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Global Technology and Innovation LLC started improving lives in 2019. With our registered office in Dubai, we have reached more than 50.000 members all over the world. Our community is international and we are glad to have people of all ages and backgrounds.

We try to cater to every type of entrepreneur, and hence we offer many different types of products. We also believe in Crypto and the power it gives back to people, instead of classic banking. Hence, we created our own crypto tokens, and we work every day to increase both its value and its price by creating meaningful cooperations with companies that will accept them as payment method.

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Our founders, Sven Lefeber and Jhony Depresseux dreamt with creating a company with the potential to change the way traditional economy works utilising the power of modern technology. Instead of integrating a traditional business model, they dared to utilise the power of a 3-way cashflow economy in the most unusual industry, high-end digital tech.

With their first product in hand to enhance the trading operations in forex market, they created smart algorithms to multiply their results and efficiency, this has now evolved to a Digital Crypto Asset Portfolio. Global Tech has been working on Research and Development.

Global Tech is still focused on its consistent vision of helping as many people as possible to enjoy high quality life by leveraging the power of technological automation. Start your passive journey with us by opening your own account

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