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Galala University (Arabic: جامعة الجلالة) was created in 2020. The Community University located in Attaka, Suez Governorate, Egypt. Suez Governorate is a one of the governorates of Egypt. Galala University is a officially registered university with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt. Facts and Figures about university:

  • University Acres: 173.5
  • University Student Capacity: 25,000
  • Total Academic Staff Members: 64
  • Number of Educational Programs: 62

Galala University Courses

Field of Administrative Sciences

Field of Engineering

Field of Computer Science

Field of Applied Health Sciences Technology

Field of Basic Sciences

Field of Art & Design

Field of Media Production

Field of Computer Engineering

Administrative Sciences Programs

Engineering Program

Computer Science Programs

Galala University Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for dual degrees for Egyptian students

Program Annual Tuition Fees Registration Fees  Annual Fees of National Universities Council  Annual Administrative Fees  Laboratory Usage Fees  
Administrative Sciences (Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Marketing, Sports Business)EGP 160000EGP 4000 EGP 3200 EGP 7000 EGP 2000 
Computer Science (Software Engineering Program, Information Technology Program, Graphic Information Technology Program, Data Science Program) EGP 200000EGP 4000 EGP 4000 EGP 7000 EGP 5000 
Engineering (Electrical Engineering Program, Mechanical Engineering Program) EGP 225000EGP 4000 EGP 4500 EGP 7000 EGP 5000 
Media Production (Digital Audience Program)EGP 160000EGP 4000 EGP 3200EGP 7000EGP 2000
Social and Human Sciences (Psychology Program)EGP 160000EGP 4000 EGP 3200 EGP 7000 EGP 2000 

Annual tuition fees for Galala University degrees for Egyptian students

Field Annual Tuition Fees Registration Fees  Annual Fees of National Universities Council  Annual Administrative Fees  Laboratory Usage Fees
Administrative Sciences EGP 46000EGP 3500 EGP 920 EGP 7000 EGP 2000 
Computer Science EGP 69000EGP 3500 EGP 1380 EGP 7000 EGP 5000 
Engineering EGP 69000EGP 3500 EGP 1380 EGP 7000 EGP 5000 
Media Production EGP 50000EGP 3500 EGP 1000 EGP 7000 EGP 2000 
MedicineEGP 120000EGP 3500 EGP 2100 EGP 7000 EGP 8000 
NursingEGP 31000EGP 3500EGP 620EGP 7000EGP 2000
PharmacyEGP 85000EGP 3500 EGP 1700 EGP 7000 EGP 7000 
Basic SciencesEGP 48000EGP 3500 EGP 880 EGP 7000 EGP 3000 
Art and Design EGP 49000EGP 3500 EGP 980 EGP 7000EGP 3000 
Applied Health Sciences TechnologyEGP 39000EGP 3500 EGP 780 EGP 7000 EGP 2000 
DentistryEGP 107000EGP 3500EGP 1940EGP 7000EGP 8000
Physical TherapyEGP 70000EGP 3500EGP 1260EGP 7000EGP 6000
Social and Human SciencesEGP 43000EGP 3500EGP 860EGP 7000EGP 2000
Food and Food IndustriesEGP 43000EGP 3500EGP 860EGP 7000EGP 2000

Galala University Annual tuition fees for International Students

Administrative Sciences3500$Engineering6000$
Applied Health Sciences Technology4500$Food and Food Industries5500$
Architecture Engineering6000$Media Production3500$
Art and Design3500$Medicine9500$
Basic Sciences4500$Nursing4500$
Computer Engineering6000$5500$Pharmacy7250$
Computer SciencePhysical Therapy6000$
Dentistry8700$Social and Human Sciences5500$

Galala University Admission


  1. Egyptian students who are interested in pursuing dual degrees (from Arizona State University and Galala University) are invited to complete the application here 
  2. Once the student submits the application and uploads the required documents (a copy of the high school certificate or equivalent (if completed), national ID, and proof of payment for application fees), it will be reviewed, and the student will receive an acknowledgement email with all the details.
  3. Application fees are 1600 EGP (nonrefundable) to be paid as per the application instructions.
  4. Interview is required for Egyptian students on campus.
  5. Once the interview date is scheduled, the student will receive an email with the details.
  6. On the interview date, the applicant has to submit a copy of the high school certificate or equivalent (if completed), national ID, and proof of payment for application fees.
  7. The applicant will receive the interview result via email with all the information about the conditional acceptance.
  8. The admission team will evaluate the high school certificate once completed, in addition to the results of the interview.
  9. Upon fulfilling all the admission requirements, an acceptance email will be sent to the applicant, which includes all the required original admission documents.

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  1. To be eligible for admission, international students must fulfill all secondary school graduation requirements.
  2. The application can be accessed at
  3. The student will receive acknowledgment emails containing all the necessary details.
  4. The application fee is 150 USD (nonrefundable) and should be paid according to the instructions provided in the application.
  5. No admission test or interview is required for international students.
  6. Students are required to attach clear scanned copies of their high school certificate, passport, and proof of payment for the application fees.
  7. The admission team will assess the application and high school certificate.
  8. Once all admission requirements are met, the applicant will receive a provisional acceptance email.
  9. Detailed information regarding university transportation and accommodation will be provided to the students.

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General Information

NameGalala University (جامعة الجلالة)
AccreditedMinistry of Higher Education, Egypt
Control TypeCommunity University
Fax / PhoneNot Reported
AddressGalala Plateau, Attaka, Suez Governorate, Egypt
Contry RankN/A –
World RankN/A –
UniversitiesList of Universities in Egypt

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