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Haramaya University (HU) is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Ethiopia which has gone through more than seven decades of gigantic transformations since its establishment as an Imperial Ethiopian College of Agricultural and Mechanical of Arts (IECAMA) in the early 1950s.

Its foundation was necessitated with the need for modernizing and advancing Ethiopia’s agriculture through the production of trained manpower and pragmatic research and extension programs. To this end, the governments of Ethiopia and the United States of America signed an Agreement under the Point Four Program on May 15, 1952.

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Haramaya University Admission

General Provisions on Admission to Graduate Programs

  1. Admissions to all post-graduate programs shall be processed in accordance with the provisions in this Legislation and the criteria and rules for special admissions to individual graduate programs that shall be developed and recommended by the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) with the consent of department graduate committees and endorsed by the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) and/or the Senate.
  2. Colleges with approval of the Graduate Program Committee and endorsement by the Senate may design non-thesis option graduate programs.
  3. The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) shall approve admission calendar and number of graduate students to be enrolled in the different programs
  4. Admission shall take place once in a year in a given program and modality (regular, summer, etc.).
  5. A candidate with previous outstanding academic records, professional experience and good recommendations shall be given priority for admission. However, recommendations from the employer would not be required at the University level. Colleges and departments shall have the discretion to request recommendations and determine the weights to be attached to them.
  6. The University may determine special admission procedures for female students, students with disabilities, students from less developed regions, and students from nationalities with low participation in education due regard given to maintaining the standard of excellence of the University.

Admission to Regular Graduate (Masters and PhD) Programs

Academic Requirements

  • The applicant must have completed the academic requirements for the bachelors’ degree, in case of admission to master’s programs, or be in possession of a master’s degree in case of admission to PhD programs, from the University or any other accredited institution of higher learning. Given the availability of places, admission to the Postgraduate Programs shall be on a competitive and competence basis.
  • The applicant must satisfactorily pass entrance examination to be administered by the department concerned. Foreign applicants should present academic records equivalent to accredited Ethiopian Higher Learning Institutions and pass entrance examination.
  • Senior undergraduate students of accredited universities or colleges applying to join the graduate program immediately upon graduation may be allowed to register and/or sit for entrance examinations administered by departments provided their CGPA/CANG and/or major GPA at the end of the first semester of their final year is above 2.50.
  • The Department/School Graduate Committee may include additional admission requirements in conformity with University’s rules and regulations and upon approval by (GPC).

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