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Since its establishment, the University of Economics in Bratislava has gone through various changes, concerning name, focus, content of study, as well as organizational structure.

The beginnings of the university date back to October 1940, when chambers of commerce and industry in the towns of Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Prešov established a private College of Commerce in Bratislava (VOŠ) which was given a status of a public school by the government. 

The fact that in 1939 Czech colleges – among them The Commercial College in Prague as well, at which, besides other, also Slovak students had been obtaining economic education – were closed, contributed to the necessity of establishing a school with an economic focus in Slovakia. The College of Commerce in Bratislava used its name until the end of the academic year 1944/45. The school was nationalized and renamed to the Slovak College of Commerce by the Decree of the Slovak National Council Nr. 34/1945. Since 1949, it was called the College of Economic Sciences.  Decree of the government Nr. 40/1952 modified the name to the College of Economics (VŠE). Pursuant to the Act of the Slovak National Council Nr. 292/1992 of the April 28, 1992 the name was changed to the University of Economics in Bratislava.    

The beginnings of the school have been connected with names of significant personalities, such as prof. Dr. Jur Hronec, prof. Július Pázman, prof. Vladimír Králiček, prof. Dr. Ladislav Cicvárek and others. Thanks to exactly these enthusiasts, foundations of the Slovak economic education were laid in 1940.

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Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave Tuition Fees

The amount of the agreed tuition fee at the University of Economics in Bratislava for the academic year 2021/2022

 I. levelII. levelIII. level
ELS/FTS900,00 €900,00 €1 000,00 €
ELS/ES650,00 €650,00 €1 000,00 €
ES/BACH. (4 years)490,00 €  
ES/BACH. (4 years)
Economics and Law
899,00 €  
ES/MSc. (3 years) 435,00 € 
ES/PhD. (4 years)  1 000,00 €

The amount of the determined tuition fee for I., II. and III. degree of study  in a language other than Slovak

1st degree program in economics and business management (in English)1 500,00 €
1st degree program of finance, banking and investment  (in English)1 500,00 €
2nd level program of general management (in English)1 500,00 €
2nd degree program of international finance (in English)1 500,00 €
2nd degree program of global finance (in English)1 500,00 €
2nd degree program of economic diplomacy (in English)2 000,00 €
2nd degree program of marketing and sales management (in English)2 500,00 €
2nd degree program of tourism management (in English)2 500,00 €
2nd degree program of corporate business and marketing  (in English and Russian)2 000,00 €
3rd degree, which is carried out in English or German3 000,00 €

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