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Ho Technical University was established in 1968 and located in Ghana. Ghana, country of western Africa, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. The country has a population of nearly 30 – 31 million. Ho Technical University is a officially registered university by the Ministry of Education in Ghana. There are 68 universities registered in Ghana. The university’s doors are open for international student admission. The university offers degree programs, certificate courses, diploma courses and short courses. The currency of the country is Ghanaian Cedi (GH₵). Tuition fees range from USD: 600 – 7.500. See details below.

Ho Technical University Admission

Ho Technical University’s primary objective is to train the next generation in various disciplines to feed and drive progress in the various economy sector in the country and across the globe. Having made a tremendous progress by upgrading its courses to more advanced ones in engineering, vocational and business fields, the University has gained widespread image recognition and excellent reputation. 

1. Start Online Submission

Go to http://app.htu.edu.gh/admissions/ on the Internet after you have purchased admissions E-voucher.

2. Log on

Log on to the Online Admissions System with the Serial Number and PIN of the voucher.

3. Follow the Instructions to Fill the Online Form

Follow steps on the Online Admission system to complete your application.

4. Gather Necessary Documents

Upon completing and submitting of your online application, a form number will be generated automatically and sent to you as SMS.
Enclose in an envelope, a printed copy of your completed online application declaration form, together with Photocopies of Certificate(s) or Result Slip(s) and a Passport Picture.

5. Important Notice for Mature Applicants

For mature applicants, enclose a prove of your date of birth i.e birth certificate together with any supporting document(s).

6. Notice for Top- Up Degree Applicants

For top-up degree applicants, add copies of your original transcripts and copy of certificate to the declaration form and a passport size photograph.

7. Final Step

Write at the back of the envelope, the form number before posting to : 

The Registrar,
Ho Technical University,
P.O. Box HP 217,

Student Life in Ghana

1. Accommodation

Accommodation options for international students are:

  • Rental apartment: You can find lots of rental apartments in Gabon
  • University dormitory: Foreign students have the opportunity to live in the dormitories of the university if they are in satisfactory conditions.
2. Cost of Living
  • Monthly renting costs for single person: 2,500 – 4,500 GHS.
  • Monthly utilities for single person: 50 – 400 GHS.
  • A single person estimated monthly costs are 3,325.61₵ (without rent).

Ho Technical University Tuition Fees

Programme Fresh Students  2nd Year Students 
        GH₵       GH₵           
Master of Technology Programmes (1 Year)    8,216.00
 Master of Technology Programmes (2 Year)    7,397.00     7,804.00
 GRASAG Dues       250.00        250.00
   Bachelor Degree : Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students 4th Year Students 
       GH₵        GH₵      GH₵      GH₵ 
        1. Faculty of Engineering    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
        2. Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
        3. Faculty of Art and Design    3,213.00     2,731.00   2,731.00   3,041.00
        4. Business School    3,138.00     2,656.00   2,656.00   2,966.00
        5. Faculty of Built and Natural Environment    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
  SRC Dues       158.00        138.00      138.00      138.00
   HND: Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students
       GH₵          GH₵      GH₵ 
        1. Faculty of Engineering    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
        2. Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
        3. Faculty of Art and Design    2,554.00     1,958.00   2,033.00
        4. Business School    2,427.00     1,838.00   1,912.00
        5. Faculty of Built and Natural Environment    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
         SRC Dues       158.00        138.00      138.00
         Non-Tertiary:      GH₵ 
        1. DBS (Secretarial Option)    2,203.00
        2. DBS (Other Options)    1,947.00
        3. Advanced fashion    2,747.00
        4. Certificate II    2,735.00
        6. EET I&II, CTC I&II and Others    2,002.00
        7. Pre-HND (Access ) Programmes    2,095.00
        8.Apprenticeship    1,050.00
        9.National Proficiency Courses    1,710.00
        10. SRC Dues       158.00
  Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students 4th Year Students 
  Foreign Student:       US$         US$      US$      US$ 
  1.DEGREE    1,200.00     1,200.00   1,200.00   1,200.00
   2.HND    1,000.00     1,000.00   1,000.00
  3.NON TERTIARY       900.00        900.00


  • Fees paid are Not Refundable
  • University Fees should be paid through EAGLE PAY at any networked Branch of GCB Bank LTD
  • SRC Dues should be paid directly into SRC A/C No. 6010221897 at any networked  Branch of Zenith Bank
  • The above fees exclude Hostel Fees
  • To qualify for registration of courses for the semester, students must pay at least 60% of the total of their fees in the first semester and pay the remaining in the second semester


   No.Item                                  GH₵
  1Detailed Results                                        55.00
  2Transcript                                         60.00
  3Transcript (Express)                                         80.00
  4Attestation                                        40.00
  5Letter of Introduction                                        40.00
  6Letter of Recommendation                                        40.00
  7Language Proficiency in English/French/Chinese                                        40.00
  8Individual Student Bill (On Request)                                        25.00
  9Re-sit Examination (Per Paper)                                      120.00
 10Certified True Copy (Per 5 Copies)                                        40.00
 11Reprinting of Student Registration Code                                        15.00
 12Replacement of Studend ID Card                                        25.00
 13Reprinting of Official Receipt                                        10.00
 14Re-Marking                                      600.00

Note: Fees may change. Please make contact with university before making your final decision.

General Information

NameHo Technical University
AccreditedMinistry of Education in Ghana
Control TypeNot Reported
Fax / Phone+233 0362026456
+233 0362028398
AddressHo Technical University, Ho, Volta Region Ghana.
Contry Rank10 – webometrics.info
World Rank6507 – webometrics.info
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