500
Management Information Systems$5.500
International Logistic Management %100 English$5.500
International Logistic Management$5.500
Human Resources Management$5.500
Aviation Management$5.500
Banking and Insurance$5.500
Psychology %100 English$5.278
Political Science and International Relations %100 English$5.278
Political Science and Public Administration 100% English$5.278
Political Science and Public Administration$5.278
Architecture %100 English$6.250
Industrial Product Design$5.278
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design %100 English$6.250
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design$ 6.250
Visual Communication Design$5.278
Turkish Music Art Major$5.278
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts$5.278
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture$5.278
Psychological Counselling and Guidance %100 English$5.278
Psychological Counselling and Guidance$5.278
English Teaching %100 English$5.278
Primary Mathematics Teaching$5.278
Special Education Teaching$5.278
Preschool Teaching$5.278
Public Relations and Advertising %100 English$5.278
Public Relations and Advertising$5.278
Media and Visible Arts$5.278
New Media and Communication Systems$5.278
Radio Television and Cinema$5.278
Nutrition and Diet$5.000
Child Development$5.000
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation$5.000
Health Management$5.000
Social Services$5.000
Justice 30% English 70% Turkish$3.125
Oral and Dental Health$3.125
Operating Room Services$3.125
Anesthesia 100% English$3.125
Child Development$3.125
Dental Prosthesis Technology$3.125
Pharmacy Seıvices %100 English$3.125
Physiotherapy 100% English$3.125
First and Emergency Aid 100% English$3.125
First and Emergency Aid$3.125
Occupational Health and Safety$ 3.125
Pathology LaboratoryTechniques %100 English$3.125
Management of Health lnstitutions$3.125
Medical Documentation and Secretary 100% English$3.125
Medical lmaging Techniques$3.125
Medical Laboratory Techniques$3.125
Banking and lnsurance$3.125
Foreign Trade$3.125
Public Relations and Publicity$3.125
Radio Television and Programming$3.125
Human Resources Management$3.125
Business Administration$3.125
Accounting and Taxation 100% English$3.125
Radio and Television Programming$3.125
Social Services$3.125
Applied English and Translation 100% English$3.125
Civil Aviation Cabin Services$3.125
Local Administrations$3.125
English Preparatory School Fees (Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy)$13.000
English Preparatory School FeesThe Same amount of the program

How To Apply Step by Step


Apply Online

To apply for the University Foreign Students Admission Quota, you must first complete the online application form.




Document Control

After application your documents will review. If any missed documents we will contact you. After control if everything correct we will send you pre payment invoice and student agreement.



Upload Your Receipt

When you make your pre payment and send your receipt to the, your acceptance letter will be sent to you. You need send your bank receipt with signed and scanned bank receipt.



Apply For Student Visa

When you receive the acceptance letter, you must apply for a study visa. You can reach our nearest consulate at:




Final Registration

Once you have received the acceptance letter, you must complete the final enrollment within the timeframe specified therein, or your enrollment will be returned to another student.


Most Asked Questions

Turkey is the second country in the world with a 94.2% higher education enrollment rate in terms of access to higher education. Why Turkey: Quality, Culture, Nature and more.

Some of universities accept international students with high school grade and diploma. So you don’t have any exam score.

Yes. But first students should get work permit. It is easy to apply.

In Turkey, public universities are very cheap for international students. International students usually pay between 100 and 15,000 $ per academic year.

Yes state universities almost free. You can apply for scholarship and study free. Also if you prepare YÖS Exam you will pay very low fee like 50 – 100 $ yearly.

No. Most countries don’t need visa for Turkey. If you need visa you can take it with your student invitation letter.

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