Indian Ocean University

Indian Ocean University aspires to become a regional institution of first choice recognized for providing critical opportunities for student success; acknowledged as a primary and engaged community resource; and valued as a University where there are faculty, students, and professional staff active in research, creative work, and other scholarly activity and play great role in both short and long term social and economic developments in the nation.

For the past twenty years IOU has played a major role in educating future leaders. Indian Ocean University graduation rate for undergraduate degrees is among the very highest in Somalia. We hope that every student who is committed to excellence in education will explore the opportunities here and consider becoming part of this institution. IOU has trained and graduated for the past twenty years many noted managers and entrepreneurs running the biggest businesses and humanitarian organizations as well as a very high ranked authors and politicians in Somalia.

There’s no internet domain working  to check for Academic licenses granted by the university, Offering Programs, Admission and Requirements or Fees structure and details.

Location and contact information:

Address: KM 4,, Wadada Garoonka Diyaaradaha,, Wadajir, Mogadishu, Somalia

Phone: +252 61 6106200

Campus: KM 4, Wadada Garoonka Diyaaradaha Domain NOT available or accessible

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