Global University

Global University is a fully accredited nonprofit Christian university based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide distance learning pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States.

Its three main languages of instruction are English, Spanish, and French. Five schools comprise Global University; School for Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, School for Ministry Development, Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology, and Graduate School of Theology. 

Global University Academic Programs | Courses

  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Arts: Bible and Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts: Intercultural Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts: Christian Education

Global University Tuition Fees

Undergraduate School of Bible & Theology

Application Fee (One-time fee that must accompany signed application form)$50.00
BSB to Undergrad Application Fee (for former BSB student)$25.00
Undergraduate Tuition (per credit, as of January 1, 2019)$147.00
Services Support Fee (required per course – fee includes online library resources, enhanced technology and assessment services.)$50.00
Study guide/Independent-study text (required per course)$45.00 printed $45.00 online
Textbooks (prices vary per course)approx. $0-$142
Undergraduate Audit Fee (no course grade or course credit will be assigned)$73.50 per credit
Prior Learning Assessment Fee$147.00
Tuition for Approved Prior learning Portfolios$73.50 per credit
Other Fees
Change of Program (Program of Study change, includes cost of a new Degree Audit)$25.00
Student Request for Updated Degree Audit$25.00
Undergraduate Exam Retake Fee (failed first attempt)$35.00
Undergraduate Application Reactivation Fee (activating records after 18 months inactivity)$25.00
Exam Late/Replacement Fee (final exam materials lost or returned late)$10.00
Transcript Request Fee (Required for each transcript a student orders, both official and unofficial.)$5.25 (plus shipping if applicable)
Expediting Fee (delivery of final exams or rush processing of transcripts, course grading, etc-per course)$35.00
Next-Day Shipping Fee (for orders, plus normal shipping)$50.00
2nd Day Shipping Fee (for orders, plus normal shipping)$35.00
Course Re-Enrollment (option to re-enroll if course is not completed within six months)Full tuition
Graduation Application Fee (no cap and gown)$40.00

Graduate School of Theology

Application Fee(One-time fee that must accompany signed application form)$100.00
Graduate tuition (per credit, as of January 1, 2019)$276.00
Services Support Fee (Required fee per course enrollment that gives student access to electronic library resources and enhanced technology.)$50.00
Enrollment extension fee (Required when an extension beyond the normal enrollment period is requested for completion of a course.)$20.00/month
Change of program fee (Required each time a student changes from one program to another after being matriculated into a degree (or certificate) program.)$35.00
Degree (or certificate) audit report fee (formerly program evaluation fee) (Required when a student requests a degree [or certificate] audit.)$35.00
Program extension fee (Required when a student requests additional time to complete a degree or certificate program.)$65.00
Reactivation fee (inactive student to active status) (Nonrefundable fee to process reinstatement of an inactive student to active status at the same level of studies)$35.00

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