Interamerican University of Panama

The Interamerican University of Panama, was approved in 1992 by Presidential Decree and began operations in 1994, with 90 students enrolled. Our evolution as an institution goes hand in hand with the development of the country, with which we have a firm commitment. As a result of our evolution and with the aim of offering the best services to our students, in 2005 a new Master’s headquarters was inaugurated, in 2006 the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, in 2008 the headquarters of La Chorrera.

Interamerican University of Panama has about 70 academic programs, in different areas of knowledge:

Interamerican University of Panama Courses | Programmes

Bachelor degree programs

  • Doctor of dental surgery
  • Lıc. In nursıng
  • Lıc. In nutrıtıon and dıetetıcs
  • Doctor ın medıcıne
  • Lıc. In psychology
  • Lıc. Internatıonal ın culınary arts
  • Lıc. Internatıonal ın admınıstratıon of hotel busınesses
  • Bachelor of network and data engineering with an emphasis on sis. Wireless
  • Bachelor of computer systems engineering
  • Bachelor of computer systems engineering (vırtual)
  • Lic. İn sis. Comp. With an emphasis on system development. Advanced networking and software
  • Degree in electronic and communications engineering
  • Degree in ındustrial and systems engineering
  • Degree in ındustrial engineering with an emphasis on quality management
  • Bachelor of ındustrial engineering with an emphasis on operations management
  • Bachelor of architecture
  • A degree in journalism
  • Bachelor of graphic design
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design with an emphasis in advertising and marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication with an emphasis on radio and tv production
  • Bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing with an emphasis on corporate ımage
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Human Resources Administration
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • BA in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of International Trade
  • Bachelor of International Business
  • BA in Organizational Behavior and Human Development
  • Degree in Human Resources at a Distance
  • Bachelor of Virtual Business Engineering
  • Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Marketing and Advertising
  • Degree in Digital Marketing and Brand Management
  • Bachelor of Finance and Capital Markets
  • Degree in Maritime and Port Administration
  • Degree in Maritime Management with an emphasis on Port Operations
  • Bachelor of Transport and Logistics Engineering
  • BA in Supply Chain Management
  • Lıc. In law and polıtıcal scıences
  • Lıc. In crımınology

Masters Degree Programs

  • Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance
  • Master of Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing ( Face -to-face / Online )
  • Master of Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resources ( Face -to-face / Online )
  • Master of Business Administration with Specialization in Strategic Management ( Face -to-face / Online )
  • Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in International Trade
  • Master in Environmental Management
  •  Master in Logistics Management of Multimodal Transport
  •  Master in Project Management
  •  Master in Multimodal Transport Management
  • Master of Education with Specialization in Higher Teaching
  •  Master of Education with specialization in Psychopedagogy
  •  Specialization in Higher Teaching
  • Master’s Degree in Systems Management with an emphasis on Information Security
  • Master of Business Law
  •  Master in Procedural Law
  • Master of Orthodontics

PhD Degree Programs

Not Reported

Interamerican University of Panama Tuition Fee

Not Reported

Interamerican University of Panama Admission

The Admissions Department is responsible for guiding first-time students at UIP in the enrollment process. We are committed to all those new students who wish to start or continue their career at our University, providing a comprehensive service that involves everything from the introduction to your career to the assignment of schedules.

With your Admissions Advisor you also process Scholarship and Validation opportunities.


Complete admission form.

Two (2) passport size photos.

Copy of high school diploma and original to check (apostilled for foreigners).

Original high school credits (apostilled for foreigners).

Copy of identity card (birth certificate for minors) or copies of the passport if you are a foreigner.

*See the entry requirements for each major in your study plan, as they may have additional requirements.


Bachelors and TechniciansPostgraduate
I Semester: October – JanuaryI Quarter: October – January
II Semester: February – MayII Quarter: March – April
III Semester: June – SeptemberIII Quarter: June – July
IV Quarter: September – October

For more information about our scholarships, you can write to us at

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision. 

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