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Gaza University is constant Palestinian university founded in Gaza governorate to serve as an academic and educational source of inspiration. It provides educational service to the Palestinian youths to contribute in improving the Palestinian community educationally and professionally. Gaza University specializes in Higher Education and Scientific Research through diverse programs such as computer science& information technology, administrative and financial sciences, communication sciences & languages and engineering. It also provides Master Degree in public relations and media besides  other diverse majors will be approved in the upcoming years. The plan of establishing a university in Gaza was conceived by a group of Palestinian characters in 2005. The idea was then realized in which the construction of the university’s buildings and facilities commenced on its land at Tel Al-Hawa area in Gaza City. At the same time, the university’s licensing and accreditation procedures were initiated by the Palestinian Ministry of Education. On 18th July 2007, Gaza University obtained the initial license to become a new accredited institution by the Ministry of Education.  On 27th January 2008, the University received the general accreditation from the ministry to become a recent higher education institution in academic year 2008/2009. Furthermore, it continued to obtain the primary accreditation for its declared colleges and programs.

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Gaza University Admission

If students want to join any college at the university, they must follow these steps:
1) Go to the Financial Department at Gaza University and pay the application fee 20 J.D. and receive a receipt, which contains a student number and the password for filling the application.
2) Go to the Admission and Registration Department and submit the required documents in order to receive the admission package.
3) Fill out the e-application form and identify a list of fields you are interested using the laboratory equipment at the university.A specialist employee will be helping you,
* The Admission Committee will identify the specializations which the university can accept the student according to his/her desires.
* The student follows the admission announcement atthe university by checking the university electronic page or through advertisements in news papers and radio.
4) The students who have been accepted should go to the Financial Department immediately to pay the fees to reservea seat; otherwise, they might lose their right to join the university.
5) Students go to the Admissions and Registration Department to confirm the registration process and receive their schedule.

Errors and Suggestion

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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